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i wasn't in the mood to shoot at anything last night...
but she sang one of my favorite songs that reminds me of someone in the past...
took a couple of shots to remember...

"its your smile,
your face,
your lips
that i miss...
those sweet little eyes that stare
at me and make me say...
I'm with you through at the way
'coz it's you ..
who fills the emptiness
in me
It changes everything you see
when I know i've got you...
in me..."

(You - Original song by Basil Valdez)
in remembrance of "starwinkle"

Roselle Nava in Bahrain @ Tabasco Charlie's

Tags:   roselle nava bahrain concert manama tabasco charlie's haeroldus laudeus harold photographx nikon d200 sigma 70-200 2.8 ex dg macro zykraft you basil valdez love emotion honor zyworks light lightstalker dark dream adventure retrospect journey reflection fountain wisdom sophia philos solace solstice serendipity halcyone calm peaceful serenity vespers world catchycolors high dynamic range halcyon days transitus magnus photographer messenger herald metaphysics fragments