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I began shooting beggars ..but my main thread was Muslim beggars of India .
I have been shooting them for last 25 years or more .
At Dhai Djinn ka Jhopda Ajmer there used to be a beggar with curved legs I would sit next to him and as I walk barefeet people thought I was a Sufi beggar so they would give me more alms than him which I would hand it over to him.
I used to break my Ramzan fast years back with beggars of Bhendi Bazar .
No.doubt there is a powerful beggar mafia too but the beggars I shot were certainly not part of their syndicate .
I mostly shot Muslim beggars in Bandra Bhendi Bazar and Mahim Dargah .
But the largest number of beggars I shot was at Ajmer Urus and while climbing Taragadh.
Its not been easy in the early years shooting beggars celebrity photographers dont shoot beggars so most looked down upon this genre I shot .
Some thought I waa shooting India in a poor light ..I shot the humility of the beggar for those big lords of our community who still think Allah can be reached through building grand mosques and madrsas .
I found God in the eyes of the beggar sitting pleading for help outside the mosque .
This is my documentary on Muslim beggars I shot all over India now uploading it as slideshow 15 episodes on my YouTube channel.

Please check it out like and subscribe to my channel of Peace ..original content made in India .

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As a poet photographer I shot beggars ..but my main thread was Muslim beggars totally neglected by sanctmonious Muslim society .
This Muslim beggar I used to meet every year during Ajmer Urus at Dhai Djinn Ka Jhopda .
As I sat with him crowds would come to see us both they thought I was a Sufi monk beggar.
They offered alms and took my blessings I did not refuse their generosity .
All the money I got I gave it to this beggar with curved legs .
He was married had two beautiful children and than his wife left him he contacted me on Whatsup ..I lost touch with him .
I have not visited Ajmer since 2017.

In Ajmer I shot the followers of Khwajah ji his children the beggars ...they considered the Holy Saint ..theid guardian saint and protector .
They named their male child Khwajah or Moin.

Haq Moin .

Muslim Beggars of India