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User / hirocun / C/2022 E3 ZTF in Corona Borealis October 1, 2022
Hisayoshi Kato / 2,184 items
The comet was drifting toward southwest in Corona Borealis. The shape of the comet was not so much different from what imaged on September 24, 2022. North is up, and east is to the left.

Sun Distance: 1.934AU
Earth Distance: 2.257AU

equipment: AstroPhysics 130GTX "Granturismo," Field Flattener at f/6.7 focal length 873mm, 22.1mm Spacer, EOS Adapter, Kipon EOS-EOS R adapter, and Canon EOS R-SP4II, modified by Seo-san on Vixen AXD Equatorial Mount, auto guided at a star nearby with Fujinon 1:2.8/75mm C-Mount Lens, Pentax x2 Extender, ZWO ASI 120MM-mini, GPUSB, and PHD2 Guiding with comet tracking on

exposure: 4 times x 600 seconds, 4 x 240 sec, and 4 x 60 seconds at ISO 3.200 and f/6.7 focal length 873mm

The first exposure started at 10:12:09UTC October 1, 2022.

site: 1,996m above sea level at lat. 35 21 53 North, long. 138 46 35 East in the public parking on the eastern slope of Mt. Fuji in Shizuoka 富士山須走五合目. SQM-L was 20.76 even after moonset, and ambient temperature was around 6 degrees Celsius or 43 degrees Fahrenheit. Wind was gentle.

Here is a frame of the site at the night.
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  • Taken: Oct 1, 2022
  • Uploaded: Oct 4, 2022
  • Updated: Oct 21, 2022