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109 items

Mrs Postlethwaite's photos
9 photos
Taken by her, edited by him.

Bletchley Park June 2021
3 photos

IWM Duxford June 2021
18 photos

YouTube music videos
5 photos, 1 video
My other alter ego Vlad the Generator www.youtube.com/channel/UC9BZzRgctsOrtEFDt9DXV8A

Winter scenes
65 photos

Yorkshire Dales Sept 2020
47 photos

85 photos

56 photos

COVID-19 lockdown
236 photos

Padley Gorge
13 photos

Wyming brook
16 photos
Once set aside for the exclusive use of the nobility when it was part of the hunting and hawking grounds of Rivelin Chase, Wyming Brook’s babbling streams, mossy crags and sweet smelling pines are...

Namibia Oct/Nov 2019
97 photos

Long exposure
12 photos

Still life
195 photos

Markeaton classic cars 2019
40 photos

Devon 2019
23 photos

Malaysia, Borneo & Singapore 2019
100 photos

Southwell Minster
11 photos

Higger tor
27 photos

Baslow / Curbar edge
76 photos

Bike Show NEC 2018
16 photos

Robin wood
5 photos

The Roaches, Staffordshire
13 photos

2 photos

Photo show - NEC
2 photos

High Peak Junction
16 photos

Bluebell classic car night
9 photos

London 2018
41 photos

Belper cemetery
18 photos

Scanned negatives
17 photos
Actually, not scanned but photographed.

28 photos

Costa Rica 2017
81 photos

Crieff & Edindurgh Sept 2017
41 photos

Devon 2017
28 photos

Fleet Air Arm Museum
10 photos

13 photos

East Midlands Aeropark
23 photos

178 photos

Midland Air Museum
24 photos

Oakham, Rutland
3 photos

Great Central Railway
11 photos

Powis castle
5 photos

1 photo

Tuscany 2016
45 photos

Devon 2016
21 photos

Smarter-than-me phone shots
21 photos

Hack Green Nuclear Bunker
8 photos

Barrow Hill Roundhouse
9 photos

Motorcycle Live 2014
24 photos

Pugin's Gem
6 photos

5 photos

75 photos

Beverley, East Riding
9 photos

Makeney Hall, Derbyshire
8 photos

Languedoc-Roussillon 2015
57 photos
A fabulously photogenic area

1357 photos

National Motorcycle Museum
107 photos

1483 photos

18 photos

50 photos

Kerala, India, 2014
38 photos

Newark Air Museum
44 photos

Mainland Scotland
10 photos

The Hebrides
105 photos

Derby UK
585 photos

42 photos

208 photos
The city in which I was forged. By Firth Browns on Savile street.

18 photos
Skegness is so bracing. It certainly is in February.

RAF Museum Cosford
52 photos

31 photos

After dark
67 photos

26 photos

4 photos

Sunsets / rises
65 photos
Speaks for itself.

The Gambia
32 photos

Cross processing
8 photos

Sutton Scarsdale Hall
2 photos
The original Hall formed part of a Saxon estate owned by Wulfric Spott, who died in 1002 and left the estate to Burton-on-Trent Abbey. In the Domesday Book the estate was owned by Roger de Poitou. In...

18 photos
The Museum of Science & Industry in Manchester

413 photos
Including mine!

Claymills Sh*t Pumping Station
17 photos
This Victorian sewerage pumping station makes for some excellent photo opportunities.

Valencia May 2011
51 photos

Egypt Oct 2010
57 photos

Country churches
67 photos

Down under 2009
85 photos
Where women glow and men chunder...or whatever it was that Men at Work sang.

Galicia & Porto
61 photos

843 photos
I tried a few HDRs with CS3, but couldn't get the effect I wanted. I've since got Photomatix and find that much more to my liking.

Infrared film
3 photos
These have been fished out of the negative box. They were taken in Sheffield in 1983 on Kodak infrared film. What an unpredictable and technical exercise that stuff was. Still, all good fun

Three days of fun at the hospital
16 photos
Ah, the unbridled joy of healthcare! I decided to do this ghoulish little photo essay as a way of getting something from the experience.

33 photos

17 photos

110 photos

Cuba December 2008
206 photos

14 photos

16 photos
I have two telescopes, neither of which have been used in many years. Light pollution gets ever worse. These shots were gathering dust under the spare bed. It was time to give them some air.

Madrid & Toledo June 2008
57 photos

428 photos

1391 photos

Various sh@*te
48 photos

6 photos

18 photos

Costa Rica 2005
6 photos

Algarve, Portugal
122 photos

23 photos

Motorcycle racing
66 photos
These were taken a good few years ago on a Canon AE1 with a Tamron 300 mm lens and, of course, good old film. The grain seems to have grown with the years.

Vietnam and Cambodia 2007
120 photos
These photos were taken in Vietnam and Cambodia in December 2008. The tour began in Hanoi and then went to Hue, Hoi An, Dalat, Saigon and the Mekong delta. A short flight to Siem Reap in Cambodia...

Peak District
376 photos

151 photos
A beautiful island with incredible scenery.

34 photos

42 photos
The beautiful north west of Spain.