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This is one of those shoots, an embarrassment of riches, I tell ya.

Had actually planned on posting a different shot from this day, but took a quick look, just to make sure, and...it's frustrating! I like them all! They are all my wonderful perfect children!

And then I saw this one and hated the rest instantly and here we are.

This morning, leaving the house, someone lowered this little upper gate thing that's been...not-lowered for a good two years. No reason to expect it was suddenly unhooked. But it was. So now I only have half a surf rack on my car for a week or so.

Which...that is also frustrating. So the picture I was gonna post, Brittany smiling, a bit relaxed, maybe even a bit goofy, that's not fitting my mood. Right now I want that strong pose, perhaps a hint of defiance, perfectly centered, lit oh so well (if I do say so myself) by the afternoon sun that only Los Angeles can provide.

Every time I post, it's about finding the shot that matches what I'm feeling, or what I want to say...and even though it's mostly old photos, there's a process involved that's still engaging. What to say, how to contextualize the photo.

We got so much, that day. A full spectrum of emotions, compositions, really, as I like to say, explored the space.

A photo for every feeling, it turns out!
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  • Taken: Feb 4, 2013
  • Uploaded: Sep 19, 2021
  • Updated: Oct 6, 2021