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User / sunny-drunk / Project 365 #54. "A Day in the Life, A Life in a Day"
les flynn / 4,656 items
Sunset June 18 2014
Teide. Tenerife
Shall be posting an Image a day for the next year, 365 (or 366 if it is a Leap year...not checked!!).
The Format will be different...some images have been shown before, some are new...... At the moment I am now starting a "New" Project.....Well it is "New" for me, although it has been done before by many, many People too!!!.
I will follow the direction I have chosen but there is plenty of room for me to chop and change at a later date...I guess it depends how I feel about it at a later date.
This Project will now give me the time to work with other ideas I am playing with. There will still be months in which I post other pics too from themes I have worked with in the past......I have just made a little more time and space available to me.
So hope you like the changes.......
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  • Taken: Jun 18, 2014
  • Uploaded: Oct 24, 2020
  • Updated: Nov 2, 2020