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151 items

Ecuador 2019
100 photos

World Life List
1037 photos
includes a few not countable no photo 137 not posted 153 total ======= 1368 US - CA - Arizona - New York - Colorado - Oregon - Washington - Nevada - Florida - Michigan - Ohio - Maine -...

My CA Bird List
378 photos
388 total need to post: herring gull zone-tailed hawk no photo: laughing gull (Moss Landing) red-eyed vireo(Seaside) common poorwill (Coyote Valley)

Marine Mammals
49 photos, 1 video

Land Mammals
42 photos

2018 Bird List
74 photos

Magee 2018
12 photos

Bahamas 2018
36 photos
not my favorite trip. If you are going there, feel free to contact me first for some advice. f

2017 Bird List
76 photos

Hawaii 2017
15 photos

Florida 2017
8 photos

Sierras 2017
6 photos

pelagic photos
33 photos

Photos Published or Used on Websites
70 photos
photos published, used on the web, as part of an app, or shown as part of an exhibition

Arizona 2016
59 photos

Magee Marsh 2016
18 photos
The quest for warblers in their famous migratory hotspot

2016 Bird List
111 photos

just parrots
26 photos

Belize 2015
44 photos

Florida 2015
23 photos

Panama 2015
189 photos
An amazing adventure with the Canopy Family of properties. 8 days at Canopy Tower followed by 7 days at Canopy Lodge. Great guides, great trips, amazing wildlife. Lots of mammals in addition to...

2015 bird list
316 photos

Costa Rica 2014
174 photos
Feb 2014

Birds of Belize
113 photos

Belize Tour
166 photos, 2 videos
a slide show including photos from Beth's phone, Tom's phone, wide angle and telephoto lenses. Starts in Orange Walk Town, heads to Lamanai Ruins, moves on to Crooked Tree stop #1. Next 4...

Sierra Valley 2013
25 photos

Hawaii 2013
23 photos
first trip to the big island: Volcanoes Park Pu'u O'o Trail Hawi and Pololu Outlook snorkeling searching for Palila Generally kicking back eating homemade ice cream!!!!

129 photos

Oahu and Kauai 2011
46 photos
common waxbill yellow-fronted canary nutmeg mannikin java sparrow myna red-whiskered bulbul red-vented bulbul rose-ringed parakeet red-footed booby male great frigatebird female great...

Kaua'i Birds
61 photos

Puerto Vallarta
80 photos
green jay orange-fronted parakeet military macaws citreoline trogon san blas jay yellow-winged cacique orchard oriole stripe-headed sparrow blue-gray tanager vermilion flycatcher blue grosbeak pale...

Birds of England
25 photos

The Wedding of John And Liz
70 photos
Scenes from the wedding: pre wedding pub lunch wedding ceremony photos in the garden tea and cake tea ceremony after supper speech and gifts

Birds of Central Park
26 photos
NYC spring migration warbler hunting

NYC 2010
18 photos

9 photos

28 photos

Malta Temples
18 photos

98 photos

98 photos

109 photos, 1 video

Gozo and blue water
22 photos

aba list , work in progress
511 photos
shelduck? or pochard CA ruby-throated MI or ME piping plover MAINE herring gull CA sandwich tern FLA least fly Magee dusky capped fly ? AZ eastern meadowlark Maine great...

tule elk
5 photos

coyote valley
20 photos

Birdathon 2013
105 photos
locations: front yard Coyote Valley Calero Reservoir Stiles Ranch Park Guadalupe Oak Grove Park/ Jeffrey Fontana Thompson Creek off Tully Rd Mountain View Shoreline Park Palo Alto Baylands...

Birdathon 2011
95 photos
starting at noon April 9 ========== LOCATION #1: Mountain View Shoreline Park Bewick's Wren California Towhee Cedar Waxwing Bushtit Greater Yellowlegs Horned Grebe Pied-billed Grebe Willet Surf...

sierra valley
33 photos

Point Reyes
18 photos

2014 Birds
321 photos
ordered by posting date

2013 Birds
224 photos

2012 birds
253 photos

B+T's little big year
322 photos
locations: Kauai Many points in CA Ocean locations off the shores of CA Boulder CO Michigan Fort Myers, FLA Red Rock Canyon Puerto Vallarta we will try for 300 photographed species in 2011 golden...

Western Grebe Courtship
6 photos
What an amazing morning! Something that I have wanted to see since before becoming a birder.

45 photos

world warblers list
51 photos
missing slate-throated redstart (CR 14) 32 in 2018

world hummingbirds list
89 photos
98 seen 94 photographed 1 still to be posted not photographed - Purple-crowned Fairy (Costa Rica) Straight-billed Hermit (Ecuador) Bronzy Hermit (Ecuador) Mountan Velvetbreast (Ecuador)

world woodpeckers list
27 photos
woodpeckers and sapsuckers missing in action - Black-backed Woodpecker(seen in the Sierras)

world raptors
63 photos

20 photos
something new to study

world flycatchers
68 photos

making mochi!
23 photos, 1 video

for Tom
72 photos

Some personal faves
31 photos
special trips, special times, special places, special birds.....

morgan hill
44 photos

Coyote Lake
22 photos

Hollister Birds
26 photos
Raptor rapture

moss landing
20 photos

Laguna Grande
21 photos

Point Lobos
47 photos, 3 videos

Big Sur
41 photos
--includes Andrew Molera and the Old Coast Road

JD Grant
20 photos

42 photos
could go more general, and do "Bay"

santa cruz
10 photos

San Francisco
23 photos

Pelagic Trips
74 photos

Coyote Creek Trail
68 photos
the regulars and exotics from our daily walk

play baseball!
16 photos

juvenile birds
17 photos

SFBBO Wandering Vagrants
10 photos
more to be added....these were some of my faves. really nice meeting everyone on the trip, and thanks again to Scott and Linda for leading us, and to Kathi for setting up the trip!!! Last we heard...

Breeding Birds
118 photos

a grand day out!
6 photos
excellent birding afternoon very flat light, but that may actually have helped with the nests - those fuzz balls pick up so much glare on sunny days

sfbbo 2014
5 photos
click-off entries

Endangered Species
8 photos

Raptor Morning in July
13 photos
at West Laguna - juvenile golden eagle eating a ground squirrel, second golden showed up, and 2 cooper's hawks showed up just when I was leaving. First time that I have been that close to a golden...

nests and chicks 2011
49 photos

Coyote Creek Trail
10 photos

just raptors
77 photos

12 interesting birds
12 photos
* What makes them interesting? could be it was a great shot could be I asked for help identification could be an unusual sighting could be behavior exhibited could be a well-loved subject ...

backyard bird set
29 photos

46 photos

A day with a little bit of sun
23 photos
coyote valley los gatos creek county park san pedro ponds and vicinity

mandarin duck
10 photos
fairly flat light but a little bit of sun on a very gray and wet weekend what an adorable creature, and such a poser!

Panoche Valley Trip
22 photos
8 new birds for us: phainopepla mountain plover horned lark mountain bluebird cassin's kingbird tri-colored blackbird chukar long eared owl first time to photograph a greater roadrunner

hummingbird nest
4 photos

goldeneye mating moves
15 photos
seen at Mountain View Shoreline Lake Feb 10, 2011

Kauai - Day 11
15 photos

Kauai - Day 10
18 photos

Kauai - Day 9
16 photos
a visit to the interior of the island... A trip up the Wailua River to see the Hindu Monastery, picnic by the river, walk the powerline trail, and finish with the 'opaeka'a falls

Kauai - Day 8
11 photos
a day under the water, swimming with little fishes 1000 millimeters under the sea

Kauai - Day 7
2 photos
mainly a blissful day of rest and relaxation

Kauai - Day 6
10 photos
native forest expedition to the Alaka'i swamp at 4000 ft

Kauai - Day 5
11 photos

Kauai - Day 4
17 photos

Kauai - Day 3
6 photos

Kauai - Day 2
15 photos
started with a gorgeous sunrise then coffee on the balcony while watching humpbacks playing! then Limahuli National Botanical Gardens - saw japanese white eye northern cardinal pair ...

Kauai - Day 1
11 photos
seen: myna pacific golden plover zebra dove meadowlark red crested cardinal red junglefowl nene laysan albatross red footed booby frigate bird humpback whale white tailed tropic bird japanese bush...

CBC 2010
25 photos
Christmas Bird Count at Silicon Valley Lab highlights were a red breasted sapsucker (first bird for us) and 4 different golden eagles

just owls
15 photos
long eared owls great horned adults and juveniles saw whet fledge barn owl adult

Tom's stacked rocks
6 photos

Thanksgiving weekend
26 photos, 1 video
Mountain View Shoreline Park Calaveras Reservoir Point Lobos

Coyote Valley
11 photos

garden 2010
11 photos
2 8x8 plots, 1 4x4 plot natives planted around the property to draw hummingbirds

Pt Lobos
11 photos, 1 video
amazing day

latest nests
20 photos
bald eagle red tailed hawk red shouldered hawk white tailed kite great horned owl

Backyard Birds
29 photos

coyote hills
59 photos

Andrew Molera State Park
6 photos

wood duck family
6 photos

Big Sur - old set
15 photos

nest pics
32 photos

flying lessons
16 photos

Mary and Simon in SF
10 photos

21 photos, 2 videos

early evening on the trail
15 photos

Point Lobos
57 photos, 2 videos

5 photos
evening boat ride with Captain Larry might have helped if he would have stopped the boat occasionally saw: mature and immature little blue herons great egrets snowy egrets green heron yellow...

baby birds
33 photos, 1 video
red tailed hawk chicks, eagle chicks, goslings, ducklings - mallard and wood duck, killdeer chick, baby saw whet owl, turkey poult

The Daily Trail
137 photos, 2 videos
Coyote Creek Trail, mainly from the Morgan Hill parking area up to the Eucalyptus Rest Area...sometimes a bit further north

Coyote Creek - May 2010
13 photos

recent finds
33 photos, 2 videos
April pleasures at Ed Levin Park, Calaveras Reservoir, and the Coyote Creek trail

76 photos
Mountain View Shoreline Park - one of the treasures of the Bay Area

Earth Day 2010
14 photos
a distant kingfisher 5 hawk nests, all occupied the kite sat at the edge of her nest and then climbed back in yoko hawk came out to the side of her nest (john always nearby) the red shouldered...

hawk nests
19 photos
watching the hawks 2010

San Pedro Ponds
49 photos

Yosemite in Winter
18 photos, 2 videos

just jays
26 photos

Feb 13 at Shoreline
22 photos

whale watching
9 photos

just duckies
37 photos
or at least duck-like birds

Elkhorn Slough
8 photos

Vasona Park
5 photos

Palo Alto Baylands
19 photos

Andrew is 4!
12 photos

colour chart
10 photos

John and Yoko
12 photos, 3 videos
A redtail hawk love story

Alum Rock Park
7 photos

14 photos, 1 video

Ed Levin Park
10 photos

Portland Zoo
3 photos

Henry Coe
4 photos