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User / like_shipwrecks / Day 44 - Vintage Decay
Nicole Reber / 974 items
Ever since I moved here I've wanted to out to this place and take some pictures. I have to pass it to get to the interstate and today I decided that I would finally go check it out today, for the 365days podcast challenge "On Location."

It was sort of scary and I drove around it in circles before I could get up the courage to park and go walking into it. There were houses around and I didn't want someone to come out and start yelling at me. I took my brother with me so I wouldn't get kidnapped by a serial killer-rapist-person. I had a lot of fun! The lot is just amazing and I cannot wait to go back and spend more time there. It was nice bonding with my brother too. I think I tend to take him for granted alot more than I should. Cause he can be a really cool kid when he wants to be. I took a bunch of pictures of him and he was my button presser. I still consider this a self portrait because I set the tripod and framed the shot, all he did was press the button. It was really frustrating though because the wind was terrible and most of the pictures I took of myself came out really awful looking, my hair was either in my face completely or sticking up and my eyes were squinty from the sun. I kind of like this shot though. I'm so glad I didn't chicken out. And I am just exhausted now! I forgot how much energy really goes into going out and getting dirty and taking pictures. And I know it's Half Nekkid Thursday, but there was no way I was getting on top of one of these cars half naked. I'd end up with 40 different diseases.
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  • Taken: Jan 1, 2007
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  • Updated: Jan 21, 2016