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User / guenterleitenbauer / Gopher snake (Pituophis canifer, Bullenschlange)
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This is a harmless gopher snake or bull snake, like EcoSnake pointed out (thanks!).

Pituophis is a genus of non-venomous colubrid snakes commonly referred to as gopher snakes, pine snakes, and bull snakes. Species within the genus are found throughout the United States and Mexico. Sometimes mistaken for rattlesnakes, pine snakes are able to hiss quite loudly and will shake their tails when threatened.

Canon 5D with Sigma 105/2.8
1/100s f/5 ISO 3200 -1EV

Surprisingly on Explore. Saw it as #301 on July, 28th 2007. Usually mine never manage to be explored but I do not care much ...

Taken in the reptile zoo www.reptilienzoonockalm.at
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  • Taken: Jun 7, 2007
  • Uploaded: Nov 8, 2015
  • Updated: Aug 16, 2021