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Lou Noble / 4,534 items
Trampoline shots were good, but in the end...I think I used up all my trampoline ideas right before the pandemic...good thing I BOUGHT a trampoline.

The hell am I going to do with a trampoline, now??

Ended up going back and forth between trampoline shots and shots with Alana in front of her hedge, because...well, I cannot resist a good hedge. Love me some dense foliage!

That and Alana needed frequent breaks. Here's the thing about a trampoline, dunno if I mentioned this before: it's EXHAUSTING. Most folks can only handle a few minutes, then they need to chill out. It's hell on the legs, turns out! Who knew! Sure, when I was buying this one, all the trampolines on amazon were being advertised as exercise trampolines, but I thought that was just advertising jibber jabber.

Does help relax a subject, though, few minutes on the trampoline. They get off, they're all loose, ready for whatever, all the tension's been left on the springs, as it were.
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  • Taken: May 23, 2021
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  • Updated: Sep 10, 2021