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Oliver Švob / 73 items

Fotokapljica 2024
63 photos

Karlovac u mojem srcu
61 photos

Uprizorenje Seljačke bune 2024
37 photos
Staging of the Peasant Revolt (Seljačka buna) "Seljačka buna" is a historical event from 1573, where the peasants, dissatisfied with their position and the constant increase in taxes...

91 photos

9 photos

Fire fighting-Crikvenica August 2nd 2022.
14 photos

93 photos
Photos of different vessels on the water. Small, large, fishing, for fun, working... any kind just need to floating on the surface of the water.

Cross of Holy Trinity
19 photos

Love is in Karlovac
7 photos

159 photos

Flickr Explore
105 photos

Macro & Close up
322 photos

Nature close up
512 photos

Blue sky of mine
150 photos

Island Krk, green beauty on Adriatic sea
1561 photos
Photos taken in differet places on Krk, island on Adriatic sea.

Karlovački Karneval
36 photos

Vrbnik, island Krk
52 photos

Advent u Karlovcu
6 photos

Štrbački buk
8 photos

Curak i Zeleni vir
12 photos

Ivanjski krijes 2018
35 photos

Crkva Svetog Spasa, Cetina
11 photos
Crkva sv. Spasa rijedak je primjer ranokršćanske kamene crkve s kulama na zapadu. Ova stara hrvatska crkva sagrađena je u posljednjoj četvrtini 9. stoljeća za vrijeme vladavine Branimira,...

10 photos

Popovići_Trapped in the time
21 photos
An abandoned and forgotten village near to Knin, city in Croatia.

Srećko, moj veseli pesonja
171 photos
Dog and his friends.

61 photos

The ruins of the Steel smeltery Sisak
32 photos

Prva finalna baseball utakmica Hrvatske 2016.
39 photos
Olimpija '83, Karlovac - Nada, Split 0 : 5

Old abandoned grain silo Sisak
17 photos

21 photos

Hohenzollern Castle near to Hechingen
36 photos

Zagreb on Xmas lights
23 photos

13 photos

It's a beautiful day for fishing
32 photos

Land Rover Adventure Day
64 photos
Beautiful scenery surrounding the dense forest and the five dusty and muddy road were a great place to try out skills of Land Rover drivers.

Hodanjem do zdravlja 2015
34 photos

Second Semifinal baseball game of Croatian...
44 photos
Photos from the baseball game between Olimpija '83 krom Karlovac and Medvednica from Zagreb. Olimpija won whit 10:0!

Portret of an Pitcher
23 photos

10 photos

The final baseball match of the European Inter...
44 photos

The two-day match
36 photos

From down to dusk on the confluence Mrežnica...
10 photos
Two beautiful rivers that bring the freshness of mountainous to the Croatian plains. Bluish river Mrežnica and greenish river Korana merge next to Karlovac where the river Koran continues to run on...

Kamensko Blazena Marija 2015
9 photos

Mimohod "Oluja 2015"
74 photos

Croatian national team in final gameon Europian...
38 photos

European Championship in baseball Karlovac 2015
45 photos

European Baseball Championship Pool B
27 photos

European Baseball Championship Karlovac 29.07.2015
40 photos

Croatian Baseball National team game on...
32 photos

Dinner with the count of the Zrinski
40 photos

Filtrirane fotke
9 photos
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New folder (5)
14 photos
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Baseball (1)
16 photos
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Galerija slika za UPLOAD
1181 photos
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11 photos
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New folder (4)
11 photos
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Black and white
510 photos
Monochrome, silver, sepia and general black and white photos from several years of photography with different cameras.

New folder (3)
4 photos
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New folder (2)
29 photos
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New folder
1182 photos
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Underwater Adriatic
11 photos

17 photos

8 photos

23 photos

22 photos

13 photos

Street sale
13 photos

136 photos
Sport shots!

15 photos

Shine on golden star
708 photos
My photo album dedicated to the sun, "In the respect to the sun collection". For now 51 different photography with nice landscape, nature and rich colors of sun.

Doors & windows
37 photos

Christmas holidays
35 photos

Everyday one shot-concept
884 photos