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User / like_shipwrecks / Day 50 - Maybe it's just too late.
Nicole Reber / 974 items
On and on and on you wait
and oh the days they fade away
and all the nights they've never felt
the same.

-The Format

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So this is my 'night portrait.' I sort of feel like this is more of a low key portrait than a night portrait, but it was taken outside at night so. Yeah. I had to fiddle around with the aperture and shutterspeed for half an hour but FINALLY I got it right. It was so hard to sit still! I'm really glad this week's theme was night portraits and not "take a macro of your face." Because I'm still all spotty and gross.

I'm not any better today than I was yesterday. I had written out a different blog for today but I'm going to move it over to Livejournal, cause I'm starting to feel like I'm being too personal on Flickr. I just feel sort of weird knowing that any stranger can find my pictures and read my blogs. If any of my contacts want to be added, just leave a comment.

I'm sorry I've been so depressing lately. I REALLY am trying hard to be happy.

I promise tomorrow's picture will be funny. And you have to check it out if you want to see day 51...
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