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One photo for both challenges this week. *woohoo!!*

First: 52 Weeks : The 2021 edition. 5th week subject : Monochrome.

Second: 100 x: The 2021 Edition! * My "x" is " My Favorite Places in Southern New Jersey, to take photographs. . Location is: The Great Egg Harbor River- fishing area in Mays Landing, New Jersey. USA. (Atlantic County).
Juan and I pass this location ALMOST every time we go somewhere. This is pretty close to our home.. (we have water all around us).
>>I just LOVE this location. The reflections, the sunrises and sunsets.. the birds.. the calm water .. or the choppy water... It's ALL GORGEOUS!! This location is literally, always beautiful.
For one of my future images, I plan on going here at night.. and I will be taking almost this SAME photo.. in the dark. Across the river there at one of the homes.. The family has put up lights in the shape of a cross on the lake.. and every single night you see a large cross lit up on the lake.. It's AMAZING & sooo beautiful.

...So recently I have been thinking about trying some night images... with minimal light. *Really just focusing on the little bit of light/shadows/silhouettes etc.
>>Do any of you have any recommendations?? Like, how should I set up my camera settings for NIGHT photos?? *I have never tried it.. and I am looking forward to learning new things and trying new techniques with photography. So ANY tips and advice would be GREATLY appreciated!!

ALSO, I want to first THANK YOU ALL for all of the wonderful comments/ favorites/ friendships & for helping my photos to make it to Explore *big smiles*.
>>If you haven't heard from me in a while, I apologize.. I am trying to catch up and return as many comments as possible..
*It's a little overwhelming. & that is NOT asking for you to stop.. PLEASE DON'T!! * I love , read and appreciate each and every single one of your comments! THANK YOU!
But, just know.. I received your comment.. and appreciate it very much.
I am extremely grateful for the amazing friendships that I have made thru Flickr. And I look forward to hearing from you all!

Thank you all SO MUCH for all of your love and support.
& I plan on continuing to post on here.. forever lol! :)

Hope that you all have a beautiful day. I'm going to try to return some of your comments & then relax.. I just got out of physical therapy.. and I'm a little achy. :)
Also I found a lump on the back of my neck today.. while at PT. & It doesn't hurt but it's pretty swollen. I'm not sure what to make of it.. But it does worry me a little bit. So if you could, please just say a quick prayer *hoping that it's just a muscle and nothing serious*. If it doesn't go away.. or gets bigger.. I will go straight to the doctor. I'm just hoping it's just a muscle.. because it's right over the spot in my back where I've been having issues.. *but yeah, it's going to be really worrying me until I find out what it could be. (never had something like this before). Like, I KINDA wish it DID hurt - so then I would know that it's a muscle. I know you guys are really great with the prayer chain thing.. (My aunt is home from the hospital now, *so happy* thank you all so much again for the prayers.) So please, just say a quick one.. that it's NOTHING & it goes away. I appreciate it.. a lot.

Hope you guys like my photo!

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Every friendship in your lifetime serves a purpose. Many of them don't last forever.. Maybe you share a unique bond with someone for 3 years and spend every living second with this friend.. and then One day you just slowly drift off & the friendship fades. Or worse, you two get into a disagreement & your friendship ends on bad terms.. Yet you still can think about all of those great times with that friend..(even if you no longer speak) and laugh- later in life.
>Some friendships are there to make you grow. To help you learn a lesson, that without this person you would have never learned. And their purpose was simply to come into your life, help you grow.. and move on.

>>Then there are the real true friendships. The one's that you make.. and no matter what - the bond doesn't break. You may have disagreements with these friends, but the bond you two share is so much stronger than an argument.. & even if you haven't spoken in many months or even years.. When you two get back together, it's like you never left each other's side.

Those beautiful deep soul friendships that you find with VERY FEW PEOPLE are so special.. And you may not even know you're making one of these friendships when they're formed. ... But, then here you are so many years later.. Still catching up over a cup of coffee at the local coffee shop, just texting each other to see how they're doing.. but no matter what.. you're always there for each other.

Some friendships are forever.
Most are not.
Some friendships are unbreakable.. but you probably cannot count those people on one hand (even if you think you can).. In the end, the number will be far less than you think..

Be grateful for them. Keep them. Because some friends are meant to be your forever friend. & They're FAMILY.


**Hey guys. I am overwhelmed with all of my comments/ favorites right now.. *I'm not going to tell you I'm not.
I'm actually having a hard time catching up on returning all of your comments..
So please be patient with me.. as I ATTEMPT to return your comments.
I love every single one of your comments & read them all & smile.
I really do appreciate you all.
And I always look forward to hopping on to Flickr to see your photos & catch up!

I hope that you all had a nice Monday! :) Happy Tuesday tomorrow.. I'm going to try to do this weeks 52 week challenge photo tomorrow at some point (subject:monochrome). As long as all goes well.

Have a great evening all!

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One of my favorite places to take photographs in Southern New Jersey, USA.
The docks at Lake Lenape. Mays Landing, New Jersey. USA "Atlantic County Parks"

I love the floating docks.. what a beautiful sight they are.

I was leaning over the edge of the dock taking photos of the water (very carefully). And I was already uneasy because I didn't want to fall in/drop my camera/ etc.
All of a sudden I heard VERY LOUD footsteps approaching me from behind.. very fast. (I thought perhaps it was Juan). I turned around startled and there was NO ONE THERE.
Yes, it must have just been a sound from the floating dock..

..Nothing to do with the Lenape Indians land that I was on.. *that's been built on* & everything else. Yeah, it scared me enough.. that I jumped off the docks and took this photo.. ON LAND!! *laughing nervously at myself.*
>>very startling experience.
I thought I'd share! *laughs*

Have a wonderful day everyone! I am off to work! Take care! & I will return your comments from my last photo when I return home this evening! *Have a blessed Saturday!

Tags:   hammontonphotography jessicam jessicamyers jessicamyers0101 nikon dslr digital camera lens focus details professional photographer d3500 18-55mm nature natural outdoors sky skies lake river water dock project challenge plants trees bokeh macro colors colorful scene 100 x: The 2021 Edition 100x:2021 Image 7/100 mays landing NJ usa new jersey jnjnj lenape atlantic city county

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100 Photos of Places That I love to Take Photographs.. In Southern New Jersey:
Lake Lenape, Mays Landing, New Jersey. (Atlantic County). USA.
On my way home earlier I stopped to take a few quick photos at the Lake. It was pretty windy, which made it chilly- so I had to make it quick... but I did manage to get a few photos that I really liked. (This being one of them).

This photo makes me think about life.
> So many different paths, different directions to take.. But no matter which one, they all come from the same place (the ground) & lead to the same place (reaching for the sky).
Some break off, and you will have to go backwards in order to go forwards in a different direction.. Just like life.
But regardless, we all come into the world the same way & ultimately after our long unique journey.. we all must deal with the very end at some point.

Just some thoughts..

Tags:   100 x: The 2021 Edition 100x:2021 Image 6/100 Challenge HammontonPhotography Jessicam jessicamyers jessicamyers0101 nikon dslr digital camera photographer professional lens d3500 18-55mm nature natural outdoors outside park branches twigs bush tree colorful focus DOF POV macro bokeh jnjnj New Jersey USA Lake Lenape Atlantic City County winter sunlight January 2021

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Older Photo of an American Oil Beetle. Taken in Southern New Jersey, USA. In my garden.

Such an interesting looking beetle. He looks very mean, in my opinion. They're pretty large insects. This little guy was probably a little bit smaller than my pinky finger. *Yes, he is the same Oil Beetle from my other two photos "Hanging Around" & "Hanging Around II".
This photo is very important to me. This is the photo that made me stop looking up for photograph opportunities.. and it showed me to start looking down as well.

This beetle was one of my first macro photos/insect photos. And the quality of it with my new camera at the time.. really blew my mind!
...This photo series of The American Oil Beetle.. Really opened up my eyes to nature, insects, macros... and to find details that most people over look.

I believe that once you start photographing nature.. *as well as all other types of photography*.. You begin to see things around you DIFFERENTLY.
>>>I see the world in photographs. I see leaves and insects as beautiful photo opportunities. I see graffiti & aged buildings as great backdrops for fashion models. I see set dinner tables as awesome still life photos. I see sunsets as beautiful framed photographs. <<<

Do you agree?

Tags:   hammontonphotography jessicam jessicamyers jessicamyers0101 jessica_digiacomo hammonton atlantic city county NJ jnjnj New Jersey USA nature natural macro micro insect beetle close up details american oil beetles colorful bug focus vivid beauty nikon dslr digital camera professional photographer lens 18-55mm d5000 d90 d3500 leaves ground