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Our Raabtal habitat
From the heavily polluted river to the lifeline of the Steirisches Vulkanland region.

The Raab flows quite inconspicuously through our region, mostly at a leisurely pace and not very spectacularly. But that was not always so! Countless times the Raab flooded large parts of the valley floor, entire villages were under water. It was used for fishing, bathing and washing - but also for garbage disposal and sewage disposal. Many still remember the foamy Raab in the 80s. Since then, a lot has been achieved, from flood protection and improving water quality to renaturation and development as a recreational area. A long-term idea and many small implementation steps made it possible to turn the heavily polluted Raab into a living body of water with the highest water quality.
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  • Taken: Oct 20, 2020
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