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I took this photo back in October, but I still have beautiful looking roses in the garden. It is amazing how strong enough this bush is to stand the first real cold days of the season.

I think this flower is very tolerant to almost everything, dry days, heat and a few bugs. I get exited every time I see the first rose of the season.

Have a great week everyone!



Photography is one of my passions, and nature photography is my favorite.

I have been in Explore for more than a hundred times, and it is an awesome experience to have your photos showcased in such a special way.

I thank you for coming today, for leaving a comment, and make a favorite of yours this photo, (if that is the case) thanks again!

The best part of this forum is the contacts and friends that I have made over the years, that have the same passion for this art that is called photography!


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  • Taken: Oct 7, 2021
  • Uploaded: Dec 6, 2021
  • Updated: Aug 7, 2022