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David Hoffman / 60 items

The Pier Marquette Bike Trail
1 photo
Images captured along the Pier Marquette Bike Trail.

The White Pine State Bike Trail
3 photos
Images taken while biking the White Pine State Bike Trail which is 100 miles long from Grand Rapids to Cadillac, Michigan. Some parts are paved while most areas are natural ballast.

The Creator's Art
35 photos
Images of artistic quality created by nature

Lake Huron
1 photo
Images from the shores of Lake Huron.

12 photos
Images of sunrises.

The Bearskin Bike Trail
9 photos
Images are taken while biking the Bearskin Bike Trail in Northern Wisconsin.

The Nicolette National Forest
8 photos
Images are taken while biking in the Nicolette National Forest.

Hoffmaster State Park
14 photos
Images from Hoffmaster State Park on Lake Michigan at Muskegon, Michigan.

Drew's Cats
3 photos
Once and a while I care for my son's cats while he and his family are gone. I love photographing them.

The Kalhaven State Bike Trail
17 photos
Images are taken while riding the Kalhaven State Bike Trail. It is a 34-mile Rails-To-Trails conversion between Kalamazoo and South Haven, Michigan

The Fred Meijer Grand River Valley Bike Trail
6 photos
Images of the trail and surrounding area.

The Fred Meijer Heartland Bike Trail
26 photos
Images of the trail and surrounding areas.

Hudsonville Gravel Roads
72 photos
Images taken while biking Hudsonville gravel roads.

5 photos
Images of sunsets.

5 photos
Images taken while CC Skiing.

8 photos
Portraits...mostly of my granddchildren.

Lower Kaubashine Lake, Wisconsin
12 photos
Images of and around Lower Kaubashine Lake, Wisconsin.

21 photos
Images taken in foggy/hazy conditions.

Farms - Building and Fields.
71 photos
Images taken of and around farms.

Allegan County Roads
38 photos
Images are taken while biking "Allegan County" roads.

144 photos
Reflections on smooth surfaces.

Vanishing Point
217 photos
Images with a vanishing point.

19 photos
Anything but normal.

Musketawa Bike Trail
35 photos
Pictures taken on and around the Musketawa Bike Trail

155 photos
Images taken while biking.

Trestles and Bridges
45 photos
Images taken of Treatles and Bridges.

86 photos
Presentation of several images stitched together to form a panorama.

Silver Lake Dunes
30 photos
Pictures were taken of and in the dunes between Silver Lake and Lake Michigan.

The Dunes along the West Michigan Shoreline
192 photos

2 photos

28 photos
Images with silhouette(s)

North Shore Park, Muskegon
23 photos
Images were taken in North Shore Park - Muskegon State Park.

Snug Harbor State Park
18 photos
Images taken in Snug Harbor State Park and Muskegon Lake.

225 photos
Images with significant bokeh.

Studio 3SP
10 photos
Images taken on my 3 season poarch - My Studio

21 photos
Images of benches and other seats

34 photos
Images of Islands

49 photos
Images of boardwalks.

Ludington State Park
85 photos
Images taken in Ludington State Park, Michigan.

260 photos
Images taken of wetlands areas.

6 photos

33 photos
Not quite macro.

Bridge (s)
23 photos
Images of Bridges

Grand Haven, Michigan
43 photos
Images from The Grand Haven lakeshore and area.

Yankee Spring State Park and surrounding area
71 photos
Images from Yankee Springs State Park and surrounding area.

Saugatuck State Park
157 photos
Images were taken in Saugatuck State Park on Lake Michigan.

"Black and White"
57 photos
Images in black and white.

Aman Park
163 photos
Images from Aman Park in Wyoming, Michigan

Stormy Weather
68 photos
Images showing the forces of nature.

"Fence Friday"
15 photos

Pier Marquette Park
27 photos
Pier Marquette Park, Muskegon, Michigan. Lake Michigan.

Studio 3SP
12 photos
Macro images that were taken in my three season porch/Studio.

Grand Haven
9 photos
Images of Grand Haven, Michigan.

52 photos
Images of Lighthouses.

Lake Michigan
180 photos
Images of Lake Michigan and surronding areas.

Autumn Colors
75 photos
All things Autumn views

Farms And Fields
44 photos
Views of Farms, farm fields, barns and homes.

Macro Photography
208 photos
Macro Image ratio 1:1 or greater and close-ups.

Back Yard Images.
147 photos
Images, mostly macro and close-up, taken in my yard, or the neighbors.

The Fred Meijer Heartland Bike Trail
1 photo
The Fred Meijer Heartland Bike Trail is a "Rails-To-Trails" conversion. The abandoned RR right-of-way has been transformed into a paved bike trail.