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Beer, Cocktails & Music
7 photos
A special event at the Chequers, Stevenage. Thanks to Amy for an enjoyable day.

South African Railways
4 photos
Just four photos, scanned from some negs bought on ebay.

The West Riding Collection
235 photos
I recently acquired a large collection of 35mm slides from ebay. It seems appropriate that they are kept together as a tribute to the photographer. They are all taken within the boundaries of the old...

The Sheffield Derailment
12 photos
On 11th November 2020, a cement train derailed as it passed through Platform 1 at Sheffield station. Here are a few pictures taken by a friend, who wishes that I don't give his name.

The French Collection
136 photos
I bought a collection of transparencies recently, all taken in France. Here they are.

Album of Ireland
52 photos
A book full of line drawings of the whole of Ireland.

An Album of Found Photos
350 photos
I recently bought a big carrier bag full of old photographs from Hitchin Market. Some of them may, strictly speaking, be in copyright. I will happily remove the offending ones if requested.

459 photos
I've long had a collection of postcards of Great Britain, etc., so I thought I'd put them all in one album. There's a LOT more to come! Some will still be subject to copyright, so I'll be happy to...

April 1915
11 photos
A small album of photos I bought in Hitchin, all taken in April 1915. I have no idea who these people are, at Fairhaven Lake, Lytham St Annes, but I'd love to know. Please feel free to download and...

Stevenage since the 1970s
286 photos
People and scenes from Stevenage - somebody has to live here!

Tony's Rogues' Gallery
99 photos
While going through some stuff from the Late Tony Martens, a photo album was found called "Rogues Gallery".. It contained photos of various people of, maybe, dubious repute, mostly drinking...

The Narrow Gauge Models of the Late Tony Martens
43 photos
Tony Martens sadly died in early 2019. He was a fantastic railway modeller, building most of these locos, etc., from scratch.

Lanaeken, Belgium
16 photos
Lanaeken is a small settlement in Limburg Province, Belgium, not far from Maastricht in The Netherlands. All these old postcards date from circa 1918.

Keith's Retirement Do
3 photos
At the Parcel Yard, St Pancras 31st October 2018, after 40 years of service.

The Nicolas Pike Collection
102 photos
Some scans of a large collection of slides loaned by Nicolas Pike and with permissio to publish here.

Build your own....
12 photos
Digging through a draw, I found these. Must have been from my days at Hambling Models. I thought they'd be worth putting on here, so you can build your own. Of course, if the copyright holder doesn't...

Bus Tickets
1807 photos
For many years, I have been collecting such things. I'm now running out of space at home, so I'm scanning them, then disposing of the originals (to a good home, of course).Modern stuff first, as it...

The Richard Huggins Collection
729 photos
My good friend Richard has given me permission to put some of his pictures onto Flickr.

A 50th Birthday Party
23 photos
Michele's 50th birthday celebrations in the Chequers, Stevenage

The Queen's Birthday Party
5 photos
The Queen's official 90th birthday, 11th June 2016. The celebrations in Stevenage, including a lot of 90 year olds!

High Resolution Pictures
52 photos
Please feel free to download and publish these. They are either out of copyright or originals from my neg or slide collection.

Bridge Works on the ECML
21 photos
I was recently loaned some of British Railways and LNER pictures, which I was able to copy, so here they are.

79 photos
Stuff that will not go anywhere else!

My Late Fathers Aeroplane Photos
775 photos
My father was a great aeroplane enthusiast. Here are a few of his photos, with plenty more to come. Thanks to those who have helped in identifying the marques and locations.

WHAT, WHERE, WHEN? (Mystery Photos)
296 photos
Your help is required please, to identify where these photos were taken, or some other details as stated. Please take a look to see if you can help. Thanks.

Rotala Group
64 photos
They seem to be getting bigger all the time.

Switzerland's Railways
815 photos
A wonderful collection of this fine country's railways.

Three Foot Gauge on Hatfield Moors
31 photos
The peat railway of the Peat Moss Litter Works, Hatfield Moor, near Doncaster.

A Joint Line Network in South Yorkshire.
151 photos
A favourite subject of mine. We look at the South Yorkshire Joint Line, the GC and Midland Joint, and the HB&GC Joint up to Aire Junction.

Doncaster GNR
1090 photos
Doncaster station, works (the Plant), shed and yards.

York - a Railway Centre
422 photos
York station and its surrounds, the Foss Islands branch, the DVLR station at Layerthorpe, the old museum and the NRM.

Buses of Ulster
138 photos
Ulsterbus, Citybus and Northern Irish indepdents.

69 photos
The Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch Railway, a 15" line in Kent, running between Hythe and Dungeness.

147 photos
Sittingbourne and Kemsley Light Railway, the ex Bowater's 2' 6" gauge line.

The Hull and Barnsley Railway
198 photos
Hull Docks and Hull Cannon Street to Cudworth and Stairfoot, with branches to Denaby and Wath.

Other Railways in Yorkshire
1069 photos
Lines that won't fit into any other section.

Other Major Operators of Yorkshire
1115 photos

South Yorkshire PTE and Constituents
1078 photos
SYPTE, SYT, Mainline, Doncaster Corporation, Rotherham Corporation and Sheffield JOC.

133 photos
Previously known as Universitybus, this concern now runs throughout Hertfordshire and even into North London.

Spoorwegen in Nederland
387 photos
All Dutch Railways

Great Little Railways of Knebworth.... and now,...
155 photos
The long-gone narrow gauge Knebworth and Wintergreen Railway, plus the two associated 10.25 inch gauge miniature lines in Knebworth Park and Vanstones Garden Centre. The Knebworth Railway closed on...

My Old Model Railway and Others
54 photos
A small 009 layout, based at Dunningmouth, on the Isle of Fleet, off the Northumberland coast. The line was jointly operated by the NCB and a preservation society. Also included are a few other model...

Other Railways of the Midlands
513 photos
Those that aren't in any other set. Includes some lines in Lincolnshire.

Yorkshire Traction
446 photos
From the 1950s to the takeover by Stagecoach. Includes the subsidiaries like Yorkshire Terrier and Mexborough and Swinton.

Other London Railways
374 photos
Lines that aren't in any other sets.

German Railways
604 photos
DB and all the others.

London Underground and the DLR
153 photos

Railways of France
272 photos
SNCF and others.

Scottish Municipal Buses
382 photos
Edinburgh, Glasgow (Includes SPTE, etc.), Dundee (Includes Travel Dundee), Aberdeen.

Brewery Stuff
229 photos
Stuff in museums, adverts, anything else....

Veolia Buses
38 photos
Maybe set to vanish from the UK?

Buses in Eire
164 photos

Irish Railways
254 photos
CIE, NIR and a few smaller concerns.

Southern Region (South Eastern Division)
1065 photos
Kent, a bit of Suxxex ans South East London.

Southern Region (Central Division)
895 photos
Mainly ex LB&SCR lines.

Other European Railway Pictures
232 photos
So far..... Croatia, Denmark, Czech Republic, Italy, Luxembourg, Hungary, Spain, Finland.

Transport in the Far East
322 photos
Australia (thanks to the Late Ron Parkin), Hong Kong and a few photos of China, but will be added to and will include New Zealand, Macau, etc.

South East England Independent Buses
625 photos

Austrian Railways
106 photos
OBB & other lines.

European Trams
1220 photos

Buses of Europe
918 photos
Includes trolleybuses

Railways of Canada and the United States
394 photos
Includes streetcars, etc.

Buses of Canada and the United States
217 photos

Midlands Major Bus Operators
1771 photos
Not BMMO. Includes Stevensons of Spath.

South Eastern Major Bus Companies
1048 photos
From Southern Vectis to Provincial, Southdown, M and DMS and East Kent. Metrobus's Sussex operations are included.

Colliery Railways
237 photos
NCB lines, etc.

British Trams
899 photos
In service and preserved.

Narrow Gauge in South West England
96 photos
A few preserved lines.

Western National and Friends
419 photos
WNOC, Southern National, Devon General, Royal Blue, National Travel South West, Red Bus/North Devon, etc.

Welsh Narrow Gauge
410 photos

Yorkshire Independent Buses
2028 photos

Welsh Standard Gauge Railways
512 photos

North Eastern Major Bus Operators
1060 photos

North Eastern Independent Buses
796 photos
Teesside and beyond. For completeness, Trimdon Motor Services, after takeover by Busways, is included here.

North Eastern Railways
437 photos
Everything north of York.

Major Bus Operators of North West England
2002 photos
Includes Lancashire United in its independent days, plus Shearings and Timeline (nationwide). Also included is Finglands, now part of the EYMS Group.

North West England Independent Bus Companies
1078 photos

Railways in North West England
816 photos
Those that are not covered by other Sets.

Shipping and Things
735 photos
Stuff I've photographed over the years.

Channel Island and Isle of Man Railways
167 photos

Channel island Buses
132 photos

Scottish Independent Buses
1679 photos

Independent Buses of the Midlands
1856 photos

Railways of Scotland
711 photos
Everything north of the Border

Flying Machines
164 photos
Aeroplanes, Helicopters, Balloons, Hovercraft and things - none of which I must confess to knowing anything about!

More of the Midland Railway
928 photos

Buses of Lincolnshire
1145 photos
Lincolnshire Road Car, Grimsby-Cleethorpes, Lincoln City Transport and all the independents.

East Anglian Independent Buses
1714 photos
Cambridgeshire, Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk.

The Joint Line
150 photos
The GN and GE Joint, which ran from Huntingdon to Doncaster (Black Carr Junction), via March, Spalding, Sleaford, Lincoln and Gainsborough.

Rails in the Nene Valley
93 photos
The Nene Valley Railway and the miniature railway at Ferry Meadows.

Canals & Navigable Waterways
1632 photos
Everything except the Kennet and Avon.

Railways of East Anglia
981 photos
The GER & the M&GN

The Great Central Railway
1004 photos
Includes the Met & GC Joint, but not the GW & GC.

South Eastern Municipals
337 photos
Reading, Brighton, Maidstone and Eastbourne

Scottish Bus Group
945 photos
All the operators. Includes Rapsons after taking over Highland.

Hants & Dorset/Wilts & Dorset
251 photos
Both companies over the years. Will also incude Hampshire Bus.

Former GWR Lines
1571 photos
The will be quite a lot in the collection! The GW & GC Joint is included.

Southern Region (SW Division)
1363 photos
Includes what's left of the Withered Arm and the Somerset and Dorset Joint.

West Yorkshire PTE & Constituents
520 photos
Leeds, Bradford, Todmorden, Huddersfield, Halifax Coprorations and Yorkshire Rider

People and Animals
1285 photos
Some personal pics. If anyone is unhappy with themselves being displayed, please advise me & I'll make them invisible to anyone but friends. The main reason for me uploading these is that I'm...

Stagecoach Group Buses
1527 photos

United Counties
261 photos
UCOC, Luton Corporation, Milton Keynes Citybus and Luton and District.

Bedfordshire Narrow Gauge
64 photos
NG lines at Leighton Buzzard and Whipsnade.

The ECML South of Doncaster
1061 photos
Includes various short branches.

Beer Festivals
134 photos

Independents in Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and...
650 photos

Scenery, Buildings, Etc.
2875 photos
Non transport photos.

Centrebus Group
250 photos

The West Coast Main Line and Branches
914 photos
London to the Scottish border plus: Oxford to Bletchley (and on to Cambridge)

Arriva Buses
1337 photos
Also includes all of Telling-Golden Miller, Network Harlow, Network Colchester and Yorkshire Tiger..

The Midland Main Line
652 photos
London St Pancras to Nottingham and Sheffield

Major Welsh Bus Operators
529 photos
Includes Crosville

Welsh Municipal Buses
398 photos

London Country Bus Services
528 photos
LCBS & the companies formed after it was split up.

First Group Buses
1269 photos

South Western Municipals
177 photos
Plymouth, Exeter and Swindon Corporations and Successors

East Anglia Major Operators
1007 photos
Eastern National, Eastern Counties, Cambus, Viscount, Thamesway.

Buses of the Isle of Man
170 photos

Destructions Inc
693 photos
A temporary home, while we await the re-appearance of the DI Album.

City of Oxford
253 photos
Including South Midland, Thames Transit, etc.

The Kennet and Avon Canal
118 photos
Between Bath and Reading

Independents of South Central England
316 photos
Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Hampshire, the Isle of Wight and Northamptonshire

Interesting Road Vehicles
825 photos
Brewery drays, cars, steam road vehicles, lorries, etc.

Old Tram Photos
588 photos
Old trams, mainly from postcards of yesterday

Welsh Independents
1632 photos
Independent bus operators of Wales

South Central Municipals
332 photos
Bournemouth, Southampton, and Portsmouth. For completeness, Transdev Yellow Bus is included here.

Bristol Omnibus Company
188 photos
Includes Bristol City Line, Cheltenham District and the companies that followed on.

Midland Red
327 photos
Includes Midland Fox, MR West, MR South & MR North.

Buses - the obscure ones
876 photos
Non PSV buses, the small councils, ex buses, etc. You'll also find various UK wide tour bus operators (E.G. Guide Friday) here.

Alder Valley and its Constituents
164 photos
Alder Valley (including North & South), Aldershot & District and Thames Valley

London Buses
1764 photos
All London Bus & Coach Operators

55 photos
The country services of the former Bristol Omnibus Company

10317 photos
There's going to be a lot of these! Includes a few clubs (selling real ale, of course).

South Western Independents
876 photos
Independent bus operators in South West England

Belgian Railways
383 photos
NMBS/SNCF & private lines & companies

Railways of Bristol and Bath
152 photos
Formerly the county of Avon.

Churches and Cathedrals
642 photos
I'm not a religious person, but appreciate the architecture.

Old Donny
69 photos
Pictures of Doncaster from the late '60s and before

1588 photos
I was going to put these on Fotopic, but it's not working at present.