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User / laura271GSD1 / 30/52 - Bosco 2017
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Cue Jaws theme music.

This silly shot was challenging to set up. I have a narrow window where there is a relatively clean horizon in this field. I wanted Bosco to lift his tail above the wheat so that all you can see are his large pointy ears and the tip of his puffed tail as he moves towards the camera. I needed to get the shot in one take since I wanted to do minimal damage to the wheat. But how do I get Bosco to drop his head (so that only his ears are visible) while simultaneously raising and puffing his tail as he moves directly towards me?

I left Bosco at home and hid a small piece of leather in the wheat. I brought him to the field, patiently waited until he was a bit away from me, and then said, "Artikel!" (ie. search for the article!). As soon as I cued Bosco to look for an article, I knew that his tail would shoot up and puff as his nose hit the dirt since I've videoed a zillion of Martin & Bosco's tracking practices. Thank-you to Martin for doing the training that I leveraged for this shot.

[Photo of Bosco in the wheat field taken with the farmer's permission.]
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  • Taken: Jul 30, 2017
  • Uploaded: Jul 30, 2017
  • Updated: Dec 12, 2019