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User / Flickr / "Hieroglyphics" by Alan Flowers
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February is Black History Month and each week we’re highlighting the work of some of the amazing Black photographers on Flickr. This week, we invite you to explore an album curated by the talented photographer, Alan Flowers, as he shares his thoughts on the significance of expressing your passions with the world.

View the album here.

"Time is our most precious possession. If you cherish capturing moments with a camera while also embracing the vastness of time and space, share your passion with the world. Don't be swayed by the pursuit of likes and comments; in today's digital age, social media can be likened to the primitive tools of our ancestors. Instead, express yourself authentically, like an ancient scribe inscribing their story in stone. Regardless of your online following, everyone has a unique voice worth sharing. While some may not understand your perspective immediately, your artistry may resonate with someone years from now. Persist in your love for photography, even when it feels unreciprocated. For me, posting photos isn't about seeking attention; it's about documenting my life's journey. Don't let your stories languish on a hard drive; share them with the world, even if your audience is small. If your passion lies in photography, take the time to craft your narrative, even if no one is paying attention."

- Alan Flowers

Photo ©: Alan Flowers.
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  • Taken: Feb 28, 2024
  • Uploaded: Feb 28, 2024
  • Updated: Mar 22, 2024