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Hey! You're a lazy bitch, but you...

Yeah. Not even going to finish that.

Half of the reason I haven't replied to anything is because I've been either busy with life or in agonizing pain. Half of it is because I'm kind of lazy. I don't like replying to a few comments at a time, I have to sit down and do them all at once or else I lose track of what I've replied, etc.

Don't even get me started on Flickrmail. I really don't know why I don't reply to them. I read all of them. And then I skip off to something more exciting and think "K, I'll reply to that in a minute..." and then I get sidetracked. I would not be offended if any of you stopped commenting/sending me messages. But I would be sad. :(

I promise I'll do better. My dad leaves for TDY on Monday and as horrible as it sounds, I cannot wait. It'll be nice to relax and not have to feel on edge all day.

AHAHAHA! I almost got my little brother to eat a dead spider just now. He was totally going to do it. I was screaming "DO ITTTT!" but my mom said no. :( [/random]

Anyway...dad leaving town....oh! I'm having issues with my doctor, I might make a friends only post on it later, basically...uh, he's a moron.

I went in Wednesday for my sinus problems and he FINALLY reffered me to an ENT specialist so that's GOOD. I told him I thought my navel piercing was infected and he said he'll have a look at it...I lifted my shirt, he GLANCED at it and said "It's fine."


"Are you sure? I don't need antibiotics?"

"Nah. Just keep cleaning it."



I'm so glad my mom was there with me because she never believes me when I tell her that HE DOES NOT LISTEN TO ME! Plus I'm having issues with my pain medication again and I just can't deal with his idiocy anymore. It's fucking ridiculous. My mom finally agreed to help me look for a new doctor. Yay!

And now I'm going to go eat some yummy yellow pills so my back will stop feeling like it's being stabbed repeatedly with a pitchfork. :D

Tags:   365 365days my mom will be gone all day tomorrow :( im going to miss her so much! but it will be a good time to catch up on flickr and call people like xelia and angie and sissy unless I chicken out i hope I dont! i also have some super sexy outtakes from the magazine collaboration that mav put together i've lost 15 pounds and my body is bangin hahaha oh! And I'm collabing with someone else tomorrow! it's going to be so badass.

N 170 B 12.2K C 92 E May 7, 2008 F May 6, 2008
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James said I could copycat his Day 97 photo "Down in the street there is violence" for the podcast challenge! Pretty ecstatic because I freaking love that shot of his. Thanks James! <3

Argh, I can't hardly type, Bella wants to be petted. Haha. There's cat hair all over my screen and keyboard. She keeps banging her head on the keyboard trying to get me to pay attention to her. Tard. <3

I need more sleep. I'm exhausted. And I can't go to sleep yet. The kitchen is stinky and I have to go clean it.


How come you guys keep yelling at me for not being on AIM? Everytime I get on none of you guys are on. :(

EDIT: Holy guacamole guys! Thanks for all the comments, I'll reply as soon as I get home from the dentist, but I just want to emphasize that this was James' idea and I just copied him and you guys should go check out his brilliant shot too!

Tags:   365 365days pink SLM copycat my eyebrows aren't photoshopped! i finally plucked them haha or it? I know you can only see one but I totally did both. i promise

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Ive done enough,
and if I fail,
well then I fail,
but I gave it a shot.

- The Format.

I'll probably have a blog up later.


It's been weird not blogging these past few days.

It was hard not to make this black and white. But I feel bad for the lack of colour I've been posting. And this isn't too bad I guess.

I've decided to make peace with the wind and just let it do it's thing. There's no point in fighting it and waiting until it stops blowing to hit the shutter. Cause as soon as I 'click' my hair is back in my face again.

Oh well.

Tags:   365 365days I'm not impressed with this. I'm starting to sort of hate it, dude why??? this looks great but then again you always do as do you darling <3 4-28-08

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"If everybody minded their own business, the world would go around a great deal faster than it does."

If you can guess what book I'm reading, you're awesome. NO GOOGLE CHEATING! There's another quote hint in the tags.

Happy FDF!

I'm supposed to be an annoying oldish librarian. I don't think I pulled it off very well. This isn't the character I wanted to do originally, but the other one would have taken way too much time and effort so I've decided to save it for another Friday.

It took FOREVER to get this picture. This is actually two shots merged together, I used my best face shot and then I masked in the book from a bad face shot. This is 90% Photoshopped. I really hope it's not too obvious.

I collect old glasses. I have about 25. I pick them up from garage sales and dead relatives. I've got 2 more "old lady' pairs, I've got a few pairs of winged glasses from the 50's, my dad's old military issued nerdy glasses and TONS of sunglasses. I knew they'd come in handy one day.

Anyway. I don't really have much else to say.

Tags:   I can't explain myself, I'm afraid, Sir, because I'm not myself you see. My brother said he hated this picture He says I look ugly I guess that's sort of the look I was going for But he said it like I look like some sort of disgusting swamp monster I don't look THAT bad do I? This is one of my favourite books glasses sepia librarian book FDF If no one can guess this book I'll be really sad cause it's a classic 365 365days literary nonsense the first quote is so completely true. Curiouser and curiouser I don't see myself when I look at this. I guess that's the point - to act a character but it's weird. alice in wonderland 4-4-08

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Don't make me use it.

PLEASE VIEW IT LARGE! I worked really hard on it.

AHHH I am SO sorry this is SO late. I planned on getting up early to do this so but I had a really rough night last night and I didn't get to sleep until about 330 this morning. Woke up at 2 this afternoon. I had to do some housework before I shot this because I always feel bad when I make messes and then go take pictures before cleaning up my mess. I'm a mess. Haha.

The Photoshopping for this took an hour and a half. I made my dad go out and get me a fly swatter a few days ago in preparation for this picture. I'm really happy with the way it came out! I sort of wish I'd boosted the saturation though, maybe I'll fix it later.

Anyway. My 'challenge' for you guys was going to be to leave 50 notes on this photo, since it's my day 50 and I love notes and I don't get enough of them :P But since I'm SUPER late posting this, don't worry about it, I'll still post my secret photo tomorrow.

I'm REALLY nervous about it. Partly because I've sort of been building it up and I'm worried that it won't be as exciting as I'm making it out to be. Partly because I've never done a photo like this before...

Oh, and I'm still doing a HNT shot, but it'll have to be later. I kicked my brother off the computer to edit this and I promised him he could have it for the rest of the night. So I have to wait til he goes to bed to edit my HNT shot. I'm excited though!

Tags:   perv perv swatter fly swatter pink tee shirt explored you guys are freaking crazy but I love you <333 EXPLORE NUMBER 6! Mr. Blocky Face 365 365days self portrait photoshop EXPLORE NUMBER 3! 3-27-08