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Kevin Robson / 23 items

BBC Galleries/Springwatch Favourites
105 photos, 16 videos

46 photos, 10 videos
These secretive, nocturnal mustelids spend much of their time underground and only emerge as the day ends. I'm lucky to have two badger setts close to home and have spent many hours trying to...

1645 photos, 69 videos
All wild of course, as is everything on my photostream.

Birds of Prey (wild)
739 photos, 61 videos
As much as I love all birds, there's always something extra special about encountering a bird of prey in the wild. I'm not sure if it is talons, curved beak or just their overall look - but they...

Butterflies, Damselflies, Dragonflies & other...
151 photos, 1 video

Deer in the wild
169 photos, 7 videos
Completely wild and free, none of the deer photographed on my photostream are in parks or other captive environments

132 photos, 7 videos

108 photos, 3 videos

493 photos, 35 videos

103 photos
All the otters you see on my photostream are living wild and free in the UK - nothing on this photostream is captive. The Eurasian otter (Lutra lutra) is the only wild otter species in the British...

Owls In The Wild
528 photos, 54 videos
My favourite birds - who doesn't love to see the beautiful face of an owl? My heart always beats faster when an owl comes into view - seeing one hunting silently is one of the most graceful and...

Pine Martens
43 photos, 4 videos
An exquisite, nocturnal mammal and an expert hunter. Only tiny numbers exist in England and a small number in Wales. There's a better chance of seeing one in the Highlands of Scotland but even then...

Red Squirrels (wild)
43 photos
Full of character, these inquisitive animals are always a delight to see in the wild. Reds are our native squirrel but sadly are under enormous threat from the introduced American Grey squirrels that...

Reptiles & Amphibians
53 photos

Seals, Cetaceans & other sealife
22 photos

Stoats and Weasels
41 photos, 1 video
A real favourite of mine - these little ruffians are ferocious hunters and a challenge just to see let alone photograph. I always return home with a big grin on my face on those rare occasions when...

Wales (incl. Skomer & Ramsey islands)
101 photos, 1 video

Wild Boar, Forest of Dean
23 photos
It is always a treat to visit the Forest of Dean and I've been lucky to have a great guide in this wonderful area - Ben Locke has a great knowledge of the area and his skill & fieldcraft have...

93 videos
Sometimes it is nice to have a little bit of film to go alongside the photographs. Trail cameras can also allow a sneaky peak into the secret world of our wildlife - sometimes recording behaviour...

Close To Home
11 photos

2 photos

2 photos
Uploaded from Windows "C:\Users\Kev and pauline\Pictures\Hares" on KEVANDPAULINE

29 photos
Uploaded from Windows "C:\Users\Kev and pauline\Pictures\OWL WATCH" on KEVANDPAULINE