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Florida...500 years ago
21 photos
This series of landscape images is one that I have wanted to do for sometime now. Have you ever thought about what it would have looked like if you had just stepped off a Spanish Galleon in 1517 onto...

4x5 B&W Scans
17 photos
Back in the late 80's and mid 90's I made mostly B&W images using my Burke & James 4x5 field camera and Nikon lenses.. I had my own wet lab for developing the films and then making B&W...

Six Mile Cypress Slough
9 photos

Naples,Marco,Goodland, Tamiami Trail
21 photos

Ten Thousand Islands
17 photos
This set is of a camping trip I made this year(2014 Feb.) to just one of the Ten Thousand Islands on the southern tip of Florida. One of the main image I wanted to capture here was of the Milky Way...

Infrared Photography
7 photos
Back in 2011 when updated my digital Canon bodies, I had my 30D converted by Lifepixels into a Infrared only body. After looking over the tutorials at Lifepixels, I decided on the Super Color IR...

Naples Zoo & Botanical Gardens
3 photos

Miscellaneous Night Shooting
7 photos

Boca Grande
9 photos

Webb Wildlife Management Area
19 photos

Lake Istokpoga
5 photos
Lake Istokpoga is a 28,000-acre freshwater lake in Highlands County, Florida. The oblong-shaped lake is 5 miles wide by 10 miles long. Despite its area, it is very shallow, with an average depth of...

Western Swing Photo Adventure, Misc. Colorado and...
17 photos
This images in this folder were made throughout Colorado and New Mexico in between camping stops in national parks and monuments.

Western Swing Photo Adventure,White Sands...
7 photos
Like No Place Else on Earth The largest gypsum dune field in the world is located at White Sands National Monument in south-central New Mexico. This region of glistening white dunes is in the...

Western Swing Photo Adventure,Great Sand Dunes...
17 photos
Great Sand Dunes National Park Some of the first people to enter the San Luis Valley and the Great Sand Dunes area were nomadic hunters and gatherers nearly 11,000 years ago whose connection to the...

Western Swing Photo Adventure,The Black Canyons...
27 photos
The Black Canyons of the Gunnison National Park The Black Canyon of the Gunnison's unique and spectacular landscape was formed slowly by the action of water and rock scouring down through hard...

Western Swing Photo Adventure, Colorado National...
21 photos
The Colorado National Monument preserves one of the grand landscapes of the American West. But this treasure is much more than a monument. Towering monoliths exist within a vast plateau-and-canyon...

Western Swing Photo Adventure, Rocky Mountain...
30 photos
Back in 2000, I once lived in Longmont, CO...just 35 minutes from this wonderful National Park. But a lot has changed in the last 11 years. 6ft high fences now keep the Elk out of certain areas....

Western Swing Photo Adventure,MT. Evans, Colorado
28 photos
The second leg of this photo adventurer is located in and near Idaho Springs, Colorado and MT. Evans. Originally the main plan was for the white mountain goats, in which I needed to be on MT. Evans...

Western Swing Photo Adventure 2011 - Georgia
8 photos
This 2011 Photo Adventure begins in Northern Georgia with finally finding an old early 1900's gristmill. The original mill was named Short's mill from the original owner and was built on Hazel Creek,...

Stuart & Jupiter, FL.
67 photos

Homosassa Springs Area
5 photos

Blue Cypress Lake
132 photos
Blue Cypress Lake, here in southern Florida has been a haven for big bass seekers for more than 50 years. The largest bass recorded at Blue Cypress Lake has been 18 lbs., 2 oz, but the Florida record...

Wakodahatchee & Green Cay Environmental Wetlands
16 photos
Wakodahatchee Wetlands: Derived from a Seminole Indian phrase meaning created waters. The Wakodahatchee Wetlands was constructed by Palm Beach County Water Utilities Department next to the existing...

Lake Kissimmee State Park
21 photos

Dinner Island Wildlife Management Area
37 photos
Southwest of Clewiston in southern Hendry County, Dinner Island’s thirty-four square miles of pastures, sloughs, pine flatwoods and oak hammocks form a vital link to surrounding wetlands that...

ST. Augustine
25 photos
The City of St. Augustine is the nation's oldest permanently occupied European settlement, having been founded by the Spanish in 1565. On Sept. 8. 1565, Don Pedro Menendez de Aviles came ashore and...

13 photos
While traveling between National Parks and Monuments, there are endless landscapes waiting to be made. This is along highway 95 just north of Natural Bridges ational Monument. Some of the image here...

Ocala & Silver River
24 photos

Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge
4 photos
Merritt Island is a large vast area of wetlands and upland hammocks. Noted for its wildlife, birds, mammals and fishery, but it's mostly noted for the location of the Cape Kennedy Space Center and...

Miscellaneous Fall 08 Trip
12 photos
Many of these images do not fall into any category or specific location but are were made on my most recent fall trip of 2008. The trip was initially to go to Maine to shoot moose with a good friend...

Blue Ridge Parkway National Park
15 photos
These sets are some of the National Parks and Monuments that I have visited. I will soon be adding some of these places to my photo workshops. If you might be interested in joining me to some of...

Shenandoah NP, Virginia
2 photos
These sets are some of the National Parks and Monuments that I have visited. I will soon be adding some of these places to my photo workshops. If you might be interested in joining me to some of...

Mainely Fall Moose
16 photos
These sets are some of the National Parks and Monuments that I have visited. I will soon be adding some of these places to my photo workshops. If you might be interested in joining me to some of...

Acadia National Park, Maine
21 photos
These sets are some of the National Parks and Monuments that I have visited. I will soon be adding some of these places to my photo workshops. If you might be interested in joining me to some of...

Bosque del Apache NWR,NM
2 photos
A number of years ago, 2001in fact, I had the pleasure to accompany a very good friend of mine, Weldon Lee of rockymountainsphotoadventures.com, that leads photo workshops worldwide to this magical...

1 photo

Hillsborough State park
2 photos

Highland Hammock State Park,Florida
2 photos
Highland Hammock SP is another of those parks that adaquately represents what I call "Old Florida", with it massive Live Oak trees, palmaetto scrub and Cabbage Palms. This park has RV...

The Orton Effect
12 photos
This dream like effect of a slight blurring of the image has been around for many years and accomplished by various methods...both in camera and in the darkroom. Today, we have the ability with a...

Feeding and Fledging
6 photos
Watching the little immature chicks scanninf the skies for their parents to arrive with dinner is really neat. But when that parent does arrive the antics begin to esculate into feeding frenzy, all...

The Immature to Juvinile Chicks
18 photos
This is the stage at which I find these birds most precious. They are moving around the nest and in and around the trees. The antics are unbelievable. Yet, some of these little guys still don't make...

The Egg and the Newborn
21 photos
Once the nest is completed and the final courtship proceedings are over, the copulation and egg laying and incubation are the final steps to the new life of the baby birds. Not all of the little...

Nest Building
11 photos
Generally both parents share the duty of flying out and breaking off just the right branch to bring back to each other to construct the nest. Many raptors species will actually return each year to...

Courtship & Colors
34 photos
Late fall, here in Florida, begins courtship behavior for several raptor species. Those such as, the Southern Bald Eagle are some of the first to begin thier overhead display of acrobatics. Some of...

Myakka River State Park
116 photos
This quite large park is located on the west coast of Florida, just west of the Sarasota / Bradenton area. This park represents much of what "Old Florida" looked like when the early...

North Carolina
5 photos
North Carolina, the "Tarheel State",for which I am at a loss as to why it was aptly named. This state probably has more waterfalls than any other. Many are located in "Transylvania...

43 photos
Northern Georgia is one of my favorite quick getaways from the flatlands of Florida. Just a days drive relocates me into a completly different terrain, with the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains...

John F. Kennedy Space Center
1 photo
For several years I was granted a special press pass to enter the John F. Kennedy Space Center here in Florida. This pass allowed me to get very close to the launch pad for night images of the...

PhotoShop CS2, CS3
8 photos
These are some individual images that are quite a departure from that of the camera original. I have worked up these images in PhotoShop CS2 and 3. Some of the images are quite obvious and others...

Florida Rivers & Creeks
9 photos

Miscellaneous Florida Images
23 photos
These images of Florida's miscellaneous subjects are of things or subjects that motivated me to make them, but often I don't fully understand why I was compelled to do so. Perhaps they just needed...

Grand Tetons National Park
10 photos
The Grand Tetons in Jackson Hole, Wyoming was very beautiful in winter, but once again getting to the places that I wanted to photograph were closed during the winter. We only had 2 days here and...

Yellowstone National Park
44 photos
These are some of the images made on the winter trip to Yellowstone 07. Although "Yellowstone in the winter" was a really great photo trip, I found it very limiting in the places you were...

Most Interesting
151 photos
The images in this set were voted "Most Interesting" by whatever means used to calculate them. But they do however, represent a cross section of my photography work and my passion for...

Your Favorites, 10 or more Favs
5 photos

B&W Images
20 photos
Most of these B&W images found in this folder are actually conversions from my digital color images. Converting from color to B&W is the preferred method of producing B&W images in...

8 photos
I visited my son out in Colorado a couple of times back in the late 90's and totally fell in love again. I decided to go out and live there for a couple of years and located near my son in Longmont,...

Natural Bridges National Monument, Utah
7 photos
Natural Bridges NM. is a small area of three named land bridges. Sipapu, Kachina and Owachomo. In 1908, President Theodore Roosevelt established this park creating Utah's first National Park. The...

Mesa Verde National Park, CO.
2 photos
Even before I became very interested in this Indian culture, I have always wanted to come to this place. On my 4 month camping / photography trip in 2002 in this general vicinity, I knew well that...

Close Up & Macro
34 photos
All of these images were made using my prime Canon lenses, not a macro lens I use a set of three extension tubes,sometimes in multiples, between the prime lens and the camera body. This combination...

Hovenweep National Monument, Utah
6 photos
Hovenweep NM is located in the NE corner of Colorado with some of the adjacent ruins located in Utah. I found a great facanation with this place and some haunting moments. You can read about this...

Great Smoky Mountains National Park, NC&TN.
12 photos
This National Park is one of my closer to home favorites. The area of Cades Cove is a must see with the log cabins,grits mill, barns and churches of an era when life was much more simple. No cars,...

3 photos
I have recently started experimenting with this process called HDR, although it is really not a true process but more of a personal interpretation of the landscape scene as we saw it. What this...

Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado
43 photos
The Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado was my home for two years. It was a very special place for me. It has many campgrounds to work out of on boths sides of the Continental Divide that are...

Capitol Reef National Park,Utah
32 photos
Capitol Reef National Park has one campground, but I found this camground to be the best of any of the other parks that I visited, other than the Rocky Mountain NP. I have added some additional...

Canyonlands National Park, Utah
3 photos
Canyonlands National Park has two main areas to go into, Island in the Sky and The Needles. There are other areas to go into the park but since I had a camper to work out of, these two locations have...

Arches National Park, Utah
5 photos
Arches National Park has one campground with a limit of a seven day stay in the summer months. For me it would take more than seven days to make it to all of the arches found in this parkand be able...

Florida Landscapes
54 photos
Just a few images that depict SW Florida's more scenic landscapes as well as some of our beautiful Sunrises and Sunsets.

Florida Wildlife Animals
22 photos

Florida Wildlife Birds
166 photos
SW Florida, and all of Florida, has a wide diversity of wild birds that inhabit our coastal Bays and Habors and the many waterways of Rivers and Creeks that empty into them. Having lived in SW...