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User / Gavin Hardcastle - Fototripper / Does Your Camera Have an 'Awesome' Button Too?
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Do you know one of those annoying conspiracy theorists who have a habit of always being right? Let me introduce you to 'Conspiracy Dave'. I don't know where he gets his insider information but he drops a massive bombshell in this video.

This could change the entire landscape photography world and even technology in general. Nothing will ever be the same again after this shocking revelation.

But Dave doesn't spill the beans for free. He's always asking for something in return for his illuminating leaks. Little does he know that what I've got to share is for everyone.

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Gavin Hardcastle - Fototripper
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  • Taken: Oct 15, 2021
  • Uploaded: Oct 15, 2021
  • Updated: Oct 24, 2021