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A dragon's soul is ancient.
And fragile
But it holds a heart of gold in the center
That few can have love them

A heart of gold surrounded by a passionate fire
That will burn those who try to take by force
Only if the dragon allows the first to go down
The cold stone and fire will stay up
Protecting the heart

But even when the dragon cares
No one ever understands the heart
until they hold it
And understand why it is fragile
and cracked
and missing some pieces

But it still beats
And even if thrown on the ground
It does not shatter
The dragon will take it back
And wait until they can find the right one
to hold their r heart
Their soul
Their life

Once you can hold a dragons heart
then you will understand
While few walk on the surface
And why they were hunted
And hide in the darkness
Away from thieves
But still careful
Of those that come near
And the few they hold near
♫Dragons Soul♫
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  • Taken: Apr 19, 2024
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  • Updated: May 9, 2024