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User / Jeff Gaydash / Pressures of a Modern Day Afterlife - ©1998 Platinotype from a Digital Halftone Negative
Jeff Gaydash / 116 items
A rare look from deep in my archives. This platinum print was made about 15 years ago using a high resolution halftone negative made from a digital image file. It was one of many tests I made as I was searching for a solution to make platinum prints from digital files.

At first, the halftone negative appeared to be a valid (and cost effective) solution, but one will soon discover by looking at the image with a loupe (click here for full size image) that the halftone process is not continuous tone, but a simulation of continuous tone through the use of varying sizes and spacing of dots.

Platinum printing is revered by photographers and collectors because of their unmatched tonal range, surface quality and archival permanence. That being said, photographic purists would find making platinum prints with halftone negatives a blasphemous endeavor.

Shortly after this I discovered Piezography which was the first purely digital black & white printing process that produced results that rivaled traditional processes. I have not looked back since... until now...
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  • Taken: Apr 15, 2013
  • Uploaded: Apr 15, 2013
  • Updated: Jun 22, 2015