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K Bernard / 96 items

iPhone 11
4 photos

Canon P w/ 50mm F1.4 LTM
1 photo

Marvyn's 2019 Prom
1 photo

Leica M4
47 photos
A collection of shots taken with my first Leica body. LOVE this camera!..

Nikon F6
4 photos
Nikon's flagship film SLR is sublime!..

Donna & Veron
10 photos
Friends exchange vows on the lakefront..

2 photos
The newest addition to our growing family!..

Nova's 1st Birthday..
8 photos
Shot in Midtown Atlanta - Fall, 2017

Tina & Rashon in the kitchen
3 photos
Some shots I took of friends in preparation for their new website and cookbook

36 photos
These are shots that have been invited to join Flickr's most popular photo group known as "In Explore".

Fall family photos
5 photos

iPhone 6+
10 photos

Ramona & Roderick
6 photos
Some shots of a couple friends of my wife and I as they celebrate their very first wedding anniversary!

Nikon D700
91 photos
A collection of shots from the epic D700.

Street Photography
21 photos
Assorted shots of Street Photography, mostly 35mm film.

Nikon F3
38 photos
This album dedicated to the venerable F3hp 35mm film camera, which i picked up second hand on Amazon in mint condition.

Brown family shoot
8 photos

5 photos
Trey is a co-worker and friend of my step-daughter and needed some shots of the website he's developing. It was really nice working with him!

New York, NY
83 photos
Some shots from various trips to the 'Big Apple'..

Atl Film Photogs_L5P_3/2016
10 photos
Just a few (low rez) shots from my first outing with the Atlanta Film Photographers group in Little 5 Points, Atlanta.. All shots taken with a Nikon F3 / Ilford FP4 125

18 photos

Keianna - Class of 2015
11 photos
Congrats to Keianna who is graduating in a few days with her Bachelor of Education degree from Georgia State University.. This was her first formal photo shoot, but after a while she began to be more...

Weddings & Bridal
33 photos

Z's 21st birthday..
8 photos
Z is 21 now and ready to hang out with her friends in the ATL!

Portraits of the American South
34 photos
A Collection of Americana photos mostly from The South..

Jemelia's Nature shoot
13 photos
Some digital - some film...

D'Tra & family..
10 photos
Some shots of my cousin and her kids..

Nesie & Cal
4 photos

22 photos
A photo shoot with a first-time soon to be graduate in ATL..

11 photos
It was really nice working with Lauren whose mom is a friend of my wife's. We took some shots of Lauren on her way to her Junior Prom. She is a kind, intelligent and lovely young lady with a...

133 photos
A collection of some of my better portrait work (in my opinion), including some of my more popular photos on Flickr.

Bahamas getaway..
43 photos

38 photos
A collection of shots i've taken of our fair city - good, band and otherwise..

Father's Day 2014
3 photos
A shoot with Hope that Mel planned.. Our very first father's day together!

Roderick's 50th b'day
8 photos

Little 5 Points
17 photos
A cool & trendy Atlanta enclave that is a terrific expression of the city's diversity..

Kodak Tri-X 400
20 photos

Nikon F100
110 photos
all shots taken with the venerable F100 - a Nikon stable, and easily one of the best bodies they've ever produced. This is said to be one of the top 5 film cameras ever produced, and I can see why....

Ilford Delta 100
15 photos

Kodak TMax 100
10 photos
No explanation needed... easily one of the most popular films of all time!

Fuji Pro 400H
10 photos

Ilford FP4
42 photos
A wonderfully contrasty medium-grain black & white film (ISO 125) that is fast becoming one of my favorites!..

Ilford Delta 400
15 photos

Voigtlander R3A
85 photos
This set comprises shots taken with the classic Cosina-Voigtlander automatic M-mount film camera.

Fuji Neopan 400
22 photos
10/2013 - This is a new emulsion for me. Saw it online at Amazon for a good price and decided to try a roll out. Mixed reviews at this point... the shots I got back from the lab (un-retouched) were a...

27 photos
Shots taken with the Translucent Mirror SLT-A77V.

Canon EOS 1n Film SLR
106 photos
Production began in 1994 thru 1999, after which this flagship camera was replaced by the newer EOS 1V model. This is a terrific Pro-level film camera to shoot with. It is considered to be one of the...

Ilford XP2 film (black & white)
10 photos
This is a C41 processed black & white film that is not bad at all for what it is...

Minolta Maxxum 70 Film SLR
63 photos

ProFoto XL 100
29 photos
A new very low-grain favorite emulsion of mine!.. Colors are rich... I may just like it as much as the Ektar 100. Stay tuned!..

Historic Hudson-Nash Farm & Post Office
8 photos
Located in Lilburn, Gwinnett County, Georgia, the Hudson-Nash Post Office, a National Historic landmark, was once a focal point of what was known as the Yellow River community during Civil War...

5 photos
A few shots I took of a friend at her husband's request for her recent birthday...

Camera Phone shots..
14 photos
The oldest of these are likely taken with my LG Camera phone as its the one I'm using currently.

Marvyn Jr.
2 photos

70 photos
A gallery of expressions & emotions I've captured over time.. Thanks for viewing!

Panola Mtn State Park
7 photos

Kodak Ektar 100
19 photos
The finest grain colour film available! And it is quite sharp in good lighting..

Ilford HP5_400
13 photos
Here are a group of the first 36 exposure roll I shot with this particular Ilford emulsion. It was also the first roll I exposed with my new (old) Maxxum 70 SLR. Some I like... others are all right I...

232 photos
This set is dedicated to the newest addition to our family, set to make her debut on August 8, 2013. We Love You Hope Elise!

Arabia Mtn Nature Preserve
14 photos

17 photos

22 photos
Graduation shoots are always fun & festive, and shooting with Felicity this past friday was no exception. Congrats to her and her family as she continues her journey on to high school next year!

Z. Hill
68 photos

Facets of Markeda..
33 photos

MC Rokkor 58mm F1.4
32 photos
A great, fast and decently sharp lens that I picked up in mint condition on eBay.. I've been using it on my Minolta X-7A Analog camera.. I'm hooked on film!

St Simons Island, 2013
24 photos
A nice, cozy retreat!.. I also took some digital shots with the NEX, but I kinda like these even better in some ways.

Greer Ashton
8 photos
Greer is a local Atlanta performing artist. I tagged along with my buddy photog Terence S Jones back in January. It was a great shoot! Hope you all like the shots...

Minolta X-7A Film Camera
62 photos
My very first foray into the world of film photography.. I had this old Minolta in my possession and decided to see if this old thing worked!? Let me know what you all think!

TOP 10 Views..
10 photos
Here are the shots that Flickr viewers like you thought were the most interesting. I greatly appreciate your comments and insight. Thanks for visiting my photostream! KG

Behind the scenes w/ Terence Jones
29 photos
A friend and pro photographer Terence S Jones invited me to come along for a photo shoot in Atlanta with model Julia Kovalchuk. It was a good, fun shoot!

MC Tele ROKKOR 135mm f2.8
8 photos
This is a vintage manual focus Minolta-branded lens from the late 70's. I happened upon several of these old lenses of various focal lengths sometime last year.

Minolta MC W.ROKKOR 21mm f2.8
13 photos
When I got home today a lovely package was sitting on my office desk. It was my new RainbowImaging MC/MD-Nex adaptor. I anxiously unboxed it while chatting with the misses. A while back a former...

ASPG (Atlanta Street Photography Group)
21 photos
Here's a collection of shots I've taken as a (newbie) Street photographer with The Atlanta Street Photography Group (ASPG) Normally, I like portraiture, Cityscapes, and Landscape photography as well....

147 photos
This is a collection of some of my favorite landscape shots as well as some other favorites kbernsrd98@gmail.com Thanks for visiting! Ken

217 photos
Some portraits i've taken over time of a very special lady...

12 photos
The Beauty of Locomotives!

Quentin Whitehead - Youth Motivational Speaker -...
12 photos
My buddy Quentin came to ATL recently to visit family and while here we did an informal shoot for his new website. Since the shots would be extracted we didn't have to worry about the background....

I Do!..
14 photos
A few shots from my recent proposal to the Lady in my Life... It was a wonderful evening. Especially after she said yes!...

20 photos
J graduated Magna Cum Laude as an International Bacalaureate Student this past Sunday. We're very proud of her as she embarks upon the next stage of her journey in August. May God's continued...

Worship - Mother's Day, 2012
17 photos
Some shots from a Mother's Day Celebration at Grace Church of Stone Mountain, GA.

S.O.A.R. Picnic - 2012
18 photos
SOAR (Singles Operating After Righteousness) of Word of Faith in Atlanta attending its annual picnic along with several other ministries. It was a fun time! Here are a few highlights..

Tiana - Part 2
18 photos
This is the 2nd part of the recent shoot in Atlanta for Tiana and her Prom date.

Tiana & Justin, 2012
22 photos
It's Prom Night, and Tiana & Justin are all dressed up with someplace to go! It was a lovely evening and I really enjoyed hanging out with these two fine young folks. All the Best to them both as...

Courtney & Quentin
40 photos
Courtney & Quentin were in Atlanta for the weekend to celebrate the newest addition to their family. I had the good fortune of meeting them through a mutual friend. I really enjoyed working them...

JavaMonkey Coffee Shop
4 photos
Located in d'town Decatur and definitely one of my favorite spots to kick back and chill.. JM makes one of the best Cafe au Laits and has a pretty impressive wine list. Stop by JavaMonkey..

Chassie's Farewell Celebration - 3/31/12
6 photos
Chassie - Though I've only known you for a very short time I can already see the gifts that God has placed in you and around you.. Happy to have met you! We ALL wish you the best in all that you do!...

Voigtlander Nokton 40mm f1.4
34 photos
A nifty little lens with interesting characteristics and a unique, some say "Classic" rendering.

Occupy Asheville
10 photos
Asheville, NC - Jan, 2012 . I was recently up in the beautiful mountains of Asheville looking for some rest & relaxation when I stumbled upon the demonstration in the Square. So, I sauntered over...

Piedmont Park - ATLANTA
21 photos
One of my favorite places to just hang out, people-watch and shoot!

Daniel Evans
11 photos

Bostwick Cotton Gin - Georgia
12 photos
The Bostwick Cotton gin is the oldest operating gin in Georgia, and one of the oldest in the country. Each November a festival is held in its honor.

Amicalola Falls
15 photos
Nestled in the North Georgia Mountains in the town of Dahlonega, Amicalola Falls (at 835 ft) is the largest waterfall east of the Mississippi. The park is breathtaking..

Couples & Engagement Photos
15 photos
KB Photos does engagement shoots in the Atlanta area! Give us a call at: 404.368.3147 if you like what you see.

15 photos
I was fortunate to spend several months in this beautiful, mediterranean country some years back.. It's still in my blood!.. A Very beautiful place indeed... These shots were taken w/ a Point &...

Stephanie S.
8 photos
Stephanie is an actress here in the Atlanta area. We met at a casting call where she auditioned for a part.. She is a natural in front of the camera, and fun to work with.. Thx Steph!

263 photos
People_Places & Faces... Candid portraiture is without a doubt my first love. Nothing is more rewarding than capturing a timely, yet timeless moment when the subject is just being him or...