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Taipei city--台北市(呆霸七)
1047 photos
I am going to following my dream and stat my own way. With the right attitude, I can do anything.

The Dalongdong Baoan...
63 photos

Sungshan Blesses the palace of Mazu...
46 photos
它的建築採用華南式宮殿造型,被列為三級古蹟--Its construction uses the South China type palace modelling, is listed as the third-level historical...

Neihu Pitt rocks open Sui-Hua...
51 photos

1498 photos
When the leaves hang trembling. The wind is passing through. Idle hour I love to lei upon the grass and watch the lazy clouds sail by.

Medicinal, Aromatic and Wild (or rare) Edible...
916 photos
It's not an easy way to shot these all herb plant. Not only to take photos and edit all of about them. I decide to edit this group cause of eight years ago. I should make Chinese herb medicine...

cloud & sky
660 photos
Moment of fantasy--Endless horizon~~The sounds of silence. Irish Meditation.Dying Young. Remembering the Light . Pearls of Joy. Told to the Heart. Musings..And the Light is Forever..I Am Always...

night shot
274 photos

Water,pond and reflection
156 photos

Northern, Eastern-Northern Coastline of...
315 photos, 1 video
Taiwan is an island country. I live in Taipei city centry. But just one hour you could travel to sea. From Tamsuei via Jinshan, Wanli to Keelung. From black / yellow / white sand beach to highly...

Taiwan North mountain scene -- 台灣北部山線
182 photos

2010台北國際花卉博覽會 TAIPEI INTERNAL...
59 photos

southern of Taiwan -- 南台灣
4 photos

Puppies and Aminations
310 photos

243 photos

395 photos

140 photos

175 photos

96 photos

East Lotus--荷花
160 photos
荷花--學 名:Nelumbo nucifera Gaertn. 科 名:蓮科 (Nymphaeaceae)蓮屬(Nelumbo) 別 稱:荷花、蓮花、蓮、莩蕖、水芝、澤芝、水芙蓉、玉華、芙蕖、蓮藕. ...

51 photos

Water Lily-- 睡蓮
36 photos
學名:Nymphaea tetragona Georgi / Nymphaea lotus L. 科名:睡蓮科...

cherry blossoms--櫻花及櫻花樹
49 photos

93 photos

38 photos
Giant "killer bee" --- 巨大「殺人蜂」

Yangmingshann National Park --...
74 photos

Hsingtien Temple--行天宮
25 photos
History: Finished smoothly in 1968. Actually before earlier in 1956, Huang 欉 already first began in the north throws (Pingpu ethnicity oh to discuss other former site), the Three Gorges two places...

Lin an Tai Historical Home -- 林安泰古厝
43 photos
05, Jan, 08' Lin an Tai Historical Home 林安泰古厝 Location of the Lin an Tai ancient compound is situated at a propitious position named as the " South-coiling serpent worships the...

Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall -- 中正紀念堂
81 photos, 1 video
1.the memorial hall main body main body area the approximately 15,000 square meters, are located east the base, the back is near Hangzhounalu, east sits to the west, looks out mainland China. Three...

Wuila Township--烏來鄉
42 photos

8 photos

Shrdium to Pinglin~Touchen Township --...
49 photos
Shrdium Township is a place from Taipei to Eilim's old railroad. About 100 years ago, from Chinese moved to here much of people killed by located Taiwaness. So "Shrdium" in chiese word...

Yehliu Geopark--野柳地質公園
100 photos
The total distance measured from the entrance of the Yehliu Geopark to the end of the cape is about 1.7 km; the widest area in between is shorter than 300 m. The distance measured from Yehliu Stop at...

16 photos

南台灣-- South of Taiwan
3 photos

5 photos

Meng-Huang Pond ( Dream Pond )
60 photos
21, Jan, 08' Taipei, Taiwan Dream Pond with elevation of 860 meters, is situated on the southeastern flank of Mt. Chih-Sing ( Mt. Seven Stars ). It is always foggy in spring and winter. That's...

Mountain View
191 photos

Life Style
31 photos

Taipei Zoo -- 台北市立動物園
153 photos

Kitty / Cat -- 貓
22 photos

Birds watch -- 鳥
51 photos

Water Fall
47 photos

Hualian (到花蓮)
5 photos

06, July, 2008--Amazing this day in Taipei sky
24 photos
06, July, 2008 TAipei city This one day is too amazing. The sky and clouds full changeable. Just One Day!! I got so many beautiful photos what I unbelieveable. I am very lucky. 這一天太美了....

10 photos

銅雀韓國燒烤料理I am working in Korea...
45 photos

Happy New Year 2008--- 101 Building
22 photos

Happy New Year 2013 101煙火秀
14 photos

48 photos

33 photos

2008 Early Spring Camellia...
37 photos

the past age of--眷村
4 photos

my Ancestral home - HsinChu(新竹)
23 photos

4 photos

fruit -- 水果
1 photo

3 photos

Brimstone -- 硫磺礦
4 photos

One of Thinks
54 photos

travel to the world
9 photos

Travel-- 2002 Egypt
120 photos

Travel----2000, West Canada
43 photos

Travel-- 1997 Thailand
13 photos

55 photos

107 photos

9 photos

12 photos

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
2 photos

Yahoo news photos
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