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User / Jack and Petra Clayton / Coyote (Canis latrans), Estero Bluffs State Park, San Luis Obispo County, CA
Jack & Petra Clayton / 28,670 items
Coyote, Estero Bluffs State Park, San Luis Obispo County, CA

Hunting in the grassland


Coyotes are the ultimate survivors, found in virtually all environments and urban settings across North America. Native Americans often portrayed the coyote as cunning and intelligent, and they live up to this image by their adaptability, able to survive with whatever food their environment provides for them. They are opportunistic feeders, and their diet will include small mammals, birds, snakes, lizards, carrion, fruit, vegetation, domestic animals and small pets, and larger animals if they are impaired or unprotected.

Coyotes are very social animals, and the basic structure is the family group, a female with cubs, an adult male, and perhaps some adolescent animals. The range of sounds that they make, high pitched and varied, are to call the group together and to communicate their position.

Coyotes do not hunt in packs like wolves but they do often will hunt in pairs. In situations where they encounter humans on a regular basis they will loose their fear of humans and pay little attention. But dependence on humans is not something to be encouraged, and as fascinating as they may be, it is never a good idea to put food out for the coyotes.
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  • Taken: Aug 5, 2022
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