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Luminosity 7 / 92 items

Personal 500
490 photos, 7 videos
A selection of my own favourite shots, not including monochromes. In no particular order.

280 Interesting Monochromes
290 photos
A personal choice in no particular order.

Photo Art
386 photos, 20 videos
A place to experiment with styles and technique.

36 photos, 9 videos
Recommended books on the craft of photography..

Aircraft and Airports
36 photos, 1 video
The dream of flight and the reality of travel.

"All creatures great and small"
143 photos
A celebration of the diversity of life.

Alternative Processes
16 photos
Cyanotypes and other forms of alternative photography.

333 photos
Buildings of all styles sacred and secular.

401 photos, 2 videos
People who have a vision to inspire.

12 photos
A place where culture meets history.

36 photos
Coastal town on Tasmania's north east. Home to boating and golf.

15 photos
Some cameras collectible and usable.

Campbell Town, Tasmania
30 photos
Famous for its Red Bridge (1838).

14 photos, 2 videos
Christmas greetings and lights.

Cleveland, Tasmania
16 photos
It was once a stopover for coaches in the colony. Now a tiny rural hamlet.

Colourised Digital Art
39 photos
Each of these photographs were converted to monochrome and then colour toned.

Covert Photos Diary
161 photos
All my outdoors photographs taken during a period of social isolation owing to the COVID-19 virus scare.

"Death is a supple suitor..."
92 photos
A series of photos inspired by the poems of Emily Dickinson

24 photos
The beautiful cat who adopted us.

East Coast
78 photos, 1 video
Tasmania's east coast is a place of special beauty with marvellous seascapes and plenty of history.

Evandale, Tasmania
66 photos
One of the most beautiful little historic towns in Australia.

Explore the Joke
10 photos, 2 videos
Explore and the meaning of life.

49 photos
To have faith is not to believe (an activity of the mind), but to know (an activity of the heart).

Festivals & Events
149 photos, 3 videos
From Medieval Festivals to Race Days

56 photos
Using the Nikon F90X film camera.

Flower Art
94 photos, 1 video
Nature's act of beautiful display.

Freycinet Peninsula
80 photos, 1 video
A beautiful National Park on Tasmania's east coast.

10 photos
Victoria's second largest city with a beach culture.

Glover Prize 2021
20 photos
A selection of the fab 42 finalists for this year's outstanding Landscape Art Award.

The Glover Prize 2022
9 photos
Australia's Most Prestigious Landscape Art Prize.

Greens Beach
22 photos, 1 video
My favourite beach in Tasmania.

192 photos, 2 videos
The capital city of Tasmania.

123 photos
Photographs capturing the spirit and grundginess of industry.

121 photos, 1 video
Shooting above 720 namometers.

Instant Photography
22 photos
Reviving the Polaroid spirit.

41 photos
Historic suburb in Launceston, Tasmania.

John Glover
23 photos
Australia's greatest colonial landscape artist.

Josh Foley Collection
17 photos, 1 video
Artworks by Launceston's premier contemporary artist.

Lake St Clair
39 photos
In the World Heritage Listed region of Tasmania

600 photos, 1 video
Shooting with the Nikon D850 DSLR and occasionally with the Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ40.

356 photos, 3 videos
Australia's third oldest city and the place I call home.

Launceston Cup
31 photos
The 2020 running of Launceston's premier social event.

Launceston Floods 2022
21 photos
The first major flooding since 2016. 400 mms of rain fell in 24 hours.

Leica D-Lux 7
323 photos, 2 videos
All about the Leica D-Lux 7 fully manual compact camera.

79 photos, 1 video
Lifesavers yesterday, anachronistic today, but always a sign of hope.

20 photos
The Luminarium is a magical colour and light experience brought to you by the Architects of Air and MONA FOMA.

75 photos, 1 video
Using my Nikon D850 and the superb AF Micro Nikkor 105mm 1:2.8 vintage lens (Made in Japan 1990-93).

Melbourne Zoo
41 photos

Modern Suburbia
73 photos, 2 videos
Where most people in our cities live.

MONA Hobart
53 photos
The most amazing private art gallery in the world.

898 photos
Experiments in monochromatic digital imaging.

Mowbray Racecourse
20 photos, 1 video
One of the oldest horse racing tracks in Australia.

57 photos
There's nothing more interesting than a visit to a museum.

My Bookmarks
38 photos
A collection of shots that double as bookmarks.

215 photos, 1 video
The beauty and creative force of Nature.

Night Shots
143 photos
There is something fascinating, mysterious and beautiful in a night shot.

Night Sky
16 photos
All things related to the celestial hemisphere

Northern Tasmania
160 photos, 2 videos
North of Launceston to the Coast.

11 photos
A wonderfully preserved Georgian town. Most buildings date from the 1830s.

Odds & Ends
90 photos
Miscellaneous shots.

On the Road
33 photos, 1 video
Shots taken anywhere of anything on the road.

65 photos, 1 video
Human beings are the strangest creatures.

Photo Essays
110 photos, 1 video
Telling a story through photographs.

16 photos
Using my Ranica pramien 4x5 pinhole camera shot on 4x5 dark slides.

Reading the Streets
132 photos
A collection of street images.

Reflections and Distortions
14 photos
Photographs that play will what light does.

Relics of the Past
153 photos
"Relic: an object surviving from an earlier time; something sacred."

Ross, Tasmania
50 photos
One of the premier historical towns in Tasmania. The Ross Bridge is in a separate album.

Story of the Ross Bridge
27 photos
The amazing stone carvings of Daniel Herbert and what they mean.

Royal Park Hospital
38 photos
The Mount Royal Hospital becomes the Royal Melbourne, Parkville.

Rural Scenes
208 photos
A journey into the Heartlands.

25 photos, 2 videos
The reverence for Life.

Sandy Bay
43 photos
Suburban shots from Hobart's popular beachside location.

392 photos, 1 video
Seeking the sublime in nature.

Ships and Boats of all kinds
211 photos
The joy of sailing the seas.

Slideshows and Videos
1 photo, 50 videos
Multimedia presentation.

Spaces for the Soul
232 photos
Places that allow people to explore their inner being.

63 photos, 4 videos
The little town of Stanley sits beside an extinct volcano.

Still Life
47 photos
Objects arranged for artistic purpose.

104 photos, 1 video
They say dawn is the best time of day.

187 photos, 2 videos
The twilight is often the most interesting time of day.

15 photos
Australia's largest city.

393 photos, 1 video
Featuring aspects of old Van Diemen's Land and the young Tasmania.

Tasmanian Central Highlands
20 photos
Plenty of natural lakes in a semi-alpine environment.

Tasmanian Indigenous History
18 photos
A look at the collection in the QVMAG at Launceston.

Tasmanian Northwest
78 photos, 1 video
Rich farmlands, spectacular seascapes and old forests.

Tasmanian Photography
15 photos, 4 videos
A look at some of its history.

Tasmanian Towns
44 photos, 3 videos
Some of the little towns that make up the rich history of Tasmania.

The Road to Liffey
32 photos, 2 videos
Liffey in Tasmania is one of the most beautiful valleys in Australia, culminating in their famous Falls.

51 photos
A collection of images in commemoration or memorial.

271 photos
All things related to city life and people.

50mm Lens Challenge
51 photos
Only the Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8G lens can be used to make the shot.