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Jim Choate / 48 items

Victorian Ghost
6 photos
Halloween shoot with model Sheena at a local park, October 2022.

Western Plains Trip 2022
32 photos
Road trip through Wyoming, Montana and South Dakota in April, 2022.

353 photos

Abandoned and Decay
298 photos

Themed Portraits
53 photos

Old Cars and Trucks
72 photos

148 photos

Abstract or Minimal
89 photos

Textures and Patterns
136 photos

91 photos

Star Trek TOS Cosplay
4 photos

Windows and Walls
56 photos

Lacy Fairy Tale
11 photos
Fairy tale shoot with model Lacy

46 photos

Raypunk Pinup
6 photos

24 photos

Samurai Cosplay
9 photos
Samurai cosplay photoshoot

Longview, Washington
22 photos
Photos near Longview, Washington. Mostly Cowlitz, Lewis and Columbia Counties.

76 photos

Monochrome or Desaturated
52 photos

83 photos

South Dakota Road Trip
47 photos
Road Trip to South Dakota, July 2021

Wasco County
59 photos
One of my very favorite places. Historic and unbelievably beautiful. It would be a dream to retire here.

The Palouse
21 photos

Wallowa County
16 photos
Wallowa County in North Eastern Oregon

Columbia River Gorge
40 photos

Harley Blue - 3/19
6 photos
Mardi Gras photoshoot with model Harley Blue.

Ridgecrest, California
29 photos
Ridgecrest, California, December 2019

Portland, Oregon
87 photos

Willamette Falls
14 photos
Willamette Falls in Oregon City, including the abandoned Blue Heron Paper Mill

Vancouver, Washington
7 photos

Portland Japanese Garden
24 photos

56 photos

Buddhist and Christian Images
66 photos

53 photos

66 photos

Klickitat County
65 photos
Klickitat County, Washington. My favorite place.

Street Photos
45 photos

25 photos

Mojave Desert 2017
31 photos

Bracketed With ON1
31 photos
Bracketed exposures manually edited in ON1 Photosuite. Recent versions have a great HDR feature, so I don't do this manually much anymore.

Paris October 2015
71 photos
Vacation pictures from trip to Paris, October 2015

Vegas Trip 2018
19 photos

Dufur Oregon, August 2017
15 photos
Trip to Dufur, Oregon. August, 2017.

New Mexico, April 2016
31 photos
Vacation to Northern New Mexico

Nevada December 2016
17 photos

Flickr Photo Walk Downtown Portland
4 photos
Photo walk in downtown Portland, Oregon, sponsored by Nicole Young and Flickr February 24th, 2019.

The Palouse, May 2019
18 photos