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175 items

Paintings & Drawings
135 photos
My watercolour paintings and acryllic paintings as well as pencil and charcoal drawings.

125 photos
Images from Germany

Snakes (and other Reptiles)
442 photos
Snakes, mostly venomous snakes. All taken from a short distance. Also some lizards to be seen here. All photos available as FineArt print too. Contact me at guenter@leitenbauer.net Visit me on...

Flowing Waters
140 photos
Longtime expositions of rivers, creeks, lakes and the sea

Man & Nature 2014
11 photos
I won the overall title in this international competition with about 3600 participating pictures and 400 authors. Great success for me :-)

Ausstellung FH Wels 2013
15 photos
Pictures of an exhibition

From above
8 photos
Perspective from above

88 photos
From my holidays in France 2021 and 2012

Composings and Photoshop
170 photos
Some photoshop stuff shown here ... www.facebook.com/LeitenbauerPhotography

766 photos
Photos of all kinds of animals. Mostly taken at the zoo, but not everyone! Visit me on facebook and like, if You like :-D www.facebook.com/LeitenbauerPhotography

Ausstellungen und Bewerbe
4 photos
Events, exhibitions, contests

Vernissage Traun 2013
18 photos
Pictures of an Exhibition

Night Photography
93 photos
Mostly long time exposures and Blue Hour shots

76 photos
Photos of all kinds of cobras (Naja species)

Landscapes and Architecure
994 photos
Landscapes of all kind. I seldomly do landscape photography but sometimes, especially in infrared technique, I like to. Most of the time I use a tripod for those purposes.

Austrian Lakes
98 photos

Scotland & England
128 photos
Photos from the holidays 2012 and 2016

72 photos
From the holiday in Ireland July 2015

240 photos
Taken at many short trips to Venice from 2014 on

Austria & Southern Tyrol
386 photos
Pictures from my home country

Black & White
153 photos
All photos were taken with a Canon DSLR and overworked to black & white.

The Scent of a Woman
447 photos
Shots here may offend some though there is no nudity. Anyway: classified moderate to get sure!

Akt! (Nudes)
51 photos
Mein erstes "Studio Shooting" überhaupt und natürlich auch mein erstes Akt-Shooting war am 5.1.2007 im Rahmen eines Kurses, den ich besuchte. Hier einige Bilder davon. Konstruktive Kritik...

AI Images
1 photo
Images generated with artificial intelligence tools

My personal Top 20
20 photos
20 Photos, I like a lot ... a very personal thing and always changing ... Visit me on facebook and like, if You like :-D www.facebook.com/LeitenbauerPhotography

Holiday in Tyrol
58 photos
Images from our stay in Tyrol, summer 2017.

High Key
176 photos
High Key photography

Low Key
88 photos
Darkness rules!

54 photos

76 photos
Pictures with the intention of provocating people to think

424 photos
Mostly from matches of "my" club: WBC Wels - Austrian champion 2009

Table Tennis
17 photos
Photos from table tennis events

15 photos
This place in Upper Austria was in 2018 selected as "Austrias Most Beautiful Place".

Flickr Explore
53 photos
For these shots I did not manage to avoid explore - recently this works fine, just need to change the upload date once and luckily the shots then cannot make explore :-) Visit me on facebook and...

Crystal Ball
3 photos
Photos taken through a glass ball.

Clam Rock 2017
44 photos
Rockfestival July 7th, 2017 Lineup: The Doors Alive Canned Heat Kris Kristofferson Nazareth Manfred Manns Earth Band Uriah Heep

10.000+ Views or 100+ Faves
132 photos
Shots with high interesting by other users - not necessarily my own faves ;-) Visit me on facebook and like, if You like :-D www.facebook.com/LeitenbauerPhotography

49 photos
Just Dendroaspis genus photos

33 photos
Snakes from the genus "Crotalus"

546 photos
Studio Portrait photography as long as there is no need for a "moderate" calassification - then look to the "Glamour" set.!

1 photo
Photos which come from shootings for Penthouse (German edition)

35 photos
Macro shots (close ups). To achieve that, I use Macro lenses, bellows, extension tubes and of course tripods and flashes.

Pure Landscape
392 photos
No people, no architecture - just nature.

Format: Portrait
1214 photos
High format photos

9 photos
October 2015

416 photos
Photos with the Hasselblad H3D 31 MP

Basketball Season 2019/2020
15 photos
Photos from the season 2019/2020 from the Flyers Wels team. (Austrian Basketball League)

Flowers and plants
46 photos
All kinds of flowers and blossoms ...

unusual ...
59 photos
Photos, that differ in some way from the usual pictures seen here ...

13 photos

78 photos
Red as the performing colour

38 photos

106 photos
Blue as it gets!

172 photos
Green as a main topic

Yellow and Orange
116 photos
Photos, where these colours have an important part

11 photos
Pictures with mirrors - or at least the impression of mirrors

Basketball Season 2016/2017
31 photos

Basketball Season 2015/2016
66 photos
From the matches in the Austrian Basketball League

Basketball Season 2014/2015
77 photos

Basketball Season 2013/2014
54 photos
Photos from the season 2013/2014

Basketball Season 2012/2013
49 photos
Photos from the season 2013/2014

Basketball Season 2011/2012
33 photos
Photos from the season 2011/2012

Basketball Season 2010/2011
25 photos
Photos from the season 2010/2011

Basketball Season 2009/2010
40 photos
Basketball photos from the season 2009/2010

Basketball Season 2008/2009
30 photos
Photos from the Basketball Season 2008/2009

Football (Soccer)
4 photos
Soccer photos

Sports Photography
113 photos
Other sports ...

32 photos
Snooker, Pool and Carambol photos.

79 photos
Waterski, Surfing, Swimming, ..

38 photos
Especially Motocross

27 photos
Snowboard, Ski, ...

30 photos
Indoor & Outdoor

334 photos
Infrared Technique Photos

Monkeys & Apes
70 photos
Monkeys and Apes ...

Color key photos
14 photos
Photos with color key technique. That means: mostly monochrom with some coloured spots.

118 photos
Birds of all kinds ...

409 photos
All photos with some relation to water (sea, lakes, rivers, fishes, ...)

Studio: Doris
30 photos
From the studio shooting with Doris, 2014

Studio: Dani
18 photos
Shooting 2014

Outdoor: Nicole
1 photo

Studio: Nicole R.
6 photos

Studio: Voiciano
7 photos
I did the complete graphical work including photographs for this CD project

Studio: Tobias
10 photos
A cool shooting with this 18 year old karate kid

WBC Dancers
6 photos
Cheerleading group of the Austrian Basketball Club in Wels

Studio: Kathi, Anna & Magdalena
3 photos
Shooting November 2013

67 photos
Just male models!

12 photos
Promotion shootings for a percussion band from Upper Austria.

Studio: Hair
21 photos
A shooting with hairdresser Elisabeth Pamminger and her employees

Studio: Tina
10 photos
A real life couple, Tina & David

Studio: Silvia
4 photos

Studio: Anita
13 photos
March 2013

Studio: Heidi
4 photos
Her first shooting. Well done, I think!

Studio: Edenbridge
35 photos
CD Booklet Shootings

Studio: Eva
47 photos
She was very brave. Working with scorpions, spiders and snakes was not always without some risk!

Studio: Speed Limit
15 photos
Shooting with an Austrian Hardrock band.

Studio: Truth Hurts
4 photos
Taken in a Hotel in Vienna, no flash, just tungsten light.

Studio: Claudia
7 photos
Had a nice shoot with different makeups in Dec 2010

Sabrina & Sandra
8 photos
We had a nice "playboystyle" shooting. Usually I don't shoot "Fashion & Glamour", so this was a new experience for me.

Studio: Andrea
10 photos
Shooting from Okt 2009

Studio: Kati & Roxanne
2 photos
Shooting in the attic.

Tribute to Marilyn
14 photos
Model: Melanie

Studio: Dominik Sebastian
4 photos
From a session with Dominik, guitarist.

Studio: Nicoletta
12 photos
Great model, superb shooting.

Studio: Timea
6 photos
A great experience and a bit of a challenge to shoot this dark haired model in High Key.

Studio: Melanie
35 photos
Great session with her! Wonderful model!

Studio: Gudrun
8 photos
Very nice and funny shooting with Gudrun from Vienna. Thanks a lot!

Studio: Bianca
8 photos
That was really big fun with Bianca, some snakes and some tarantulas!

Studio: Victoria
12 photos
A young Lady from Salzburg. Pretty cool and a bit weird shooting - I won't show the weirdest here *LOL*

Studio: Isabella
7 photos
Hippie style shooting - great fun and a wonderful lady!

Studio: Ines
22 photos
Shooting from Nov 21st 2007

Studio: Mary
4 photos
Her middle name seems to be "Power" ... This set is not yet finished!

Studio: Katy
15 photos
From the shooting with Katy Knight in May 2009

Studio: Petra S.
88 photos
Petra is very talented in posing and I did not need to give her much advise. Besides that a very nice lady ... The second shooting was with Petra and Carina, a friend of hers.

Studio: Petra E.
12 photos
Another Petra, another beauty! She was exciting as the shooting was. Great posing, superb ideas, beautiful girl!

Studio: Kathi
7 photos
Studio session with Kathi. It was her first shooting ever.

Studio: Ela
5 photos
Nice lady, very uncomplicated to work with. Thanks, Ela!

Studio: Christina
3 photos
Sweet 18 - and a lovely model!

Studio: Dina
6 photos
A very nice and friendly beauty from Upper Austria.

Studio: Dunja
6 photos
Shooting from May 20th 2008

Studio: Stephanie
6 photos
February 2009

Studio: Natascha & Judith
5 photos
Studio shooting from December 22nd, 2007 All shots of this session here: www.szene1.at/user/centurioG/album/890765

Studio: Isabell
13 photos

Studio: Uli
25 photos

Fisheye photos
67 photos
Fisheye photos, some reworked, some not. It's always kind of playing, enjoy!

Reptilienzoo Nockalm
342 photos
Photos from the reptile zoo in Patergassen / Carinthia (Austria). www.reptilienzoonockalm.at/

Stage: Deep Purple
29 photos
Deep Purple in Wiesen 2006. They played a fantastic concert in a very, very relaxed and cool manner.

Stage: Europe
10 photos
Europe live in Vienna January 31st, 2010

Stage: Joe Cocker
9 photos
Mr. Joe Cocker in Wiesen, 2007/07/14. Great atmosphere and a superb performance! I got three of those Joe Cocker photos into the regional newspaper (weekly, 613.300 printed copies +...

Stage: Zucchero
19 photos
The Italian Superstar in the Intersportarena / Linz in April 2008

Stage: Canned Heat
4 photos
@ Burg Clam 2017

Stage: Uriah Heep
20 photos
This band is around now for 37 years and is still one of the greatest hard rock bands ever. In Feldkirchen (Carinthia/Austria) they played a superb gig and even some rain could not cool down the...

Stage: Roger Hodgson
5 photos
The "voice" of Supertramp! This man is impressive. Just he, his Piano or guitar and his fellow on the sax is enough for an incredible sound.

Stage: Nazareth
14 photos
Photos from the famous British Rockband, now 40 years on the stage ...

Stage: Kris Kristofferson
2 photos
Photos from this great actor and entertainer

Stage: Manfred Manns Earth Band
4 photos
@ Clam Rock 2017

Stage: Foreigner
4 photos
They played in the Arena in Vienna on December 14tth 2007. I did not often have the chance to see a band live who rocked that intensively over two hours. They gave everything. My...

Stage: F**khead
2 photos

Stage: No Bros, Wiesen 2006, Salzburg 2007
18 photos
Stage Photography: No Bros, an Austrian Hard Rock Band, playing very authentic Rock though their greatest hit was rather soft (isn't that always so?). In my opinion a great Band! The photos were...

Stage: Rock Meets Classic (Ian Gillan)
4 photos
Ian Gillan and the Brucknerorchestrea in Linz 2010

Stage: Gianna Nannini
8 photos
The most famous female Italian Rocksinger and songwriter. Gave a emotinal and powerful concert in Wiesen, July 2007

Stage: MerQury
14 photos
The best Queen Cover Band. Definitely! The played in the Brucknerhaus in Linz on Jan, 3rd 2007 and on Jan, 9th 2008

Stage: Speed Limit
44 photos
Speed Limit is an Austrian Hard Rock Band. Shots are from their support gig to Nazareth in April 2008 and the CD release gig in October 2017.

Stage: EAV
3 photos
Die erste Allgemeine Verunsicherung ist DIE österreichische Band, wenn es um sarkastisch-zynisch-ironische Liedtexte geht - und das schon seit 3 Jahrzehnten. Das Konzert in der Intersportarena Linz...

Stage: Simple Minds
4 photos
Live in the "Arena Vienna" 2009 Nov 3rd

Stage: Shakra
3 photos
Salzburg, Rockhouse 2011

Stage: Monti Beton
3 photos
Monti Beton plays Rock 'n' Roll of the 50's and 60's. They rocked the Viennese Metropol theatre on Nov, 30th in the "Supernight of Rock 'n' Roll"

Stage: Scavanger
2 photos
Salzbug Rockhouse 2011

Stage: Cuban Loveaffair
3 photos
Latin Music

Stage: Matt Bianco
4 photos
Live in concert in Austria 2009 at the Burg Klam.

Stage: Edenbridge
11 photos
Live act in Spinnerei Traun, April 2014

Stage: The Doors Alive
1 photo
This is a revival band.

Stage: Anna Marquez Band
2 photos
This is an Austrian band which plays Latin music - in a great manner! All of them are absolute professional musicians. www.annamarquez.at/

Stage: Cyring
2 photos
A southern German Rockband

Stage: Kissin' Dynamite
2 photos
Gig in Salzburg / Rockhouse Nov 27th, 2010

Stage: Fake Gods
4 photos
A superb Upper Austrian Britpop Band!!!

Stage: Bernard Fowler & Bad Dogs
13 photos
Bernard Fowler and his Bad Dogs played a gig in the KiK in Ried, Upper Austria. Sadly the light was very bad (a lot of red and I had to take nearly all pictures with ISO 3200) This man has the...

Stage: Torso
4 photos
Torso played as local support group to No Bros in the Rockhouse in Salzburg / Austria on Oct 18th, 2007. They play rather hard Rock and exist about 20 years.

Stage: Earl Mosa 5tett
2 photos
Earl Mosa 5tett played in KiK ind Reied, Upper Austria on Jan 12th, 2007. A great evening with Funk, Blues and some Oldies ...

Stage: Band of Gypsy Reloaded
5 photos
"Jimi Hendrix-Project" They played in Ried / Upper Austria on April, 1th 2007. Jean Paul Bourelly - Guitar, Vocals Cindy Blackman - Drums Melvin Gibbs - Bass

Stage: Crystallion
3 photos
... is an Austrian Metal Band. Saw them in the Salzburg Rockhous in fall 2008.

Dance & Musical Photos
17 photos
Night of the Dance, Linz / Brucknerhaus, Jan 2008 Nacht der Musicals, Linz / Brucknerhaus, Jan 2008

High ISO (1600+)
119 photos
Shots, made with ISO 1600 or higher

Tiergarten Hellbrunn
7 photos
A wonderful zoo in Salzburg, near the city.

Spiders and Insects
18 photos
Spiders and insects of all kinds! Of course mostly macro shots.

25 photos
Some family photos ..

Cars & Bikes
36 photos
Cars, Bikes, Oldtimers and stuff like that ...

Shallow DOF
45 photos
Photos with small or extrem small Depth of Field

Zoo Schmiding
198 photos
Photos from the very nice and animal-friendly zoo "Schmiding" in Upper Austria www.zooschmiding.at

Wildpark Grünau
41 photos
Photos from the Wildpark Grünau in Upper Austria.

Reptilenzoo Scharnstein
7 photos
Photos from the "Haus der Gifte" in Scharnstein / Upper Austria. Will reduce it's alive animals due to be more a museum in the near future. www.hausdergifte.at.tf/

Haus der Natur
40 photos
Photos from the "Haus der Natur" in Salzburg, Austria. www.hausdernatur.at/

Zoo Schönbrunn
5 photos
Photos from the famous zoo in Vienna. www.zoovienna.at/

Wildpark Altenfelden
1 photo
Photos from the zoo in Altenfelden / Upper Austria www.wildpark-altenfelden.at/

Tierpark Stadt Haag
2 photos
Photos from the zoo in "Stadt Haag" / Lower Austria. www.tierparkstadthaag.at

Affenberg Landskron
8 photos
Photos from the famous "monkey hill" in Landskron (Carinthia / Austria) www.affenberg.com/