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111 photos
Collection of my images that have appeared on the Flickr Explore page.

Hot Shots
1948 photos
A collection of my shots with 200+ favourites.

Greatest Hits
5633 photos
The 99+ Club of images.

On the Street
6157 photos
Street photography in all of its forms including street portraiture, reportage and urban fragments.

Urban Landscape
447 photos
Capturing the effect of humanity upon the natural world. Basically street photography but without the emphasis on people. Taking a look at the urban landscape as a landscape, a portrait, a close-up...

459 photos
Posed and semi-candid portraits of people and pets.

100 Strangers
217 photos
A set specific to my 100 Strangers Project. Find out more about the project and see pictures taken by other photographers at the 100 Strangers Flickr Group page

(Best of) Candid Portrait
222 photos
I am perhaps best known for my candid street portraits, particularly those with that split second of eye contact down the lens. This is not an exhaustive collection but rather a selection of my...

Oh the Humanity
6026 photos
People in their many guises - portraits, abstracts and street shots. A gallery of the human condition.

4640 photos
I absolutely love black and white photography!

Colour Of Life
838 photos
Celebrating the bright and beautiful of the colourful world around us.

5865 photos
Scottish but Glasgow specific - oh, and the wonderful people of Glasgow too! I may not have been born or raised in Scotland but I have really adopted Glasgow as my home city - I love the vibe and the...

94 photos
Scotland's capital city and it's inhabitants. Home of the International Festival and the Fringe Festival where much madness abounds.

Highlands and Islands
58 photos
The Highlands and Islands of the beautiful and often dramatic Scotland.

Isle of Skye
21 photos
Photographs of and from the magical Isle of Skye, Scotland.

23 photos
Photographs from London, England.

7 photos
Photography from Manchester, England.

Newcastle upon Tyne
34 photos
Photography from Newcastle upon Tyne in England, United Kingdom.

25 photos
Collection of photographs from Barnsley, England.

20 photos
Photography from in and around Brighton, England.

East Kilbride
81 photos
Photographs in and around East Kilbride, South Lanarkshire, Scotland.

South Ayrshire
60 photos
Shots from in and around South Ayrshire in Scotland. Including Troon, Ayr and Prestwick.

6300 photos
Photography from Scotland, United Kingdom.

129 photos
Photography from England, United Kingdom.

United States of America
22 photos
Photographs from the USA.

Our Beautiful World
168 photos
Landscapes, cityscapes, seascapes, skyscapes and all other images of nature and humankind's influence upon this beautiful world - however big or small.

Walk on the Wild Side
164 photos
Wildlife Photography of all types but most likely filled with birds.

Walk on the Tame Side
158 photos
Pet and domesticated animal portraits and shots.

137 photos
Quite definitively, shots of reflections reflecting stuff.

Inanimate Objects
108 photos
Random stuff - mostly things that don't move, you know, the still side of life.

Shadows and Light
383 photos
Collection of shots focusing on the interplay between light and shade.

103 photos
Picking the ab out of the stract - or something like that. Just a collection of either full on abstract images and other isolationist close-ups of, well, stuff.

The Flight Fantastic
51 photos
Yeah, I love aviation and although my childhood dream of being the next Amelia Earhart didn't pan out, it won't stop me from loving those miraculous flying contraptions.

Sports, Events and Reportage
783 photos
Photography at specifically organised events, sporting events and reportage.

Random Pot Shots
107 photos
Just a set for stuff that I don't particularly have a specific set for but want to keep together in one place.

Street Smokers
825 photos
Smoking Kills - but it does make for some really interesting and poetic street shots, especially when backlit in low sunlight. Smokers are quite plentiful in and around Glasgow and I decided to give...

I'm On The Phone!
934 photos
Street candid and portraiture shots of people using mobile telephone technology, or old school telephone kiosks which is a rare event - a useful tool or the bane of modern living? I will not...

Watch the Birdie
73 photos
Pictures of people taking pictures - candidly capturing the photographer on the street. Inexplicably I always find myself drawn to photographing photographers while I am out and about, almost like a...

Whatever The Weather
1288 photos
A collection of images focusing on, or depicting, the variety of weather conditions that Mother Nature can throw at us. Based on the western side of Scotland this will most likely mean 'rain'.

Lighter Side of Life
764 photos
Funny people, faces, expressions and humorous juxtapositions - taking a look at the lighter side of life and humanity.

Social Landscape
869 photos
The recording of humans in their natural state within their environment.

As Old As You Feel
1569 photos
Okay, so most of the subjects are candid shots and I have no idea of their age but... this is a celebration of the beauty of ageing - something that comes to us all. Growing old gracefully or...

The Social Animal
900 photos
Humanity and their interpersonal interactions, or lack of, capturing those moments of gesture and snippets of conversation that can conjure up many stories in the viewer. Candid and posed photography...

Feeling Emotions
2063 photos
Images and portraits with a strong emotion or that illicit a strong emotional response. Exploring the full range of human emotion in one album.

Style Mile
2126 photos
The Style Mile is an area of Glasgow covering all of Buchanan Street and some of Arglye Street where there are many stores of the top brands in high street fashion. This is a collection of the...

Hip To Be Square
228 photos
Square format shots - sometimes only a square will do, whatever the subject.

Through the Letterbox
143 photos
A collection of shots processed in various cinematic formats in order to portray the image that I saw in my mind when capturing the shot. Along with square cropping, it is a powerful storytelling...

Colourful Streets
1583 photos
I always think in black and white when I shoot street because it really suits the medium and, frankly, there are often too many bright distracting colours that upset the balance of the shot that I...

Black and White Streets
4454 photos
Street photography in the simplest form, black and white. I have always loved black and white photography and it is especially suited to street photography where you have little to no control over...

A Different Angle
350 photos
The Dutch Angle, or Tilt, is a great compositional tool, especially for indicating movement or motion, when used sparingly - here is a collection of my askew, off kilter, squint and otherwise...

Selectively Focused
103 photos
A collection of selective focus shots where shallow depth-of-field is used to tell the story either by keeping the main subject out of focus or using bokeh creatively to fill in the theme of the shot.

Working For A Living
448 photos
Collection of posed and candid portraits of men and women at work - keeping the wheels of the economy turning.

Eye to Eye
2108 photos
A collection of those delicious moments of candid eye contact and some of the great expressions that come with them. Although I do love to capture completely candid moments, I also have an affinity...

Personal Favourites
1858 photos
A collection of my own personal favourites from all genres and subjects that I shoot. I chose these shots for this collection based on numerous reasons, for the image, a landmark in my personal...

Beauty In Imperfection
344 photos
Fast moving subjects in rapidly changing situations with challenging contrasts of light - this is why I simply love street photography. Of course, sometimes there are unintentional mishaps in the...

Leave Your Hat On
1410 photos
Noticing a resurgent trend in head wear through my street photography I felt that they needed their own album. Such wonderful variety of shapes and sizes of hat and they look great, on some people at...

The Mane Event
1165 photos
Hair, style, colour, wigs and facial hair - I just love the variety of style and colour and how we choose to hide or flamboyantly express ourselves with hair. Enjoy!

Pink and Blue
348 photos
Celebrating those blue and pink spinning balls of Flickr with a selection of my images that contain pink, blue or both. Gender stereotypes are purely coincidental!

About Face
296 photos
Known for my candid eye contact street photography, this is a series exploring storytelling without the need for a face.

Down the Alley
163 photos
A selection of my alleyway shots captured while shooting street photography in and around the city streets. Alleyways are so intriguing with their grit, grime and hidden stories that I felt they...

95 photos
For work or for pleasure - simply for the love of dressing up. Costumes of all shapes and sizes as seen on my wanderings in the world of street photography.

Going Viral
268 photos
Images captured during or related to the SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus Pandemic of 2019-2020.

'Tis the Season
74 photos
Shots at or around Christmas showing how we, as a species, celebrate or commiserate during the festive season.

Another Brick
57 photos
Walls, fences, doorways, gates, architectural details and textures - all things which catch my eye from time to time and which, during pandemic lockdown exercise walks, was all I could safely shoot...

134 photos
The wheel is perhaps one of humankinds most useful inventions and yet also perhaps one driving us closer to ecological disaster too. I was a petrolhead once and I love cars but I love the planet...

Re-Edited (The Covid Years)
420 photos
Under extraordinary circumstances I, like so many other photographers, have been forced by lockdowns and shielding during a pandemic to re-edit many of our older images. Normally I would make one...

Previously Unpublished (The Covid Years)
424 photos
During the Coronavirus Pandemic of 2020-2022 I spent much of the time shielding when infection levels were prohibitively high for my clinically vulnerable risk factors. This meant I had to rely on...

Reds and Yellows
166 photos
*Pinks, Greens, Oranges, Purples and Blues not included

Street Photography Favourites
275 photos
A selection o some off my favourite street photography shots from my collection - including candid, semi-candid and some posed street portraits. Covering a number of genres. Enjoy!

At Number 21
3 photos
I have no idea why this is even a thing but I noticed a few of my street shots appearing outside of places numbered 21.

Client Showcase
51 photos
Selection of my work from portraits to social media and advertising campaigns for Facebook and Independent Age.

Halloween Shoot 2014 [Series]
13 photos
Collection for my Halloween 2014 Photo Shoot with my model, Julie, taken on location in East Kilbride, Scotland. Rather than going for just 'scary' the plan was to capture something that little bit...