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For someone that retired early a few months ago I have worked some long hours the past two weeks.
I received a few calls asking "if I could .... ". I had agreed to do projects with both parties last year and still feel the need to honor those commitments. So it looks like new photos are on hold once again.
Certain shots I vividly remember taking. This is one of those. I thought this image of the kids and thousands others had ended up in the abyss I call my office after the move last summer.
Organizational skills are not my strong suit. My system mainly consists of piles of stuff in boxes, newer stuff near the top. But today I found the drive.
Over the years Charlotte has become an easy subject , Sam on the other hand makes photography a challenge. Usually I get the "Wallace and Gromit" smile. But around his sister he lets his guard down.
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  • Taken: Dec 26, 2018
  • Uploaded: Feb 14, 2021
  • Updated: Apr 10, 2021