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User / karinavera / El Cono de Arita
Karina / 2,524 items
The Cono de Arita is at the southern end of the Salar de Arizaro, which is more than 3,690 meters above sea level. This salt flat is the largest in Argentina and the third in the world. This formation is nothing more than a volcano that did not have enough force to explode, so it does not have a crater or release lava, the surrounding landscape is black salt, which is attracted to the surface by the underground magma. It has a height of about 200 meters and 800 meters in diameter and a perimeter of 2.4 kilometers. Ever since I saw a photo of this the first time, I wanted to go, and I imagined my photo with the milky way behind, just as it is here. But when I arrived at the place, the milky way was behind me, so I moved the sky to another place 😎️ and that's it.
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  • Taken: May 8, 2022
  • Uploaded: May 14, 2022
  • Updated: Jun 28, 2022