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Jan Rockar / 75 items

2 photos

UK, 2021
74 photos

Going Nowhere
101 photos
In these times of new reality, with respect to space between us, I present you the 'sunny side up' of this Blursday situation: my neighbors in Leytonstone and beyond... London, 2020

135 photos

Slovakia, 2020
20 photos

Torpe 2
24 photos

20 photos

22 photos
(coming soon!) a zine about family, love, water, loss and suspended time in that perfect moment... Message me if you want a copy!

UK, 2020
102 photos

Austria, 2019
1 photo

Croatia, 2019
13 photos

18 photos

Slovakia, 2019
10 photos

UK, 2019
60 photos

Morocco, 2018
1 photo

Japan, 2018
15 photos

Kiribati, 2016
3 photos

agonizing landscapes
28 photos
'Travel is the only investment, that makes you richer.' I always look forward to new places, new people. Iceland, one of my dream countries, has come through. Unfortunately, I had to go through it...

Iceland, 2018
32 photos

slow light
224 photos

UK, 2018
116 photos

booty shaking and carnevaling in Nothing Hill,...
10 photos

East from West
20 photos

David Gibson
178 photos

West from East
216 photos

week in, week out
152 photos
Contact sheet of what I see, week in, week out. (90% of it, anyway)

40 photos
surreal city (long exposure, motion blur and pinhole)

31 photos

UK, 2017
290 photos

Slovakia, 2016
2 photos

UK, 2016
25 photos

USA, 2016
43 photos

New Zealand, 2016
3 photos

Fiji, 2016
3 photos

Australia, 2016
1 photo

Indonesia, 2016
19 photos

3 photos

Thailand, 2016
3 photos

Myanmar, 2016
16 photos

Cambodia, 2015/16
15 photos

Laos, 2015
9 photos

face of the planet
19 photos

Vietnam, 2015
15 photos

China, 2015
28 photos

Mongolia, 2015
18 photos

Russia, 2015
21 photos

World Naked Bike Ride, London, 2015
16 photos

27 photos

hypocrite on food chain
16 photos
'Don't eat anything you are not willing to kill yourself!' -said a hypocrite. It's the 21st century, globalisation is thriving, people go by their highly specialised daily business and to be honest...

ghost town
93 photos

ordinary madness
1718 photos
Tags: #street, #documentary, #streetphotography, #people, #city, #candid, #photography, #iDiot, #ordinarymadness,

some things colour
479 photos

urban landscape iPhonography
199 photos
Architectural iPhonography...

208 photos
..known or unknown.

227 photos

Turkey, 2014
182 photos

Portrait of Myanmar, 2014
335 photos, 1 video

World Naked Bike Ride, London, 2014
12 photos
Tags: #worldnakedbikeride, #wnbr, #nakedbikeridelondon, #lessgasmoreass, #burnfatnotfuel, #londonprotest, #pedalpower, #bodyacceptance, #bodyart, #london, #uk, #2014

Myanmar iPhonography
100 photos

London Pride, 2014
39 photos

272 photos

corporate portraits
22 photos
..what people do when asked to make a silly face..

443 photos

102 photos
landscapes, cityscapes, still life

notes from a small island
23 photos
Sicily, 2013

after the rain comes the sun
51 photos
bokeh-licious summer day in Epping Forest, London..

London Pride
25 photos
London, 2013

London Marathon, 2013
13 photos

Palma de Mallorca, 2013
33 photos

Malta 2012
50 photos

backstreets of Valetta
7 photos
...what can I say. Communication is not just about social media. Malta is a great place. People communicate. They look into each others eyes and talk, gossip, bad-mouth, joke... All this while not...

bird watchers
8 photos
Malta, 2012 Sunday market in Valetta is very popular place between locals to sell or buy birds. For sale are often rare and protected species, which means vendors by ordinary break the law....

Barcelona, 2013
29 photos

Olympic Britain - 2012
18 photos

England Time Travel
102 photos
Vintage negative scans from my private collection. Photographer is unknown to me... Most negatives are unmarked, the ones labelled are from 1928-1929, and appear to be the most recent from the...