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Firstly thanks
to my two Gurus
Mr KG Maheshwari
Prof BW Jatkar
who taught me to see
before they taught me
Photography passed away
To Shrikant Malushte may
God give him a long life
he taught me shadow play
late Mr PC Little who explained
to me the power of 50 shades
of gray ..than to all my followers
friends on @Flickr..whose pictures
I Favorited learnt something new
each day man is nothing but a
thought made from a fistful of clay
Man loves killing Man but it is animal
in man ..that threatens nature unborn
child everyday ..from the camera to
the mobile phone photography has indeed
come a long way ,,, have a good day
A malang for you peace hope happiness
I pray ,, one day I too will go away ...


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