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User / Ken Krach Photography / Wilson Point 1-27-13 (6)
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Well - a couple days of temperatures in the teens & twenties (F) have caused Middle River to freeze over pretty good. Amazing how quickly that can happen. As the late afternoon approached, we finally started to get some clouds around with the next round of sleet and freezing rain being forecasted (which we did have by this morning for the commute to work). This was taken about an hour and a half before sunset along the frozen shoreline about a half mile down the river from my usual location. They built a new park along the waterfront where old appartments had been located, so you can now get some easy access to the water here. Some of the older construction from the demo is still along the beach, making for some interesting foreground elements.

This shot is also looking south, and from this location the building there on the shore is a nice reastaurant that you can get to by land or boat (when the river is not frozen). In fact we had a great meal there the night before.

This shot here is taken with the 9Stop and 6 Stop Hoya 77mm filters. The total of 15 stops allows for shots in the 4 minute range at f/11. The 10mm is also great to get in close the action along the shore. Kneeling in the ice was not too bad given the air temperature was near 32 degrees F. Like this location with the overhangin tree to go up against the flowing clouds. Nice when you can get a good patch of blue sky in there too.

Learned something too on this shot. We'll see if anyone catches the mistake made? Extra points will be given if you come up with something other than beyond what I think it is. :))
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  • Taken: Jan 27, 2013
  • Uploaded: Jan 28, 2013
  • Updated: May 21, 2019