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Lou Noble / 72 items

93 photos
These are the photos of mine that I dig the most. I'm an only child, I do what I want.

The Photographic Journal
18 photos
Hey look! I'm editor-in-chief of The Photographic Journal. Sometimes I'll do interviews, sometimes I'll bring together writers and photographers to collaborate on pieces for us...it's a fantastic...

18 photos
Well this will most certainly be a small album, yeah? (There was a global pandemic, see...) But let's make the best of it! Let's keep taking pictures (when safe to do so)! Let's keep meeting...

44 photos
This is not the future we were promised. But at least we've got pictures.

159 photos
We're gonna ride this here train 'til the wheels come off...

155 photos
Over ten years, I been here. Let's go for twenty.

108 photos
Quality over quantity (hopefully)

137 photos
Can't stop, won't stop.

195 photos
and on and on and

300 photos, 1 video
gonna get closer

328 photos
This train just keeps on a' rollin...

354 photos
So cool, typing that year.

Photo Shoot Shots, '11
352 photos
More more more more more more

Photo Shoot Shots '10
456 photos
The theme this year? GO BIG. Or, GET REAL SMALL.

Photo Shoot Shots '09
350 photos
New Year, new cameras, new models, old me.

Photo Shoot Shots '08
284 photos
Me STILL playing at being a real photographer. See!! Me shoot hot, HOT people! Be Amazed!! As I use various lighting to do...things! Gasp!! As I take shots that look natural but are in fact not...

Photo Shoot Shots '07
238 photos
Me playing at being a real photographer. See!! Me shoot hot, HOT people! Be Amazed!! As I use various lighting to do...things! Gasp!! As I take shots that are not at all spontaneous!!

Photo Shoot Shots '06
34 photos
Me playing at being a real photographer. See!! Me shoot hot, HOT people! Be Amazed!! As I use various lighting to do...things! Gasp!! As I take shots that are not at all spontaneous!!

The Noble Method: Repetition
20 photos
For my latest Flickr blog article, a sampling of the shot folks have called The O' Bedlam, my signature shot, honed by years of repetition.

The Noble Method: Communication
11 photos
Instances where solid communication between myself and my subject led to a great result.

Via FaceTime
18 photos
Idle hands are the devil's workshop, so gonna keep shooting, even if I have to do it with my goddamn computer!

The Self, Photographed
44 photos, 1 video
Just so I can see how much prettier I get, over the years.

California Highway Parties
27 photos
CALIFORNIA HIGHWAY PARTIES My project for the summer of 2012: -do something I hadn't seen much of -do something different than what I'd done before -do something my subject would have fun with

in NY for Flickr's 20under20
6 photos
5 days in the city that never sleeps with the kids who never stop shooting.

That Trip Across America
24 photos
Went on the road for maybe a wee bit more than a month, planes, trains & automobiles. Saw parts of America I'd only read about, met parts of America I'd only dreamed about. Oh, and a...

Madonna Inn: 2010
17 photos
I went back!! New crew. New models. Same surly ol' me.

14 photos
Four day trip to the Pacific Northwest to teach a bit, drink a bit more, hang out in awesome hotel rooms.

27 photos
Me. In England. With a camera. BEST TIME OF MY LIFE. 2010 2011

San Francisco '08
20 photos
Wherein I drive several hours upstate to take pictures, barbeque, take pictures, party, take pictures, meet new people, walk on roofs, and take pictures.

New York '08
12 photos
This trip saw me drunk from noon to whenever I went to sleep for a solid four days. Oh, I also met some awesome folks and took some wicked photos. But mainly, drinking.

Madonna Inn Shoot
32 photos
Recipe: 2 Cups of Twin Peaks. 1/2 Cup of Polaroid 2 Cups of John Waters 30 Cups of wild outfits. 1000000 Cups of photography. 11 Cups of awesome people. 3 plastic babies. 1 fencing outfit. 6 Cups of...

Polaroid Nerd Outs
182 photos
Freaked out the norms, riled up the old fogies, pissed off security and burned through hundreds of dollars of film. COOL BEANS.

The 5th Annual Birthday BBQ
24 photos
This one was in honor of me turning the big Two Nine. Homemade pumpkin pies, kites, beer-infused steak, lime-dusted chips, drunk actresses...EVERYBODY LOVES A BBQ!!!!!

New York '06
14 photos
It's a nice place...to visit.

The Brilliant Wedding
23 photos
7.15.06 Fun, love, Adidas, an ice cream truck, Polaroid and Buckaroo Banzai.

Way Way Back Machine
83 photos
Pictures taken, people I used to know, some of us when we were real young, one or two dead folk, more mistakes than I can count, couples before they were couples, couples who aren't couples anymore,...

The Flickr Kids are Alright
104 photos
Folks I met through this here website. Shooters, models, weirdoes, freaks. Friends. Most of 'em, anyway.

The U.S. Olympic Polaroid Team
36 photos
Polaroid enthusiasts I've actually met. Who just happen to be some of the best of the best.

BTS, by Emily Van Ness
2 photos

Lens Flare
158 photos
Who's the god of light? Because that's the god I pray to every evening. I'm just kidding! There's no god! Enough of me, here's pretty pictures!

Hot Lights
154 photos
Got me some lights at a yard sale, wicked cheap. AND WICKED BRIGHT. AND THEN I went and got these wee LED lights. NOT AS WICKED BRIGHT, BUT WICKED PORTABLE.

Impossible Project Film
83 photos
New film new film new film new filmnew film new filmnew film new filmnew film new filmnew film new filmnew film new filmnew film new filmnew film new filmnew film new filmnew film new film

Contax T2
40 photos
Dan gave me this camera, middle of 2011. "Make it sing," he said.

Digital, Part Nine
187 photos
...and on and on and on...

Digital, Part Eight
107 photos
Train keeps a rollin'...

Digital, Part Seven
106 photos
Can't stop, won't stop

Digital, Part Six
108 photos
More more more

Digital, Part Five
105 photos
Just another tool in the tool belt.

Digital, Part Four
106 photos
The continuing adventures of a man and his post-film photographic journey. Or something, I dunno, man, I just take pictures.

Digital, Part Three
104 photos
Know what? I really like digital, now!

Digital, Part Two
42 photos
My continuing adventures in the 21st century.

Digital, Part One
96 photos
Welcome to the 21st century.

Medium Format Part Six
96 photos
Ain't no party like a medium format party because a medium format party...stops after 12 frames.

Medium Format Part Five
103 photos
Trying out new films, new Yashica.

Medium Format Part Four
105 photos
Man, I don't even know what to say about these, anymore. This is starting halfway through my 2nd year using medium format. Much more comfortable w/that GIGANTIC camera hanging from my neck, still...

Medium Format Part Three
104 photos
More, more, more. Shooting so much my camera's hot to the touch. At this point I've put the Polaroid away, and am shooting medium format exclusively. But I'll never forget where I done come...

Medium Format Part Two
101 photos
As Polaroid dies, I move on. Regretfully.

Polaroid 680, Part Eight
43 photos

Polaroid 680 Part Seven
114 photos
This will...{sniff}...be the last of this series. Let's go out in style. SOMEONE SEND ME HOOKERS AND COCAINE. I GOT FILM!!!!

Polaroid 680 Part Six
109 photos
If you've made it this far, you like me, you really like me!!!

Polaroid 680 Part Five
123 photos
The continuing adventures of a boy and his favorite camera.

680slr Part Four
121 photos
Arthur had Excalibur. Captain America has that shield. Batman has his belt. And I, I have my 680.

680slr Part Three
122 photos
Before this camera, i was a man in the desert, looking for water. Now i am a man in the desert, looking for water, but with the world's best camera on my shoulder, with which to take excellent...

680slr Part Two
112 photos
The best-selling camera of 1982, this here is the cadillac of Polaroids. Ooh, wait, no, the Rolls Royce of Polaroids. Yeah, that's it.

680slr Part One
165 photos
Photos taken with the finest Polaroid camera the world has ever known. It's the assassin's blade of the Polaroid cameras. You gotta get up close, and you gotta be good.

Apple Computer Presents: Photos!
28 photos
Shots taken with Apple products.

Land Camera
39 photos
430, 360, 250, 101, hike!

41 photos
The Classic, the World-Changer, the Paradigm-Shifter.

29 photos
All shots taken with a Polaroid Spectra. All shot taken by me, or someone else. All names changed to protect the innocent.

Square Shooter
6 photos
My lady got me this one,, ain't she a peach? it's my artsy/experimental shooting iron.

51 photos
My main shooting iron from '99-'05. Took me six years to realize this wasn't the camera for me.

Big Shot
8 photos
The Polaroid Big Shot, Andy Warhol's favorite polaroid camera.