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User / lot16ca / Sets
17 items

13 photos
Production Facilities & Machinery

Aurora Borealis
104 photos
The Northern Lights at their finest!

Funny Products
10 photos

9 photos

Strobes and Speedlights
42 photos

Project 52
2 photos
Lighting essentials group for website project52.org

4 photos

52 Weeks Project
47 photos
Take at least 1 photo a week for a year.

Charlie Lake
6 photos

8 photos
Pictures with multiple exposures and High Dynamic Range

Upper Halfway
5 photos
Upper Halfway School

Cogently Captured
100 photos
Sights as I see them.

26 photos
People are not the easiest thing to photograph. Here is what I've come up with...

Things that make you go ZOOM
68 photos
Cars, Bikes, Boats, and other things that take you where you want to go.... PHYSICALLY!

Odds & Ends
35 photos

97 photos

Shores & Skies
209 photos