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91 items

fall migrants 2021
21 photos

South Dakota Trip 2021
3 photos

Swallowtail Kites
20 photos

hybrid warblers
7 photos

warbler composites
12 photos
the goal: a spring composite of each of the 37 eastern warblers where the male and female appear different (that's 30 of the 37!) AND a fall composite showing the fall plumages for each species as...

Sax Zim Bog
14 photos

Texas Hill Country
7 photos

77 photos

Manitoba birds and some mammals
19 photos

warbler and blooms
92 photos
celebrating the beauty of warblers and blooms together

Warblers in song
99 photos
Some of my better warbler in song compositions

western warblers
11 photos

warbler and conifer
31 photos
Many warblers are often associated with conifers. There are many varieties of conifers as well. This album combines them.

141 photos
A fun forum on flickr that I am always honored to be part of but imho many of my best images are not found here. I have found many wonderful contacts thru exploring explore images!

36 photos
A top 2017 goal for me was to get images of a Connecticut warbler to complete my eastern warbler collection. What I didn't intend to accomplish was to photograph every other eastern warbler in 2017...

warbler plumage plates
14 photos
Warblers are my favorite photography subject but not just the spring males. I have made a concerted effort to collect as many of the plumages as I can. I hope those who love warblers find this...

Cerulean warbler plumage plates
1 photo
Includes a collage of just first fall male CERW, one with just fall female CERW, one with male CERW thruout development, and finally a compairson between first fall female Blackburnian and fall...

american redstart plumages
16 photos

bay-breasted warbler plumages
12 photos

black-and-white warbler plumages
23 photos
Many images in this set are not available in public view. Complete set. Spring adult male, and female, and first spring male. First fall female, first fall male, fall adult male and female...

blackburnian warbler plumages
38 photos
I consider this a complete set of plumages of this species.

Blackpoll warbler plumages
12 photos
I feel fortunate to have a fall plumage in this set especially since they were taken in Georgia at Centennial Olympic Park. Not all of this set is public view. The spring plumages are from the...

black-throated blue warbler plumages
13 photos
Virtually complete set including adult males of both northern and southern races, first fall male, first spring female (first fall female essentially identical), adult spring female. Some images...

Black-throated-green warbler plumages
35 photos
A complete set. Most of these images were taken in Georgia and the fall plumages are mostly from Kennesaw Mountain.

blue-winged warbler plumages
15 photos

canada warbler plumages
21 photos
Set lacks a fall adult male. Not all images are public.

cape may warbler plumages
19 photos

cerulean warbler plumages
34 photos
I consider this a complete set of plumages of this species.

chestnut-sided warbler plumages
23 photos

Common yellowthroat plumages
11 photos
All of this set is from Georgia. Not all of this set is public.

Connecticut warbler
4 photos

golden-winged warbler plumages
28 photos

hooded warbler plumages
33 photos
A complete set. Set contains spring and fall adult male (fairly similar) plumages, first fall male plumage, and adult female and first fall female plumages. Not all images are public.

kentucky warbler plumages
15 photos
I have some work to do with this species. Need female plumage.

Kirtland's warbler plumages
6 photos

louisiana waterthrush plumage
13 photos

magnolia warbler plumages
15 photos
some images private in this set and not visible publicly

mourning warbler plumages
15 photos

nashville warbler plumages
13 photos
This set is comprised of fall birds from Centennial Olympic Park and some breeding males on territory in Michigan. Not all images are public view.

northern parula plumages
23 photos
This set has images from Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, and North Carolina.

northern waterthrush plumages
6 photos
Set contains both white and yellowish plumages.

orange-crowned warbler plumages
8 photos

ovenbird plumage
10 photos

palm warbler plumages
7 photos

pine warbler plumages
12 photos

prairie warbler plumages
21 photos

prothonotary warbler plumages
9 photos

swainson's warbler plumage
9 photos
A mixture of Appalachian and GA swamp habitat birds. A bathing bird. Not all public view.

Tennessee warbler plumages
14 photos
Not all of this set is public at this time. This set is complete except it lacks a spring female plumage. The plumages of this species are limited to spring male and spring female, fall adult...

wilson's warbler plumages
8 photos
An almost regular fall find at Centennial Olympic Park in downtown Atlanta. A beautiful male that over-wintered in Woodstock GA. Some Colorado Rockies birds. A spring migrant from Tawas Point...

worm-eating warbler plumage
11 photos

yellow-throated warbler plumages
13 photos

yellow warbler plumages
8 photos

54 photos

sparrows/sparrow-like birds
57 photos

Tanagers and Grosbeaks
19 photos
Many in this album remain private view.

spring adult female warblers
16 photos
In some cases these are first spring females. Fall females which include first fall females and fall adult females can be found in my individual warbler albums under the name of the warbler species....

2 photos
Spring 2008

sand key
46 photos

St Marks NWR
72 photos

st george island
26 photos
images from spring fall-outs 2013, 2014

florida keys
4 photos

Florida Birds
25 photos

Centennial Olympic Park.
195 photos
not up to date but covers the earlier years of my visiting the park primarily in the fall

Kennesaw Mountain Birds
211 photos
An old set not updated for several years meaning by better images are not here. Kennesaw Mountain collection at last count Includes 23 species of warblers, and 5 species of vireos as of 8/2011, and...

kennesaw mountain 8/2013 set
26 photos
Late July and August mark the beginning of fall migration at Kennesaw Mountain. A wide diversity of species can be seen although usually not in large numbers. This August I had 14 species of...

14 photos
Baseball was my first love as a kid growing up. I played travel ball in a time when very few knew about travel ball. My travel team from the Detroit area went all the way to the Mickey Mantle...

78 photos
Arches National Park

bosque del apache 1/2014
16 photos

snow geese/ross's geese plumages
6 photos
Snow versus Ross's geese. Juvenile Snow versus Blue Goose plumages.

New Mexico 1/2010
32 photos

New Mexico 10/2010
7 photos

Colorado Birds
54 photos

winter arizona birds
21 photos
Winter SEAZ

female and immature warblers
42 photos
If you are an adult male warbler you can't be in this set. But you have to be a warbler. No Chats allowed.

fall migrants 2014
10 photos

2012 World Series
5 photos

30 photos

georgia hummers
7 photos

8 photos
needs to be updated

Thrushes, Kinglets, and their allies
44 photos
an old set...needs to be replaced or updated

30 photos

29 photos

My Yard Birds
32 photos

Cochran Shoals
62 photos
an old set not updated

Wild Mammals
19 photos

1 photo

20 photos

New Brunswick and Cape Breton birds
40 photos

Grand Manan Island New Brunswick Canada
27 photos

Machias Seal Island
27 photos
seabird nesting colony