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Judy Schmidt / 20 items

4 photos
High quality astronomical wallpapers.

all astronomy
695 photos, 8 videos
Made this so Kevin's Twitter bot would have a chance to evenly select random images.

Galaxies of Prop 15446
91 photos
Everything from Proposal 15446 archive.stsci.edu/proposal_search.php?mission=hst&id=...

Hubble Processing
625 photos, 6 videos
Image processing from the public data in the Hubble archive. Check it out yourself: MAST Portal

21 photos, 2 videos
some drawings and renderings no one cares much about

13 photos
Data from the Spitzer Space Telescope, processed

WISE Processing
16 photos
Images from processed from the archive of NASA's Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer

2 photos
GALEX processing

ESO Processing
4 photos
Stumbling through ESO's public archive. archive.eso.org/eso/eso_archive_main.html

Chandra Processing
27 photos, 1 video

45 photos, 1 video
Cassini, Hubble, Voyager 2, and some 3d work. Here there be rocks.

Spirals in Galaxies
105 photos
Contains obvious spiral galaxies and also some spiral-shaped nuclear disks of non-spiral galaxies.

Galaxy Clusters
41 photos
Vast tracts of galaxies.

Dwarf Galaxies
56 photos
Hubble's neglected little dwarf children.

Preplanetary Nebulas
27 photos
Young planetary nebulas.

Planetary Nebulas
95 photos
Gotta process 'em all.

Prop15446 Grayscale
91 photos

Tacloban, Leyte, WWII
96 photos
Photos taken by my G. F. Kent (Grandfather) during WWII. He was a budding photographer when he joined the Navy voluntarily to avoid being drafted into the Army. When he came home, he went on as a...

31 photos
Sometimes I do photography.

Old photographs
7 photos
Old photographs I digitized quite a while ago in college. I am dubious about the origins of some of them.