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User / Guillaume DELEBARRE / La Vieille Bourse - Fisheye [explored - 26.05.2015]
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La Vieille Bourse or Old Stock Exchange building in Lille is a stunning building with extensive ornamentation. The interior courtyard formed by the facades is a beautiful open space with book shops and florist stalls; altogether the courtyard is a great place to wander around.

The Old Stock Exchange is in fact a vestige of the Spanish occupation. Designed by Julien Destrée and built between 1652 and 1653, the building was originally meant to house traders and salesmen, and is undoubtedly the most beautiful monument in the city. It is made up of 24 identical houses, which together form a kind of cloister around a central courtyard.

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  • Taken: May 1, 2015
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