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Uber Turns Five!
7 videos
Photos from the #UberTurns5 event - June 5th, 2015

Models & Portraits
8 photos

Photowalking & General
49 photos

2 photos, 1 video

Hanging in San Francisco
11 photos
I try to spend most Friday's working out of the SF office.

A video tour of Ansel Adams's Home
5 videos
I was invited down to Ansel Adams' home in Carmel, CA to hang out with Michael Adams (Ansel's son), Robert Scoble, and Marc Sibler.

9 photos
Shots of the beautiful Gianna in San Francisco

2 videos
Some random clips

WPPI 2008
7 photos

Amp'd Mobile
82 photos
Mobile phone company Amp'd Mobile, when things were still good. This song is particularly fitting to their demise.

8 photos
Beth poses for a photo shoot in Beverly Hills, CA and Marina del Rey.

4 photos
Actor/Model Kaci poses for a beach photo shoot on Venice Beach, California.

La Vada
4 photos

6 photos
Alison was a joy to work with, it was hard to take a bad picture of her!

Mark (Shoot 1)
5 photos
Mark is a promising aspiring actor and model. He's got that "look" and was a pleasure to photograph.

Mark (Shoot 2)
4 photos
As before the fact that Mark is photogenic makes taking photos of him a pleasure. He kind of reminds me of a cross between Pierce Brosnan (as James Bond), and Tom Cruise (as Ethan Hunt).

8 photos
Look out Usher, here comes Herb. A professional to his core, Herb is a superb model. Able to strike any pose I asked him for... convey any emotion, and go from urban hip, to yuppie cool in a matter...

9 photos
Sophia is an exotic beauty. Her natural beauty surpasses what most women look like straight out of the stylist. She has what I call... smoke-sexy.

7 photos
A true professional. Beauty, brains, and a great sense of humor. Deidre (even though she spells her name wrong) was great. She has got to be one of the most grounded people I know, despite working in...

8 photos
Kris has a fresh innocence about her. And she's got a great smle! She reminds me of a young Diana Ross.

Christmas 2006
13 photos
Christmas in San Jose

My Life – on Shuffle.
2 photos
Random photos of the past and present that have no specific continuity or purpose. Just random snaps of my life (and those around me) taken just for the heck of it.

7 photos
Photos pertaining to Apple Computer, and its products.

Atlas E Launch
9 photos
A few photos shots during my tour of duty with the USAF.