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Julie R. / 78 items

2023 Jan-June (Tristan 14yr, Clara 10yr)
425 photos, 19 videos
Family photos for the first 6 months of 2023.

2022 July Rhode Island road trip
655 photos, 7 videos
Road trip to Rhode Island via NY state with the Roach grandparents (and Daisy, too). Tristan 13yr, Clara 9yr.

2022 July-Dec (Tristan 13/14yr, Clara 9/10yr)
3080 photos, 111 videos
Family photos. Tristan 13yr, turning 14yr end of July; Clara 9yr, turning 10yr end of Oct.)

2022 June Hickory Creek PA backpacking trip
326 photos, 2 videos
Family backpacking weekend, Hickory Creek Wilderness trail in western Pennsylvania. Tristan 13yr, Clara 9yr.

2022 Jan-June (Tristan 13yr, Clara 9yr)
1687 photos, 46 videos
January through June 2022 family photos.

2021 Oct McGovern 3rd grade Halloween party
27 photos
Rm. 13 Halloween party & parade at Highland.

July 2021 Traverse City & Frankenmuth MI
484 photos, 4 videos
Tristan 12yr, Clara 8yr driving vacation while Daisy stayed with Roach grandparents.

2021 July-December (Tristan 13yr, Clara 8yr & 9yr)
2405 photos, 30 videos
Family photos

2021 June Pennsylvania backpacking trip
296 photos, 5 videos
Family vacation -- first family backpacking trip. Went to Morrison Campground along the Morrison Trail, near Warren, PA.

2021 Jan-June (Tristan 12yr, Clara 8yr)
1340 photos, 22 videos
Family photos January through June 2021.

2020 July-Dec (Tristan 11-12yr, Clara 7-8yr)
1405 photos, 22 videos
Family photos

Tristan R team 661
24 photos

2020 Pandemic timeframe March-
2914 photos, 50 videos
COVID-19 time period of 'social distancing', with school & other group activities cancelled, work from home, etc.

2019-20 Lakeview 6th grade
92 photos
6th grade pics, team 661-62 hydroponic farm project and misc. Lakeview photos (Turkey Trot, band concert, fall KISS breakfast musical performance).

2020 1st grade Detweiler Valentine party
74 photos
Valentine's Day party for Mrs. Detweiler's 1st grade Class. Clara 7yr.

2020 Jan-June (Tristan 11yr, Clara 7yr)
1274 photos, 20 videos
Family photos

2019 July Rhode Island-Mass vacation
412 photos
Driving trip to Rhode Island to visit the Danner family, by way of NY state (overnight each way) and a 1 night stop in the Boston area to visit Gallaway and Fetters families. Clara 6yr, Tristan 10yr.

2019 July-Dec (Tristan 10/11yr, Clara 6/7yr)
2419 photos, 7 videos
Family photos.

2019 June Louisville, Kentucky
323 photos
Family vacation to Louisville, KY by car, via Dublin/Columbus, Ohio. Tristan 10yr, Clara 6yr.

2019 March Columbus Ohio
138 photos
Dublin, Hilliard, Columbus, Ohio mini spring break road trip photos.

2019 Jan-June (Tristan 10yr, Clara 6yr)
1591 photos
Family photos

2018 July Traverse City-Mackinaw MI vacation
562 photos
Family vacation photos, traveling with the Fetters family to Michigan.

July-Dec 2018 (Tristan 9-10yr, Clara 5-6yr)
2364 photos
Family photos.

2018 June Toronto-Niagara
609 photos
Family vacation to Toronto and Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. Tristan 9yr, Clara 5yr.

2018 Feb San Diego Rubin wedding
331 photos
Julie & Kevin's trip to San Diego, California area for Mittal-Rubin wedding, February 2018.

Jan-June 2018 (Tristan 9yr, Clara 5yr)
2180 photos
Family photos

2017 August Virginia
587 photos
Family vacation (driving), stopping in Harrisonburg, Newport News, Virginia Beach, Ashburn, VA and Washington, DC. Tristan 9yr, Clara 4yr.

2017 July Pennsylvania
299 photos
Tristan 8yr, Clara 4yr Pennsylvania family driving vacation to Sesame Place (Langhorne), Philadelphia, Diggerland (West Berlin, NJ).

July-Dec 2017 (Tristan 8-9yr, Clara 4-5yr)
2213 photos
Family photos, Tristan 8yr turning 9yr; Clara 4yr turning 5yr.

Dayton March 2017 weekend
116 photos
'Spring Break' weekend getaway to Dayton, Ohio.

Jan-June 2017 (Tristan 8yr, Clara 4yr)
1104 photos

2016 3rd grade Halloween party Varga
43 photos
Halloween party photos, Mrs. Varga's 3rd grade class, 10-28-16.

Ithaca & Corning, NY August 2016 vacation
262 photos
2nd family vacation of 2016.

Rochester, NY & Niagara Falls, Ontario July 2016...
405 photos
Rochester, NY and Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada vacation, plus Toledo Air Show and Tristan stayed overnight 3 extra nights beyond vacation at Roach Grandparents' house.

July-Dec 2016 (Tristan 7-8 yr, Clara 3-4 yr)
1966 photos
Family photos from July-December 2016.

Valentine Party 2016 Mrs. Klein's 2nd grade class
8 photos

2016 February Celebrations concert, Highland Elem...
11 photos

Favorite photos
5288 photos, 1 video
A misc. collection of pictures we've taken: people, places, things, etc.

Jan-June 2016 (Tristan 7yr, Clara 3yr)
888 photos
Family photos 2016 first half of the year.

Halloween 2015, Mrs. Klein's 2nd grade class
19 photos
Trick-or-treat at Briarwood and Rm. 1 (Mrs. Klein) 2nd grade Halloween party, 2015. Tristan Roach and classmates.

Traverse City, Grayling, MI Aug 2015 vacation
348 photos
Mid-August road trip to Grayling, MI and Traverse City, MI, with a brief visit with Great Grandpa Roach in Ann Arbor, MI, and the Roach Grandparents in Monclova, OH.

2015 Streetsboro KOA camping
65 photos
Weekend camping with the Nester family. Aug. 2015.

Holland, Cassopolis, MI, July 2015 Vacation
278 photos
Holland, MI and Cassopolis, MI (via Elkhart, IN), visiting the Danner clan, too. July 2015. Also a brief visit with the Malik family in Mt. Clemens, MI.

July-December 2015 (Tristan 7yr, Clara 2-3yr)
1770 photos
Family photos 2015 from July-December.

Jan-June 2015 (Tristan 6yr, Clara 2yr)
728 photos
The first half (or so) of 2015 family photos.

July-Dec 2014 family photos
1388 photos
July 2014 to present family photos.

Pennsylvania June 2014 vacation
393 photos
June 2014 summer road trip to Hershey, Langhorne (Sesame Place) and Pittsburgh, PA.

Jan-June 2014 family pics (Tristan 5yr, Clara...
961 photos
Tristan, Clara, Julie and Kevin family photo collection for the first half of 2014.

Aug-Dec. 2013 (Tristan 5yr, Clara 8mo-14mo)
950 photos
Actually August-December 2013 with some spillover to Jan. 2014 until I tweak the sets.

Traverse City, MI vacation Aug. 2013
247 photos
Visit to Ann Arbor, Frankenmuth, Traverse City and Mt. Clemens, MI.

Jan-July 2013 (Tristan 4yr-5yr, Clara 9wk-9mo)
870 photos
Tristan 4yrs old and Clara 9wk as of Jan 1... family photos of all of us

Oct-Dec 2012 (Tristan 4yr, Clara birth)
370 photos
Our family, plus new daughter Clara.

Jun-October 2012 (Tristan 3yr-4yr)
490 photos
Summer family fun and such... June-present 2012, including cousin Gavin, born June 1, 2012.

Pennsylvania Vacation June 2012
169 photos
Our PA family road trip to Hershey, Sesame Place (Langhorne) & Pittsburgh, PA

Jan-May 2012 (Tristan 3yr)
668 photos
Tristan and Family, January-May 2012.

Aug-Dec 2011 Tristan (age 3)
677 photos
Life with a 3 year old is pretty cool!

Rhode Island vacation June 2011
288 photos
Road trip to Rhode Island via New York state. Tristan, age 2.

May-July 2011 Tristan (age 2, turning 3) and...
551 photos
Fun with a toddler!

Jan-Apr 2011 Tristan (age 2) and family
314 photos
The life and times of... us.

Sept-Dec 2010 Tristan (age 2) and Family
430 photos
Our adventures with a 2 year old.

July-Aug 2010 Tristan (age 2) and Family
373 photos
From Tristan's 2nd birthday on July 29, 2010 through August 2010 -- including our family vacation to VA.

May-July 2010 Tristan and Family
350 photos
May-July 2010 (up until Tristan's 2nd birthday 7/29/10)... our life in pictures.

Jan-Apr 2010 Tristan and Family
340 photos
The life and adventures of Tristan, friends and family. Jan 2010 thru April 2010.

Tristan and family 2009
418 photos
Early September 2009 (Tristan at 13 months) though December 2009. Tristan's life and world in pictures!

Tristan 46wk-13mo, 2009
468 photos
Tristan and family/friends, June thru Aug 2009. Includes Michigan vacation.

Tristan 24-45wk, 2009
477 photos
January 2009 thru early June 2009, Tristan and family.

Tristan 0-23wk, 2008-09
231 photos
From Tristan's birth through the Christmas holidays, and part of January 2009.

Tristan's first year
13 photos
12 photos for baby book layout

Clara's First Year in photos
13 photos
photos for baby book spread. Di, please crop/edit as needed. The 12mo especially will need cropping so we aren't miniature in the pic.

First Class Brass (fka Ray's Five) brass quintet
94 photos
Brass Quintet based in the greater Cleveland area, of which Kevin is a member.

Michigan vacation June-July 2009
126 photos
Holland, Grand Haven and Ann Arbor, MI. Also, visit to the Toledo, OH area.

Virginia Vacation Aug 2010
239 photos
Vacation pics from our week long road trip to VA in August 2010.

free photobook additions jan 2011
6 photos

free photobook jan 2011
42 photos

snapfish free flip book fall 2010 pics
10 photos

shutterfly free 7x9 photo book 2011
92 photos
2011, the year in review thru early December. Need 20-40 pics or so? Make book by 12/6/11!

2015 Jan-mid-April for photobook snapfish
464 photos
Photos used in snapfish 8x11 album, April 2015.

Photos for Carol L.
5 photos