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Great Grey Shrike
35 photos, 1 video
The Great Grey Shrike is extinct as breeding bird in the Netherlands. Fortunate we can still enjoy them in wintertime as some birds spend their winter here. Their diet varies from large insects as...

Iceland 2010
16 photos

Stonechat (roodborsttapuit)
34 photos

Camargue 2008
10 photos

Iceland june 2008
16 photos
Fantastic birding trip with hvhe1 to Iceland

7 photos
Foto's als backup van die in de beeldbank

Sisteron France 2007
5 photos
Family vacation in the Houte Provence during the last three weeks of July in 2007.

39 photos
Kingfisher (IJsvogels) are one of the most colourfull birds in the Netherlands. It's the wish of every birdphotographer to get these in front of the camera once. Lucky they are getting more common....

9 photos
Weekend in the Ardennes Belgium in March 2007

European Robin (Roodborst)
58 photos

162 photos

Dunnock (Heggemus)
40 photos

Birdpixweekend Terschelling
35 photos
October 2006 I went with 11 members of the site Birdpix.nl to the island of Terschelling in the Netherlands. Here we took photo`s of Birds, birds and birds... And learnt from eachother:...

In explore
167 photos
These photo's have shown up in explore

61 photos
Wheatear, Stonechat and Whinchat

30 photos

50 photos
Owls are normaly birds living in the dark. Luckily they are sometimes seen during daytime so we can take photo's of them.

29 photos

Birds of prey (roofvogels)
223 photos

Birds in flight
167 photos

708 photos
All kinds of songbirds. Most of them taken in the Netherlands, some during vacations elsewhere. Hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I did making this photo's. Michel

36 photos

Waterbirds (Ducks, Goose, Grebes, Swans)
160 photos

57 photos

Long stilts
40 photos
Big birds like Storks, Herons and Spoonbills

Vogelfoto's Frankrijk 2006
39 photos

Black redstart
21 photos
Black redstarts are from the beginning one of my favorite kind of birds. This year I had the opportunity to make some pictures on a stonefactory.

Swifts and Swallows
54 photos

7 photos

Black Tern
37 photos
Close to where I live, in Groesse there is a colony of Black Terns with about 40 pairs breeding there. They are one of my favourite birds to take photo's of, but they ain't easy!

46 photos

7 photos

17 photos

Domestic animals
19 photos

12 photos

51 photos