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User / jennyhsu47 / African Iris--雙色非洲鳶尾04
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Dietes bicolor. 英名:African Iris、Evergreen Iris、Peacock Flower、Bicolor Iris、Yellow Wild Iris. Synopsis: Produces South Africa yuan the tail branch Africa yuan tail is the perennial herb originally. Lower part has the rhizome. Changes the nature ensiform leaf blade to be tall and slender. Has the obvious midrib. The spring and summer blossoms. The floral axis is tall and slender, may amount to 1 meter highly. Flower petal cream color to yellow. The base has the chocolate color streak. This for insect's honey sign, can attract the insect to visit the flower to promote the pollination. Flowers only one day of life. But the flower bloom and fade is unceasing. Can continue the long-time ornamental time.
別名:雙色野鳶尾、黃野鳶尾. 簡介:原產南非的鳶尾科非洲鳶尾屬多年生草本,地下部有根莖。革質劍形葉片細長,具明顯的中肋。春夏季開花,花莖細長,高度可達1公尺。花瓣奶油色至黃色,基部有巧克力色斑紋,此為昆蟲的蜜標,能吸引昆蟲訪花以促進授粉。花朵僅一天壽命,但是花開花謝不斷,能延續長久的觀賞期。
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  • Taken: May 16, 2010
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