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User / like_shipwrecks / Day 1 Take 2
Nicole Reber / 974 items
I'm really fuckin board.


I'm so lame.

But I told you I'd be back. Get ready for round 2.

I was uploading my rejects earlier this morning, and I noticed that I had some new Flickr notices. Go look at this freaks profile and tell me why I didn't add him. I'm gagging. (Scroll down to his groups if you're confused.) I'm not trying to attack anybody with this, I just want to remind people to check you who adds you to their contact list and even who adds your favourites. Be safe.

I've been up since 4pm yesterday. My nose/sinuses are SO congested, I sound stupid and it feels like an elephant is sitting on my face. My chest hurts really bad too, there's so much shit in my lungs and I can't get it out. It's kind of getting hard to breathe. It's been like this for 5 days. I've taken every OTC decongestant I can find. On top of that, I'm up to a pack and a half a day because I'm SO stressed out, and I'm sure it's not helping whatever is stuck in my lungs but I can't help it. I'm anxious and nervous and stressed out. I've only got half a pack left. Which means I have to ask my mom AGAIN to loan me money for cigarettes.

"Do you know what it's like to care too much, bout someone that you're never gonna get to touch?
Hey man, now you're really livin.
Do you know what it's like to fall on the floor, cry your guts out till you got no more?
Hey man, now you're really livin.
Have you ever made love to a beautiful girl, made you feel like it's not such a bad world?
Hey man, now you're really livin."
-The Eels
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