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My new series I am compiling as a slideshow at my YouTube channel..
Lucknow is the city of my birth I was born here in my grandfather Late Daroga Nabban Sabs house at Imliwali Gali Kankar Kuan Pata Nala .
However I have lived my early years in Mumbai my parents lived in a shanty in the fetid slums of Kurla .
Later we shifted as tenants of family of Late Nawab Kashmiri at Khatau Bhuvan Wodehouse Road Colaba .
On my part I went to Lucknow for short visits with my mother in my childhood .
My mother was connected to her mother Nazmi Begum who was alive that time.
So my vision of Lucknow all those years has been Nakhas Wazirganj Aminabad Kashmiri Mohalla .
I shot the Lucknow streets when I came to shoot Moharam I would shoot old memories I think those days I was the only photographer shooting the royal nawabi bats at the Bauli Bara Imambara .
This picture is of a mentor Mr Anil Risal Singh sab of Lucknow eminent fine art photographer I met him through photographer historian poet doyen late Mr P C Little .
This picture was shot by my wife at my inlaws tenanted house at Hashim Building Nakhas .
Anil Risal Singh sab I began interacting with him when I began salon photography with both my Gurus Mr KG Maheshwariji and Prof BW Jatkar .
I am also connected with Bhupesh Little ...
And a new Flickr friend Anandmoy Chatterjee .
So I will be posting quaint pictures of old Lucknow bylanes forgotten monuments.
I shot Hazratganj Aminabad with Anandamoy .

Stay safe ...I have not visited Lucknow for many years now my Wife is from Lucknow ..my two granddaughters Marziya and Nerjis have a Lucknow ancestry .
My moharam series at Instagram has ended .


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