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Hello Baton Rouge / 46 items

31 photos

Musical History
4 photos

Family Homes
4 photos

Corfu, Greece
200 photos, 3 videos

458 photos

European Wildlife
1 video

Dubai Birds and Wildlife
14 photos

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
773 photos

1 photo

ATM Event Team and Onsite
27 photos

82 photos
Pictures of the ILTM Event Team

Birds of Mainland Europe
203 photos, 4 videos

1587 photos

South African Wildlife and Plants
324 photos
Includes images of animals, insects, reptiles and plants

South African Birds
641 photos
Images of Birds Only! All images are tagged with locations, common names and scientific names where identified.

South African Landscapes, Views and Places of...
1223 photos, 2 videos

2011 South Africa - All Images
674 photos
Trip to Cape Town for a wedding, we stayed on the Erinvale Estate, Somerset West, Cape Town. This is about an hours drive east of Cape Town, and is surrounded by wonderful Vineyards and Mountains.

2012 South Africa - Non Birding
268 photos, 2 videos

2013 South Africa
685 photos

2014 South Africa
324 photos

2015 South Africa
597 photos

European Landscapes, Views, Places of Interest
2416 photos, 2 videos

79 photos

Spanish Birds
109 photos

Birdwatching Trip to Portugal and Spain - March...
357 photos
5 Day trip to Castro Verde, Portugal and El Rocío and the Doñana National Park

Portugal - Non-birding
502 photos
Views from various birdwatching trips to Portugal

Portugal - Flowers
165 photos

Portugal - Birds
24 photos, 4 videos
Images of birds taken in Portugal on various trips

Sardinia - Birds
64 photos

Sardinia - Non Birding - June 2016
463 photos
Images from a 10 day trip to Southern Sardinia. We stayed at a friends property at Is Molas Resort, about 40 minutes drive from Cagliari.

UK Wildlife and Nature
14 photos

UK Birds
50 photos

UK Butterflies
6 photos

Richmond Park, West London
126 photos
Richmond Park is my local park and where I spend far too much time. It is full of both Red Deer and Fallow Deer, and great birdlife. Images of wildlife can be found on my main Flickr site under...

UK Wild Flowers
26 photos

UK Landscapes, Views and Places of Interest
1304 photos, 1 video

Trip to Skomer Island, Pembrokeshire, Wales 2016
154 photos
Pictures of the scenery on a trip to Skomer Island, Pembrokeshire. We had 2 nights on the island birdwatching. All birding images can be found under my other Flickr Site - just search for Sula...

429 photos

10 videos

Places of Interest
552 photos
Building, Cities, Towns, Specific Destinations and Attractions

Food, Restaurants and Accommodation
1640 photos, 6 videos
Images of food, restaurant interiors/exteriors and views, accommodation interiors/exteriors and views.

Sunsets, Sunrises, Sky
886 photos

Family & Friends
4 photos

Family Only (PRIVATE)
21 photos
including Riedlinger, McKinnon, Modaberi, Howell and Shepherd Families

Family Holidays
2998 photos, 5 videos

Misc iPhone Pictures
11 photos
Mostly iPhone pictures