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Ian Abbott / 304 items

Aircraft, Commercial
434 photos
Commercial aircraft at all stages of their service lives.

Aircraft Boneyards: Civil
149 photos
Non-military aircraft in storage, being dismantled or scrapped

Aircraft, Military
240 photos, 1 video
Aircraft in active military service when photographed

Aircraft Boneyards: Military
211 photos
Military aircraft in storage, dismantling, scrapping, etc.

Aircraft Engines
59 photos
Aircraft engines, propellers, etc.

Aircraft, Fire Fighting
154 photos
Air tankers, lead planes, helicopters, etc.

Aircraft, General Aviation
104 photos
Business, commercial flight test, air ambulance, personal, and other GA aircraft.

Aircraft Maintenance
35 photos
Maintenance and repair of airplanes and helicopters.

Aircraft, NASA
98 photos
Aircraft operated by the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration or its predecessor, NACA, the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics These aircraft may be in any stage of their...

Kennedy Space Center
19 photos
Also known as KSC, Florida

AIrcraft, Warbirds
69 photos
Former military aircraft operated by civilian individuals and organizations.

Airborne Support
31 photos
Aerial application contractor based in Houma, Louisiana

Airship Ventures Zeppelin 2009
21 photos
Aerial tour of south Bay Area aboard Airship Ventures Zeppelin NT, July 2009

Hawkins & Powers 1998
18 photos
Hawkins & Powers Aviation, April 1998

Air Tankers at Stockton, 2001
13 photos
Fire fighting aircraft at Stockton Metropolitan Airport, August 2001

NAS Alameda
14 photos
Former Naval Air Station Alameda, and related sites, other than the USS Hornet museum ship

Avra Valley / Marana
13 photos
Marana Regional Airport, Arizona

Castle AFB 1994
10 photos
Castle AFB air show, October 1994. This was the last air show before the base was closed.

Chicago O'Hare
16 photos
Chicago O'Hare International Airport (ORD / KORD)

Chico Airport
16 photos
Chico Municipal Airport (CIC), California

Coolidge Airport AZ
39 photos
Coolidge Municipal AIrport (P08), Pinal County AZ

NAAS Crows Landing
22 photos
Exploring the former Naval Auxiliary Air Station Crows Landing, March 2014

Wings Over Dallas
18 photos
Airshow held at Dallas Executive Airport (KRBD)

American Airlines @ DCA
24 photos
American Airlines at Ronald Reagan Washington International Airport (DCA)

22 photos
Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport

Edwards AFB
26 photos
Edwards Air Force Base, California

Skydive Arizona / Eloy Airport
32 photos
Skydive Arizona and Eloy Municipal Airport, Arizona

Falcon Field
6 photos
Mesa, Arizona

Fresno Air Nat'l Guard
26 photos
Fresno Air National Guard Base, California

Hamilton AFB
13 photos
Former Hamilton Air Force Base, Novato, California

NAS Lemoore 1981
23 photos, 1 video
NAS Lemoore air show, June 1981

Long Beach Airport
9 photos

Moffett Federal Airfield
86 photos
Former Naval Air Station Moffett Field, Mountain View, California Includes NASA's Ames Research Center.

NAS Moffett Field 1982
17 photos
NAS Moffett Field air show, May 1982

Convairs at Mojave
30 photos
Moving rare Convair 880 and 990 jets at Mojave, California

Mojave Cockpits 1997
6 photos
Loading three airplane cockpits at Mojave Airport, June 1997.

Mojave Airport, October 2018
43 photos
Mojave Air and Space Port (MHV)

Nellis AFB
48 photos
Nellis Air Force Base, near Las Vegas, Nevada

Oakland Aviation Museum
43 photos
Oakland Airport, California

Paso Robles Air Attack 1996
19 photos
Paso Robles Air Attack Base open house, October 1996. Fire-fighting operations were taking place during the open house.

Phoenix Goodyear Airport
27 photos
GYR / KGYR, Arizona

Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport
11 photos
Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX / KPHX)

Pinal Air Park
19 photos
Marana, Arizona

Point Mugu Missile Park
10 photos

Reid-Hillview Airport
11 photos
RHV / KRHV, San Jose, California

US Coast Guard Air Station, Sacramento
33 photos
U.S. Coast Guard Air Station, Sacramento, California

San Carlos Airport (SQL)
22 photos

SFO Museum
23 photos
San Francisco International Airport's Museum

Scrapping N799AX @ SFO
12 photos
Dismantling a Boeing 767 cargo aircraft after it was damaged by fire on the ground.

"Old" SFO Tower, February 2017
16 photos

US Coast Guard Air Station, San Francisco
32 photos
US Coast Guard Air Station at San Francisco International Airport (SFO)

SJSU Aviation
49 photos, 2 videos
San Jose State University's Aviation Campus, 2002-2005

Stockton KC-97
18 photos
KC-97L which was derelict at Stockton Municipal Airport for many years.

Travis AFB
30 photos
Travis Air Force Base, Fairfield, California

Travis AFB 2019
80 photos
Travis Air Force Base air show - March 30, 2019

Scrapping N7055A @ VCV
16 photos
Scrapping former American Airlines Airbus A300 N7055A at Victorville, March 2009

Douglas DC-3 and Related
94 photos
DC-3 aircraft and their extended family - C-47, C-117, etc., and the DC-2

DC-3 Flight 1994
8 photos
San Francisco Bay Area tour aboard a DC-3, May 1994

That's All... Brother
21 photos, 2 videos
Historic C-47A at Wings Over Dallas, 2019

Flying with Friends
42 photos
This set contains photos that I took while flying as a passenger in light airplanes flown by my friends Alan and Mitch.

Moving an AT-11, 1998
4 photos
Moving AT-11 41-27603 from Tucson, AZ to Stockton, CA, May 1998

"Gate Guards" and Planes on Poles
50 photos
Aircraft on display at military bases, former bases, public memorials, etc.

Jet Demonstration Teams
78 photos, 1 video
Military and civilian jet demonstration teams

NAVFAC Point Sur
28 photos
Photos of, and from, the former Naval Facility Point Sur, California

USCG C-130 Flight 2008
14 photos, 2 videos
Transport of military vehicles between USCG AIr Station Sacramento and USCG Air Station Humboldt Bay, May 2008

Grumman C-1A Cockpit
12 photos
Yes, that was a cockpit in my back yard.

Vintage V-12s 2016
35 photos
Overhaul of classic V-12 and radial aircraft engines

Air Mobility Command Museum
64 photos
Dover Air Force Base, Delaware - More Photos to Come!

Air & Space Museum (NASM)
10 photos
National Air & Space Museum, Washington, D.C.

NASM Udvar-Hazy Center
80 photos
National Air and Space Museum Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center

Castle Air Museum
113 photos
Air museum at the former Castle AFB in Atwater, California

Evergreen Air Museum
7 photos
Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum, McMinnville, Oregon

Lone Star Flight Museum 2002
20 photos
Galveston, Texas

Museum of Flight
59 photos
Seattle, Washington

National Naval Aviation Musuem
33 photos
NAS Pensacola, July 2008

Peterson Air & Space Museum
39 photos
Peterson AFB, Colorado

Pima Air & Space Museum
50 photos
Tucson, Arizona

Planes of Fame
13 photos
Chino, California

Planes of Fame 2016
54 photos
2016 Air Show - Chino, California

Regional Military Museum
17 photos
Houma, Louisiana

Nike Hercules Site SF-88L
17 photos
Only restored Nike Hercules launch site in the United States

Stennis Space Center
17 photos, 1 video
A visit to the John C. Stennis Space Center and the Infinity Science Center

Yanks Air Museum
87 photos
Chino, California - More to come!

Air Museum - Misc
64 photos
Aircraft in miscellaneous museums, displays, etc.

AI 2002: Houston
19 photos
Airliners International 2002

AI 2001: Miami
30 photos
Airliners International 2001 - Miami, Florida

Phoenix Air Races 1995
12 photos
Phoenix Air Races, March 1995

Reno Air Races 2021
39 photos
Air racing, aerobatics, static displays and more...

Reno Air Races 2019
38 photos
Reno / Stead Airport (KRTS), Sept. 13th 2019

Reno Air Races 2018
45 photos
Reno-Stead Airport, Nevada (KRTS)

Reno Air Races 2017
33 photos

Reno Air Races 2014
54 photos
Reno Air Races, September 2014

Colorado Airplane Restaurant
13 photos
KC-97L Converted to restaurant in Colorado

Tulare Airplane Restaurant
12 photos
Former USAF T-29A converted to a restaurant in Tulare, California. Originally opened as "Aero Dogs," this unique location was "Richard's Lunch Box" until that business...

Aircraft Crash Sites
35 photos
Each crash site has a poignant story, and important lessons.

Model Planes
25 photos
Scale Model Aircraft

Window Seat
145 photos
Photos from the window seat, mostly commercial airliners

Movies and Video
1 photo, 20 videos
Just as the album title describes... pictures that move are here

18 photos
Photos from the pandemic

Flowers and Plants
101 photos
Foreground, background, near my home, seen while traveling, etc.

Sunrises and Sunsets
37 photos
…with clouds, scenery, people, etc.

After Dark
90 photos
Images between sunset and sunrise.

Military Graves and Memorials
87 photos
Military graves, war memorials, etc.

Arlington National Cemetery
42 photos
Arlington, Virginia

Resting Place for a Marine
6 photos
Final resting place of Lt Col Lealon C. Wimpee

Our Wedding
9 photos
Candid pictures from our wedding in 1987.

64 photos
Kelly and Ian together through the years...

35th Anniversary: London & Paris
28 photos
London and Paris in 2022

Each Other
35 photos
Kelly and Ian

Ian's Family through 1982
63 photos
My family, from my parents' courtship through 1982.

26 photos
Photos from an album that belonged to my grandmother, Edith Abbott.

Dad's Navy
18 photos, 2 videos
My father, William B. Abbott III, and service in the U.S. Navy

Ian's Family History
33 photos
Both sides of my family, and significant places.

My Brother Bill
35 photos
Pictures of, or with, my brother Bill.

Dad and Bill
18 photos
Bill III and Bill IV (and me, sometimes)

Three Abbotts
3 photos
My father, my brother, and me

Family and Friends
189 photos

Ian at Work
47 photos
So many wonderful people, so many unique experiences, so few pictures. Most of these are from my work in biotechnology, but I've done a few other jobs, as well.

12 photos
Halloween images from my neighborhood and beyond

Hampton Drive
29 photos
Family home from 1972 to 1989

Día de los Muertos
7 photos
Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, decorations from around my home and beyond.

17 photos
Trees, lights, etc., at home and around town

Kelly's Family Events
1 photo
Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays, etc.

152 photos
Volkswagens I've owned, VWs owned by family and friends, and many others...

Kelley Park VW Show
36 photos
An annual event organized by the Golden Gate Chapter of the Vintage Volkswagen Club

1996 VW Golf Harlequin
20 photos
We installed the Ronal "Teddy Bear" wheels. The rest of the car is stock!

1988 Volkswagen Vanagon
31 photos
Adventures with the 1988 VW Vanagon that we owned for many years...

Leica IIIf
66 photos
Photos taken with my 1951 Leica IIIf

Nikon Film Cameras
38 photos
Images I have made in the 21st Century with Nikon film cameras.

Rolleiflex K4A
59 photos

All lnfrared
83 photos
Infrared photography: Digital and Film

Infrared Color Film
22 photos
Photos made with Kodak Ektachrome Infrared (EIR) film.

Ilford SFX200 Film
10 photos
Experiments with Ilford SFX200 B&W film

Holga 135
6 photos
Photos taken with a Holga 135 "lomo" camera.

Instamatic 44
19 photos
Pictures taken with my family's Kodak Instamatic 44 camera.

78 photos, 2 videos
Live critters, except people. Includes photographs from the wild and from zoos or aquariums.

Post Offices
18 photos
Vital infrastructure of democracy!

Public Art
89 photos
Art built, displayed or performed outside for everyone to see.

Art Museums
144 photos, 1 video
Art, the buildings in which it is displayed, and views from those places

Home Land Security, 2016
24 photos
Installation by the For-Site Foundation, San Francisco

15 photos
Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Kelley Park
5 photos
San Jose, California

Manetti Shrem Museum
11 photos
Jan Shrem and Maria Manetti Shrem Museum of Art, UC Davis

Nevada Museum of Art
18 photos
Reno, Nevada

Oakland Museum
12 photos
Oakland Museum of California

Truth is Beauty
13 photos
Sculpture by Marco Cochrane

Wood Line, 2015
7 photos
Andy Goldsworthy's "Wood Line," in The Presidio of San Francisco.

@Large: Ai WeiWei 2014
24 photos
Former Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary, San Francisco

Stanford: Art, Buildings, Grounds, Etc.
82 photos
Cantor Center, Anderson Collection, Mc Murtry Building, etc.

Signs, Banners, Etc.
121 photos
Commercial signs, warning signs, read the signs...

Bumper Stickers
4 photos
As seen on bumpers, windows, and, occasionally, on other objects

Go Play Outside
62 photos
This set contains pictures from outdoor activities, ranging from neighborhood parks to National Parks.

Bicycling and the Bay
23 photos
Creek Trails and the San Francisco Bay Trail

San Francisco Bay Area
117 photos
Photos that are from everywhere around the San Francisco Bay Area

California Misc.
70 photos
Miscellaneous California Photos

Coyote Hills Regional Park
10 photos
Fremont, California

Golden Gate Park
37 photos
San Francisco, California

Fort Winfield Scott
18 photos
At the Presidio of San Francisco

Hunters Point Naval Shipyard
15 photos
Formerly San Francisco Naval Shipyard

San Francisco Coastal Defense
20 photos
19th and 20th Century Coastal Defense in and near San Francisco, California

Alcatraz Island
36 photos
Visiting Alcatraz Island and the former Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary

SF and Marin December 2017
61 photos
A few days in San Francisco and Marin County, December 2017

South Bay Area
219 photos, 1 video
Photos from the southern part of the San Francisco Bay Area.

South Bay Open Space
78 photos
Open spaces at, and around, the south end of San Francisco Bay

Orchard Heritage Park
16 photos
Sunnyvale, California

El Camino Real
15 photos
The King's Road, from Santa Clara. Most pictures from Santa Clara up to Palo Alto.

Santa Clara
82 photos, 1 video
Santa Clara, California, where I live.

Santa Clara Sewer Project
38 photos
Replacement of the sewer beneath the street in front of my house, 2014.

Apple Campus 2
19 photos
New Apple Computer facility, Cupertino, California

Vallco Fashion Park
8 photos
1970s Silicon Valley Landmark, now mostly demolished. More to come...

Blue Cube Demolition
13 photos

Demolish and Build
49 photos
Deconstruction and construction...

Century Theaters
10 photos
Winchester Boulevard, San Jose, California

San Jose State University
9 photos
Main campus, downtown San Jose

Almaden Valley
67 photos
Places in and around Almaden Valley. Includes: Almaden Valley, Almaden Quicksilver County Park, Almaden Reservoir, Guadalupe Reservoir, Leland High School, Mount Umunhum, etc.

Almaden Quicksilver Park
15 photos
Almaden Quicksilver County Park, south of San Jose, California.

Mount Umunhum
56 photos
Save the radar tower! Recent pictures, and some old ones, too.

Cat's Hill Classic 2018
15 photos
Men's Category 2 Criterium - April 28, 2018

Santa Clara County Reservoirs
35 photos
Reservoirs, small and large, throughout Santa Clara County

Henry Cowell Redwoods
20 photos
Felton, California

Henry Coe State Park
2 photos
Henry W. Coe State Park and Viscinity

Berry Creek Falls
11 photos
Berry Creek Falls, Big Basin Redwoods State Park

Monterey Area
54 photos
Collected photos from our visits to Monterey, Pacific Grove, Carmel, Point Lobos, etc.

Fort Ord
34 photos
Former U.S. Army base near Monterey, California

Fort Ord Dunes State Park
20 photos
The coastal portion of the former U.S. Army base has been re-purposed as a park.

Point Lobos
10 photos
Point Lobos State Natural Reserve, February 2015

Año Nuevo State Park
16 photos
California's Pacific Coast

Port of Los Angeles
49 photos
Huge, busy sea port south of Los Angeles

Port of Long Beach
30 photos
Companion to Port of Los Angeles

Twilight Cycling: Laguna Seca
22 photos
Riding bicycles on the famed motorsports course

Santa Barbara
84 photos
In and around Santa Barbara, California

St. Francis Dam Site
8 photos
Site of 1928 dam failure that killed more than 400 people and devastated many miles of farm land.

UC Davis
16 photos
University of California, Davis and the surrounding area

Tempe, Arizona
20 photos
Summer 2021

78 photos
Collected photos from visits to Hawaii

Las Vegas
4 photos
In and around Las Vegas, Nevada, other than Nellis AFB

32 photos
Collected photos from visits to Seattle and the Puget Sound area

Yosemite National Park
55 photos
Collected photos from our visits to Yosemite National Park, California

Road Trip 2019
15 photos
From the SF Bay Area to British Columbia and back, December 2019

Vancouver 2019
60 photos, 1 video
In and around Vancouver, British Columbia, 2019

Los Angeles 2019
82 photos, 1 video
With my Dad and my brother Bill.

Honolulu, Hawaii 2018
42 photos
A week on Waikiki :-)

Colorado 2017
151 photos
Denver and Colorado Springs with Ken

Colorado 2019
147 photos
Colorado Springs, Denver, etc.

Utah 2017
118 photos
Road trip to Utah for our 30th anniversary

Boston 2016
50 photos
A full day in Boston...

North Andover 2016
40 photos
My wife's family has roots in and around North Andover, Massachusetts.

Lawrence, Massachusetts 2016
16 photos
Old and new in once-dominant textile manufacturing town

Bath, Maine 2016
9 photos
Home of the Bath Iron Works and the Maine Maritime Museum

California 2015
104 photos
Road trip to Los Angeles and San Diego, December 2015

Oahu, Hawaii 2015
107 photos

Chicago 2014
120 photos
A week in Chicago, 2014.

Reno 2014
10 photos

California 2014
23 photos
Road trip to Los Angeles and back, December 2014

California Science Center
46 photos
Los Angeles, California

La Brea Tar Pits, 2014
20 photos
George C. Page Museum, Los Angeles

Exploratorium March 2014
10 photos

San Francisco January 2014
22 photos

Santa Rosa December 2013
21 photos
Luther Burbank Gardens, Charles M. Schulz Museum, Pacific Coast Air Museum

San Francisco December 2013
8 photos
de Young Museum, vista point at north end of the Golden Gate Bridge

Vancouver BC 2013
43 photos
This set contains photos that I took on a driving trip to and from Vancouver, British Columbia in September, 2013. I stopped in a number of places along the way, some of which appear in this set.

Stockholm 2012
24 photos
25th Anniversary trip to Stockholm, May 2012

Rome 2012
26 photos
25th Anniversary trip to Rome with a day trip to Pompeii, May 2012

Paris 2012
43 photos
25th Anniversary trip to Paris with day trips to Versailles and Bayeux, May 2012

London 2012
44 photos
25th Anniversary trip to London with day trips to Stonehenge and Duxford, May 2012

Gulf States 2009
51 photos
Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida, May 2009

Alaska 2007
23 photos
20th Anniversary trip to Alaska, July 2007

Seattle 2004
23 photos
Seattle and nearby cities, June 2004

Florida 2020
22 photos

Florida 2001
17 photos
Trip to Florida, September 2001

New York & Ontario 1999
14 photos
New York & Ontario, April 1999

Road Trip 1998
51 photos
About 3,000 miles through many western states...

Yellowstone National Park 1998
28 photos
May 1998

Paris 1997
37 photos
Paris, and a day trip to Giverny, May 1997

Washington, D.C.
19 photos
In and Around Washington, D.C., 1995 and 2018

Southwest 1994
36 photos

Northwest 1993
30 photos
Oregon, Washington, a bit of British Columbia and home to California...

Paris 1992
34 photos
Paris, and a trip to Normandy, June 1992

Maui, Hawaii 1992
3 photos

Oahu, Hawaii 1991
15 photos

Keith and Celia 1990
6 photos
June, 1990

Big Island, Hawaii 1990
44 photos
The island of Hawaii, including Kona, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, etc.

Southwest 1989
23 photos
Road trip through the southwest United States, November 1989.

Miscellaneous Travel
64 photos
Places I've been, things I've seen

Live Music
137 photos, 3 videos
Musicians and groups, famous and obscure "Don't mess up the vibe!" - Bruce Talamon

The Angry Brians
23 photos
Celtic Rock Band

39 photos
A Celtic Tribal Celebration

The Fire
4 photos
Traditional music from Scotland and the California Coast

The Killer Queens
21 photos
All-Female Queen Tribute Band

16 photos
German electronic music pioneers Kraftwerk

33 photos
World's First & Only Heavy Metal Mariachi

The Mermen
8 photos
Psychedelic instrumental ocean music...

Music in the Park, July 2016
12 photos
Plaza de Cesar Chavez Park, San Jose, California

Poor Man's Whiskey
16 photos
They've described their sound as "California Americana"

11 photos, 3 videos
Shpongle / Simon Posford

The Wicked Tinkers
11 photos

National WWII Museum
12 photos
New Orleans, Louisiana

SF Fleet Week 2018
32 photos
Fleet Week in San Francisco, California

SF Fleet Week 2017
23 photos
Fleet Week in San Francisco, California

SF Fleet Week 2016
40 photos
San Francisco's Fleet Week 2016

SF Fleet Week 2015
27 photos
From San Francisco's Marina Green, October 10, 2015

Boston Navy Yard 2016
15 photos
Also known as the Charlestown Navy Yard

USS Hornet CVS-12
105 photos
Museum ship USS Hornet, CVS-12 - Alameda, California

USS Iowa
43 photos
First-of-class WWII US Navy Battleship

USS Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr.
16 photos
DD-850, Gearing-class destroyer - Battleship Cove, Fall River, Massachusetts

USS Kitty Hawk CV-63 2009
14 photos
The aircraft carrier USS Kitty Hawk, CV-63, was decommissioned on January 31, 2009. My father served aboard Kitty Hawk from 1961-1963. I attended the decommissioning ceremony with him at the Puget...

USS Massachusetts
20 photos
South Dakota-class Battleship, Fall River, Massachusetts

USS Midway
49 photos
Museum ship USS Midway (CV-41), San Diego, California

USS Oriskany
8 photos, 2 videos
Sunken USS Oriskany (CV-34), July 2008

SS Lane Victory
13 photos
San Pedro, California

SS Jeremiah O'Brien
12 photos
Liberty Ship SS Jeremiah O'Brien, San Francisco

SS Red Oak Victory
43 photos
Museum ship in Richmond, California

RCMP St. Roch
4 photos
Vancouver Maritime Museum

Naval Ships
108 photos, 4 videos
Naval and Coast Guard ships, including museum ships and artifacts.

Ships and Boats
112 photos
Other than naval combatant vessels - they have their own album.

RMS Queen Mary 2001
5 photos
Museum and hotel, Long Beach, California

Port of Oakland
5 photos
Oakland, California

Vehicles, Military
58 photos
Military vehicles in active service, in museums, etc.

Vehicles, Public Safety
61 photos
Fire, Police, Emergency Medical Services (EMS), etc.

Fire / EMS Training
8 photos
Fire / EMS Training and Training Facilities

Vehicles, Other
107 photos
Civilian motor vehicles other than Volkswagens.

Blackhawk Auto Museum
18 photos
Danville, California

52 photos
Bruce Canepa's showroom, museum and restoration shop in Scotts Valley, California

National Automobile Museum
18 photos
Reno, Nevada

Petersen Automotive Museum
54 photos
Los Angeles, California

West Coast Nationals
23 photos
Goodguys 31st West Coast Nationals, Alameda County Fairgrounds

End of the Road
46 photos
Vehicles that have reached the end of the road - abandoned, wrecked, dismantled, etc.

Model Cars
89 photos
Scale model cars, trucks, race cars, etc.

Parking Garages / Structures
3 photos
Photos of parking garages and structures - inside, outside, etc.

126 photos
Freight trains, passenger trains, stations, equipment, signs, etc.

Amtrak "Capitol Corridor"
11 photos
Sacramento to San Jose, aboard Amtrak's "Capitol Corridor" train.

Bayshore Roundhouse
14 photos
Located south of San Francisco, California, this roundhouse was used by the Southern Pacific Railroad from 1911 to 1958.

Sargent Station
18 photos
Remains of abandoned railroad station near San Juan Bautista, California

Roaring Camp Railroad
19 photos
Felton, California

Heavy Equipment
8 photos

Aftermath of Fire
17 photos
Fire destroys commercial building in Santa Clara, California

Civilian Graves and Memorials
85 photos
Civilian cemeteries, graves, memorials, etc.

Union Cemetery
12 photos
Union Cemetery, Redwood City, California

Guitar Amplifiers
13 photos, 2 videos
Amplifiers I've fixed for friends, and built myself (coming soon)

Vacuum Tubes - Other
9 photos
Vacuum tube equipment other than guitar amplifiers, and vacuum tubes (valves) themselves.

19 photos
Do it yourself!

Jigsaw Puzzles
12 photos
Jigsaw puzzles we've assembled...

13 photos

Everything Else
155 photos
Pictures which don't quite fit in any other album...